Ukraine. 3 Different Narratives

We know the reason Putin gave for the invasion of Ukraine. The west has 3 different narratives. First that Putin felt threatened because Ukraine intended to join NATO. The other is that Putin wants to restore the glory days of the Russian Empire. The third is that Putin intends to go back to the configuration of the former U.S.S.R. (Soviet Union). Putin is a former KGB spy. He spent his whole adult life in the KGB i personally think the fear of Ukraine joining NATO is weak. Ukraine gave up its nuclear arsenal for assurances that Russia would never invade. Russia,the USA and Ukraine all put their signature on that deal. i doubt Putin ever feared NATO with or without the Ukraine and he definitely feared the Ukraine less after their only deterrent-nukes-was removed.

One thing matters to Putin, power. It’s the same with the Democrat Marxists in our country. You look at Nancy Pelosi and her goal is always power. You can say money too but money equals power.The Marxist goal is always power.What they do all depends on how low they will stoop to get it.Have you noticed when these Democrat [aka American] Marxists pass laws or mandates they apply to everyone else but them? God forbid anyone like Trump get in their way. The vitriol they feel towards President Trump,especially Pelosi,is off the charts. So you see the mo of Putin is all about power.

We won’t know which narrative fits until he makes his next move. So far he has Belarus(a puppet state), Crimea, Georgia and now he’s trying to get Ukraine. The warnings re Ukraine were out there for months. When Biden had the disastrous pull out in Afghanistan it was anticipated that Putin and XI in China would be emboldened.

Putin and XI always had the intentions to invade the other countries-there was no point questioning what they wanted to do.

No,we are not going to have boots on the ground in Ukraine. No, we are not going to enforce a no fly zone over Ukraine as requested by Zelensky. We cannot risk a direct confrontation between Russia and the U.S. a no fly zone would create. We could be sending arms to Ukraine to help them fight their own battle. Trump gave them military equipment. Remember the Ukraine phone call the Democrats were trying to impeach him over? That’s when he told Zelensky he’d send the equipment.

So where was Biden when all these red flags were going up? He probably had no clue. He’s always in hiding. Now he’ll just lay low and wait for Ukraine to fall. i don’t doubt he’s hoping for it. i’m dead serious.

Trust me, if Ukraine falls Putin will say jump and the U.S. and our allies will ask how high. All Russia will have to do is use the word nukes. It’s the one thing i always feared would happen someday, nuclear blackmail.Not as bad as an actual strike of course. Nothing could be worse, not even close, but bad enough.

Does Ukraine matter? Of course it does. For a number of reasons, not the least of which is the right of self determination and freedom. Unfortunately for Ukraine, us and the western world Biden is the wrong person at the worst time.

Democrat Joe Manchin of W. Va. is a Catholic?!!!

I never knew Manchin was a Catholic. You could have fooled me.It’s like Pelosi and Biden. i had no idea they were Catholic at all until it was brought up. The reason i know Manchin is a Catholic now is because i saw him on Fox Business with ashes in the form of a cross on his forehead. The appearance was on Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. Why is it shocking that Manchin is Catholic? A Catholic should be prolife. It’s a non negotiable issue. Abortion is intrinsically evil. The Democrat platform is pro abortion. PERIOD. It’s a shame you can’t tell these people are Catholic.

Sanctions. A Not So Sexy Topic

Short of military involvement-which is not always possible-nations like ours go the route of sanctions. First we threaten them.Then we simpose them on the bad actors.

The purpose is the basically the same as a military action, that is persuade the rogue country to give up the terrible behavior.

Inflation is a bit like a sanction. Inflation in our country is now at a 40 year high. You go to purchase a pound of ground beef it’s at least 8.00 per pound. Grocery prices like that example are through the roof. Inflation is definitely a punishment and it can change behavior.We’re certainly apt to change how we spend and what we buy.

Who does inflation hurt most? The people in the lower income brackets or the people at the top? Obviously folks like you and me. It’s a real squeeze on the middle class and the poor far more than the people who may have to give up a luxury or two if at all. They have enough income, usually disposable, to survive record high inflation.

