SOTU is not strong. It’s in trouble

i didn’t watch Biden’s SOTU address the other night. i knew there’d be enough clips to get an idea of how it went and what he talked about.Here’s my conclusions.

  1. he can’t speak. it was obvious last night why they keep Joe out of the public eye as much as possible and he doesn’t really hold pressers. He was reading from a teleprompter and he still couldn’t speak. He’s in mental decline. i’m no doctor so i can’t say as to what the cause of his symptoms are; but there is definitely something wrong. His handlers can’t control every situation.They can whisk him off to Delaware every week and limit his pressers but as President he has to do some speaking to the public. On the campaign trail they could control it better or put a lid on the campaign. You can’t do that so much with the Presidency. They probably never considered that. The media can carry water for him as they have all along;eventually the public catches on. At this point they’ve done it so much denying it would look silly.
  2. Part 2 of his speech was domestic policy.It may as well have been a Trump speech except for the fact Biden’s delivery was horrible and he never supported the positions he took in the speech. He was outright lying because the midterms are coming. People know. They’re not fooling anyone.
  3. The Democrats even chanted USA. They never chant USA. Go to a Trump rally and you hear that chant every time.
  4. i didn’t need Biden to tell me what the state of the union is. Our country is in trouble. You don’t put someone in Biden’s condition in the oval office.
  5. Lauren Bobert yelled at Biden. i saw the look on Pelosi’s face. i don’t care. Pelosi tore up Trump’s SOTU for everyone to see. She set the bar.The Democrats have no room to say anything. i say good for Bobert. We lost 13 of our military due to Biden’s reckless withdrawal from Afghanistan.
  6. Biden was speaking of helping soldiers who came home sick from Iraq and Afghanistan because of toxic burn pits and the cancers that would one day put them in a “flag-draped coffin.”Boebert yelled at Biden from the audience:

“You put them in, 13 of them”

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