Thanks for installing this asshole as our supposed President 😠 What a disaster.

i’m being disrespectful to Biden? Is that right? Ask me if i care.

He wouldn’t know anyway.He’s not mentally capable of comprehension.

Domestic policy will be the first part,foreign policy will follow.

Let me be clear; i do not wish ill on Biden. Unfortunately Biden has some serious problems and he was already in decline during the Democrat primary. When the campaign began his handlers kept him out of the public as much as possible. If you can call it a campaign. They put a lid on him more often than not.You can do that during a campaign. He didn’t do pressers. Again, you can do it that way during a campaign. Once you’re President it’s a different dynamic. You almost have to make public appearances. It’s a little harder to hide.Now that Joe is in the oval office we’re entitled to know what we’re dealing with. They knew very well that Biden was not up to the job due to serious mental decline and for his benefit they should have had him drop out.You’d think his family would have been concerned enough. Worse, now his decisions carry weight for the whole country. It’s not just about him anymore. He chose to run and they chose to let him. Couldn’t they take a minute or two and consider the ramifications of putting in a President with Joe’s condition (whatever that may be). His mental decline is a serious issue. His corruption deserves a closer look by Congress.

Personally i don’t believe Biden got 81 millions votes. i also believe that the cheating, fraud and rigging the election took place and eventually it will all be exposed. Trump will be vindicated and lawmakers will ensure that elections going to forward are free and fair. The truth is, if this does not happen the Republic will not survive. Is protecting Biden worth that?

i get it. Orange man bad but the economy was good. Biden, the greatest President the country has ever had bar none, has destroyed everything good Trump did for the country.The media tells us orange man bad/Biden godlike & who could not believe the media? They only lied for 3 yr about Trump colluding with Russia, the 2 unjustified impeachments, the corrupt Biden family, the Hunter laptop and the 2020 violence (including murder)being peaceful protests. You have to give props to American Pravda for their crack (no pun intended) ‘journalism’.

We all know what the economy was like under Trump. We all know what the economy is like now. The question is, are we better off now than we were then?

We may as well look at the direction our foreign policy has taken. Before we go further let me spell out some Biden excuses/ blame [for everything]in case a liberal stops by. Covid, Ukraine, oil companies, Trump, Trump,Trump. Did i miss anything? You can leave comments.

In the 4 yr Trump was president did Russia invade any country?

Did we have 1 Islamic terrorist attack in the United States?

Was the capitol of Israel moved to Jerusalem?

Did Israel and some of the major Arab countries sign onto the Abram Accords?

Did we have calm & peace in the Middle East?

Were we getting ready to withdraw from Afghanistan?

Did we engage in any wars at all during Trump’s presidency?

Did we get out of the terrible Iran deal?

I know we were battling with Covid but outside of the pandemic can we at least admit the world was relatively quiet?

Look where we are now.

I do recall the media telling the public that if Trump were elected he would lead us into WWIII. Remember that? How could anyone forget. Like every other orange man bad narrative they repeated it often. The truth is that Pres. Trump never got us into a single war. He did his best to prevent them and was planning to withdraw our military from Afghanistan.

Biden is in office for 1 year and now at any given moment Russia would launch a nuclear strike. Putin threatened us. He invaded Ukraine and soon China will invade Taiwan. Everything the media told us would happen under Trump.

Biden is appeasing Iran giving them BILLIONS of dollars and using Russia as a negotiator for us. Mark my words Biden is selling us out to the tyrannical anti American regime in Tehran. Yes, you read that correctly.
He’s having Russia negotiate a nuclear deal with Iran on our behalf.

Does anyone think the Russia Hoax for 3 yrs didn’t hurt Trump’s dealings with Russia? Does anyone think the misguided impeachment over Trump’s phone call with Zelensky in Ukraine could have had some effect on that relationship? How about considering Biden’s openly admitted quid pro quo with Ukraine was harmful? He was stupid enough to brag about it. Worse he and his son’s ‘business’ dealings with foreign countries-such as our enemies like China- weakened us.

They were trying to impeach Trump over an innocent phone call to which he released the transcript;yet not a single soul in Congress has raised any questions about Joe’s Ukranian Quid Pro Quo. It’s undeniable. He says it in plain English in a video. Here it is.

Did Biden release the transcript of his phone call to Zelensky? Nope. BTW. President Trump made sure Ukraine got the weapons he promised.No strings attached.Beats the blankets and meals Obama-Biden gave them.

Let’s be honest. Biden is feckless,weak and lost. He knows enough how to lie though.He stood in front of the American people and pretended to be MAGA. The Democrats even took up the MAGA rally cry of USA. They NEVER do that.So phony. The Biden SOTU sounded just like a Trump rally. You know he did it because the mid terms are coming. It’s ALL a lie. Nobody i know is falling for it.

They’ve put Biden back in storage already.

Royce White. A man of courage, integrity,honesty. Give him a listen and support. #TRUEMAGA