You can think of sanctions as having the same effect.The general population of a country always pays dearly. They hardly make a dent on the people they’re intended to hurt. I’ve never seen sanctions change behavior of the offender. i have seen the regular folk suffer immensely. They either turn against the people of their own country or the people of the imposing country or in most cases not at all.They’re just trying to survive. The hope in the case of our putting sanctions on Russia is that the general population turns against their leaders. So far i haven’t seen that happen and i wouldn’t hold my breathe. Sometimes the government they should be rising up against is so tyrannical that the first thing the regime would do is imprison or kill them for protesting. Who’s going to risk that? Sanctions don’t work. They’re never worked(that i’m aware of, correct me if i’m wrong) primarily because, like inflation, they don’t hurt the people the people at the top. Everyone else suffers.

The only way to get to the people at the top is hit them in THEIR pocket book. If Biden were smart he would cut off all avenues of income for the regime including fuel. Fuel drives the economy. Everything is dependent on it, including the military. We could do that but it would mean hurting our own economy. Biden has made us dependent on foreign streams of fuel again, including Russia. Yes, we’re still buying fuel from Russia. We don’t want to hurt the environment. We’ll just let Russia and other countries do it. i think they’re also trying to force us off an oil driven energy source. We’re going to go all electric. It’s called the Green New Deal and it’s as stupid as stupid gets.

They couldn’t get it done through legislation so they’ll find ways to work around it. They’re Marxists. They have to impose THEIR way on the regular folks. Rules for thee, not for me. Biden is in hiding again so whatever he decides to do regarding sanctions he’s not going to answer for and the media will provide cover.Maybe if he ignores the disaster in Ukraine it will go away.It’s the same response he had for the disaster he created in Afghanistan. He doesn’t have to worry. The media gave him cover for that too. .

Democrat Policy: Keystone Pipeline Would Have Delivered 830,000 Barrels of Oil a Day to US — More than Current Daily Russian Imports – Nwo Report

Source: Jim Hoft

On his first day in office, Joe Biden killed off 42,100 jobs by ending the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. The project would have delivered 830,000 barrels of crude to the US every day.Then, a few months later in May 0221, Joe Biden waived sanctions on Russia’s gas pipeline to Germany.The US was not allowed to build a gas pipeline but Russia was given approval.On Friday Varney and Co. co-host Lauren Simonetti revealed the blunt truth on gas prices, Democrat policies, and Russian imports.

Democrat Policy: Keystone Pipeline Would Have Delivered 830,000 Barrels of Oil a Day to US — More than Current Daily Russian Imports – Nwo Report

Official Statement from Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States Endorsing Loren Culp Over RINO Dan Newhouse in Washington State

Official Statement from Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States Endorsing Loren Culp Over RINO Dan Newhouse in Washington State

Official Statement from Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States Endorsing Loren Culp Over RINO Dan Newhouse in Washington State

The following is a statement from the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

In the following statement, the 45th President is endorsing conservative Loren Culp over RINO (Republican in Name Only) Dan Newhouse in Washington’s 4th District.

You can read the full statement below.

Loren Culp is running against RINO Congressman Dan Newhouse in Washington’s 4th District. Newhouse joined the Radical Left Democrats to vote for the Impeachment Hoax, angering his constituents and causing the Republican Party of Washington to totally rebuke him. Loren Culp has protected the great people of Central Washington for years as a highly respected Police Chief. A man of the people, Loren will always defend your personal liberty, our under-siege Second Amendment, Election Integrity, and Law Enforcement. Unlike Dan Newhouse, who is absolutely terrible, Loren will never turn his back on Central Washington, or our Country. Loren Culp has my Complete and Total Endorsement

Thanks for installing this asshole as our supposed President 😠 What a disaster.

i’m being disrespectful to Biden? Is that right? Ask me if i care.

He wouldn’t know anyway.He’s not mentally capable of comprehension.

Domestic policy will be the first part,foreign policy will follow.

