Sanctions. A Not So Sexy Topic

Short of military involvement-which is not always possible-nations like ours go the route of sanctions. First we threaten them.Then we simpose them on the bad actors.

The purpose is the basically the same as a military action, that is persuade the rogue country to give up the terrible behavior.

Inflation is a bit like a sanction. Inflation in our country is now at a 40 year high. You go to purchase a pound of ground beef it’s at least 8.00 per pound. Grocery prices like that example are through the roof. Inflation is definitely a punishment and it can change behavior.We’re certainly apt to change how we spend and what we buy.

Who does inflation hurt most? The people in the lower income brackets or the people at the top? Obviously folks like you and me. It’s a real squeeze on the middle class and the poor far more than the people who may have to give up a luxury or two if at all. They have enough income, usually disposable, to survive record high inflation.

You can think of sanctions as having the same effect.The general population of a country always pays dearly. They hardly make a dent on the people they’re intended to hurt. I’ve never seen sanctions change behavior of the offender. i have seen the regular folk suffer immensely. They either turn against the people of their own country or the people of the imposing country or in most cases not at all.They’re just trying to survive. The hope in the case of our putting sanctions on Russia is that the general population turns against their leaders. So far i haven’t seen that happen and i wouldn’t hold my breathe. Sometimes the government they should be rising up against is so tyrannical that the first thing the regime would do is imprison or kill them for protesting. Who’s going to risk that? Sanctions don’t work. They’re never worked(that i’m aware of, correct me if i’m wrong) primarily because, like inflation, they don’t hurt the people the people at the top. Everyone else suffers.

The only way to get to the people at the top is hit them in THEIR pocket book. If Biden were smart he would cut off all avenues of income for the regime including fuel. Fuel drives the economy. Everything is dependent on it, including the military. We could do that but it would mean hurting our own economy. Biden has made us dependent on foreign streams of fuel again, including Russia. Yes, we’re still buying fuel from Russia. We don’t want to hurt the environment. We’ll just let Russia and other countries do it. i think they’re also trying to force us off an oil driven energy source. We’re going to go all electric. It’s called the Green New Deal and it’s as stupid as stupid gets.

They couldn’t get it done through legislation so they’ll find ways to work around it. They’re Marxists. They have to impose THEIR way on the regular folks. Rules for thee, not for me. Biden is in hiding again so whatever he decides to do regarding sanctions he’s not going to answer for and the media will provide cover.Maybe if he ignores the disaster in Ukraine it will go away.It’s the same response he had for the disaster he created in Afghanistan. He doesn’t have to worry. The media gave him cover for that too. .