Bill “Bushie” Barr

How did we ever end up with Bill Barr? Jeff Sessions was a good man. He endorsed Trump early on when hardly anyone was getting behind him. They were simpatico when it came to border issues and he knew Trump was going to follow through.Sessions had probably been waiting a long time for someone like Trump. Sessions really was a stickler for enforcing immigration laws and making them stronger if possible. It was for that reason i think Trump appointed him as his attorney general and i think it was for that reason Sessions probably asked him for the spot.Sessions didn’t disappoint at all until the Russia Hoax came up.Then all bets were off. To this day i don’t think we know if he was just weak or had an incredible amount of pressure from the Deep State he couldn’t handle. He recused himself on the one issue that would really matter. I’d bet the farm Rod Rodentstein had a role in it. He probably pressured Sessions himself. It was such a shame. For the President, for Sessions and for the country as well. Then you have to ask, how did the name Barr come up for the President to consider and appoint? Word is he was recommended by Chris Christie.Figures. Most of us thought Barr was the answer,at first. He was respected in D.C. He had a good rep. He had experience in the job. We were sure he’d be fair & impartial. Two red flags on Barr that didn’t come up much. i took a lot for granted myself and didn’t question the appointment. i put a lot of faith in Barr;more than he deserved.The 1st red flag i ignored was the Christie recommendation. The other is that Barr is a “Bushie” Republican. If the truth could ever be known Barr probably supported Jeb and didn’t consider Trump a serious candidate at all.

I will say this for Senator Sessions. He buckled at the worst possible time but other than that he never intentionally stabbed Trump in the back. I’ve never heard him say a bad word about President Trump to this day. Barr? He couldn’t wait to attack Trump. He never held any of the rats in spygate-the attempted coup on Trump-accountable and never questioned the 2020 election. Barr never had anything to lose so he didn’t care.He was in retirement anyway before Trump tapped him for attorney general. He would go back to retirement. No skin off his teeth.

Should we be surprised that Trump wasn’t thrilled with Joe being installed as President? Barr seems to think we should be. He’s trying to sell one of those anti Trump ‘tell all’ books.

Matthew Whitaker was given the spot after Sessions left only to fill in the vacancy until a new attorney general was appointed . Whitaker would have been a great choice himself. i don’t know why it didn’t occur to Trump to give him a shot. He was already there.Trump seemed to be anxious to get Barr in the DOJ as quickly as possible.

It’s funny how the left thought Barr was going to be a Trump stooge. Eric Holder was only Obama’s wing man as he was known .Barr,on the other hand, had no loyalty to President Trump at all.