Let me be clear; i do not wish ill on Biden. Unfortunately Biden has some serious problems and he was already in decline during the Democrat primary. When the campaign began his handlers kept him out of the public as much as possible. If you can call it a campaign. They put a lid on him more often than not.You can do that during a campaign. He didn’t do pressers. Again, you can do it that way during a campaign. Once you’re President it’s a different dynamic. You almost have to make public appearances. It’s a little harder to hide.Now that Joe is in the oval office we’re entitled to know what we’re dealing with. They knew very well that Biden was not up to the job due to serious mental decline and for his benefit they should have had him drop out.You’d think his family would have been concerned enough. Worse, now his decisions carry weight for the whole country. It’s not just about him anymore. He chose to run and they chose to let him. Couldn’t they take a minute or two and consider the ramifications of putting in a President with Joe’s condition (whatever that may be). His mental decline is a serious issue. His corruption deserves a closer look by Congress.

Personally i don’t believe Biden got 81 millions votes. i also believe that the cheating, fraud and rigging the election took place and eventually it will all be exposed. Trump will be vindicated and lawmakers will ensure that elections going to forward are free and fair. The truth is, if this does not happen the Republic will not survive. Is protecting Biden worth that?

i get it. Orange man bad but the economy was good. Biden, the greatest President the country has ever had bar none, has destroyed everything good Trump did for the country.The media tells us orange man bad/Biden godlike & who could not believe the media? They only lied for 3 yr about Trump colluding with Russia, the 2 unjustified impeachments, the corrupt Biden family, the Hunter laptop and the 2020 violence (including murder)being peaceful protests. You have to give props to American Pravda for their crack (no pun intended) ‘journalism’.

We all know what the economy was like under Trump. We all know what the economy is like now. The question is, are we better off now than we were then?

We may as well look at the direction our foreign policy has taken. Before we go further let me spell out some Biden excuses/ blame [for everything]in case a liberal stops by. Covid, Ukraine, oil companies, Trump, Trump,Trump. Did i miss anything? You can leave comments.

In the 4 yr Trump was president did Russia invade any country?

Did we have 1 Islamic terrorist attack in the United States?

Was the capitol of Israel moved to Jerusalem?

Did Israel and some of the major Arab countries sign onto the Abram Accords?

Did we have calm & peace in the Middle East?

Were we getting ready to withdraw from Afghanistan?

Did we engage in any wars at all during Trump’s presidency?

Did we get out of the terrible Iran deal?

I know we were battling with Covid but outside of the pandemic can we at least admit the world was relatively quiet?

Look where we are now.

I do recall the media telling the public that if Trump were elected he would lead us into WWIII. Remember that? How could anyone forget. Like every other orange man bad narrative they repeated it often. The truth is that Pres. Trump never got us into a single war. He did his best to prevent them and was planning to withdraw our military from Afghanistan.

Biden is in office for 1 year and now at any given moment Russia would launch a nuclear strike. Putin threatened us. He invaded Ukraine and soon China will invade Taiwan. Everything the media told us would happen under Trump.

Biden is appeasing Iran giving them BILLIONS of dollars and using Russia as a negotiator for us. Mark my words Biden is selling us out to the tyrannical anti American regime in Tehran. Yes, you read that correctly.
He’s having Russia negotiate a nuclear deal with Iran on our behalf.

Does anyone think the Russia Hoax for 3 yrs didn’t hurt Trump’s dealings with Russia? Does anyone think the misguided impeachment over Trump’s phone call with Zelensky in Ukraine could have had some effect on that relationship? How about considering Biden’s openly admitted quid pro quo with Ukraine was harmful? He was stupid enough to brag about it. Worse he and his son’s ‘business’ dealings with foreign countries-such as our enemies like China- weakened us.

They were trying to impeach Trump over an innocent phone call to which he released the transcript;yet not a single soul in Congress has raised any questions about Joe’s Ukranian Quid Pro Quo. It’s undeniable. He says it in plain English in a video. Here it is.

Did Biden release the transcript of his phone call to Zelensky? Nope. BTW. President Trump made sure Ukraine got the weapons he promised.No strings attached.Beats the blankets and meals Obama-Biden gave them.

Let’s be honest. Biden is feckless,weak and lost. He knows enough how to lie though.He stood in front of the American people and pretended to be MAGA. The Democrats even took up the MAGA rally cry of USA. They NEVER do that.So phony. The Biden SOTU sounded just like a Trump rally. You know he did it because the mid terms are coming. It’s ALL a lie. Nobody i know is falling for it.

They’ve put Biden back in storage already.

Royce White. A man of courage, integrity,honesty. Give him a listen and support. #TRUEMAGA