The Arrogance of Mitch McConnell

“If we’re fortunate enough to have the majority next year, I’ll be the majority leader…”

“If we’re fortunate enough to have the majority next year, I’ll be the majority leader, I’ll decide in consultation with my members what to put on the floor,” said McConnell. “And let me tell you what would not be part of our agenda. We will not have as part of our agenda a bill that raises taxes on half the American people, and sunsets social security and Medicare within five years.”

Why is that McConnell seems so sure of himself? He’s not sure the Republicans will have the majority in 2022. i can agree with that. It remains to be seen. Yet, he’s very confident if they do that he will be the majority leader. How is it that he and Pelosi always get the top spots and people seem to assume they will? There’s the old axiom, ‘the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world’. Congress is its own world and is also known as the swamp.There it’s he or she  who controls the purse strings rules the world. It’s money followed by power. If you want money for your campaign or want to get on a committee you have to kiss the ring. McConnell knows he has control of campaign funding. If a candidate expects to get funded they say how high when he says jump. They vote for him. You would think there might be enough people of principle in the Republican party but this is the uniparty we’re talking about. Money trumps principle.

I do agree with McConnell that the agenda should not include raising taxes and throwing seniors overboard with a sunset of social security and Medicare. i can’t imagine any Republican ever supporting such an agenda. Trump cut taxes and it benefitted the middle class [contrary to the Democrats narrative].Now that we have Biden’s skyrocketing inflation that’s the equivalent of a tax that hits both the middle class and poor.  Inflation hardly affects the upper class. If you wanted to wipe out the middle class this would be the way to do it. 

i just don’t see any Republican supporting such an agenda so i have no clue what McConnell is talking about here.  i do recall Mitch helping Biden get his Trillion dollar ‘infrastructure’ bill passed.

He was proud of it too. In his own words, 

“I was proud to support today’s historic bipartisan infrastructure deal and prove that both sides of the political aisle can still come together around common-sense solutions.” 

It’s not the first time McConnell ever betrayed the people that got Republicans elected. He used the Tea party movement to get a Republican majority. Back in 2010 the Republicans gained 60 seats in the House and 6 in the Senate. As soon as they won he stabbed them in the back. We have some up and coming MAGA candidates. A number of them have made it perfectly clear they do not support McConnell. Mitch is going to see MAGA as a threat. He probably already does but he’s not stupid enough to say it publicly. Mitch has a problem. We are 70 million plus strong and i believe growing. I wouldn’t take anything for granted though. We better remain aware and tough as nails. The Never Trumpers and Uniparty are not going to cede power easily. The Never Trumpers are obvious. The Uniparty not so much. Those are the ones that worry me. We have a handful of real warriors in Congress that have proven themselves to be reliable. Jim Jordan of Ohio is a good example. 

Realistically we are never going to have candidates we agree with 100% on every single issue. We are never going to agree 100% on every issue even with President Trump. but we can unify around our core values & stick with a few fundamental principles. Jordan has a way of referring to it, #DoWhatWeSaid. Trump said basically the same thing, just in a different way. 


i do know this about McConnell. He was never there for Trump. i mean that. Of all the backstabbers in DC McConnell had to be the worst.Yet, when it comes to Biden and the Democrats he’s always willing to compromise.Maybe part of the reason is because McConnell, like many of the Democrats and some Republicans, he’s in the back pocket of China.

If the incumbents in DC want to win here’s what they need to do. It remains to be seen if they have the guts.

  1. toss McConnell and his surrogates out. We don’t need his prodigy Thune or Cornyn either.You vote him in again [that goes for his cronies too]you not only need your head examined, you need replaced.
  2. do not play footsies with the Democrats. If you even give off a hint you’re a member of the uniparty we can vote you out and get someone who isn’t afraid to stand up for us.
  3. do what you said you would do while  you were campaigning and anything you say you will do while in Congress. We’re done with people telling us what they’re going to do and that’s ALL they do.. We’re done with the talking.

Dan Bonigno is right, the DO matters.

4. Support the President we elect the same way the Democrats support theirs. Trump may not be perfect and you may not like him but WE elected him. You-the GOP establishment-do not get to pick our candidates for us anymore.He had plenty of successes and a few failures but that’s true of any President. I will say this for him. He didn’t take any crap from the media, the Democrats or you people.

The Republicans could learn a thing or two from him. After years of the Republican establishment picking a candidate for us we went for our own and the MAGA movement was born.

IF we give you a majority, get a majority leader we can support  then fight like hell for us. Again (this bears repeating)we’re not going to settle for Mitch 2.0.

SOTU is not strong. It’s in trouble

i didn’t watch Biden’s SOTU address the other night. i knew there’d be enough clips to get an idea of how it went and what he talked about.Here’s my conclusions.

  1. he can’t speak. it was obvious last night why they keep Joe out of the public eye as much as possible and he doesn’t really hold pressers. He was reading from a teleprompter and he still couldn’t speak. He’s in mental decline. i’m no doctor so i can’t say as to what the cause of his symptoms are; but there is definitely something wrong. His handlers can’t control every situation.They can whisk him off to Delaware every week and limit his pressers but as President he has to do some speaking to the public. On the campaign trail they could control it better or put a lid on the campaign. You can’t do that so much with the Presidency. They probably never considered that. The media can carry water for him as they have all along;eventually the public catches on. At this point they’ve done it so much denying it would look silly.
  2. Part 2 of his speech was domestic policy.It may as well have been a Trump speech except for the fact Biden’s delivery was horrible and he never supported the positions he took in the speech. He was outright lying because the midterms are coming. People know. They’re not fooling anyone.
  3. The Democrats even chanted USA. They never chant USA. Go to a Trump rally and you hear that chant every time.
  4. i didn’t need Biden to tell me what the state of the union is. Our country is in trouble. You don’t put someone in Biden’s condition in the oval office.
  5. Lauren Bobert yelled at Biden. i saw the look on Pelosi’s face. i don’t care. Pelosi tore up Trump’s SOTU for everyone to see. She set the bar.The Democrats have no room to say anything. i say good for Bobert. We lost 13 of our military due to Biden’s reckless withdrawal from Afghanistan.
  6. Biden was speaking of helping soldiers who came home sick from Iraq and Afghanistan because of toxic burn pits and the cancers that would one day put them in a “flag-draped coffin.”Boebert yelled at Biden from the audience:

“You put them in, 13 of them”

Bill “Bushie” Barr

How did we ever end up with Bill Barr? Jeff Sessions was a good man. He endorsed Trump early on when hardly anyone was getting behind him. They were simpatico when it came to border issues and he knew Trump was going to follow through.Sessions had probably been waiting a long time for someone like Trump. Sessions really was a stickler for enforcing immigration laws and making them stronger if possible. It was for that reason i think Trump appointed him as his attorney general and i think it was for that reason Sessions probably asked him for the spot.Sessions didn’t disappoint at all until the Russia Hoax came up.Then all bets were off. To this day i don’t think we know if he was just weak or had an incredible amount of pressure from the Deep State he couldn’t handle. He recused himself on the one issue that would really matter. I’d bet the farm Rod Rodentstein had a role in it. He probably pressured Sessions himself. It was such a shame. For the President, for Sessions and for the country as well. Then you have to ask, how did the name Barr come up for the President to consider and appoint? Word is he was recommended by Chris Christie.Figures. Most of us thought Barr was the answer,at first. He was respected in D.C. He had a good rep. He had experience in the job. We were sure he’d be fair & impartial. Two red flags on Barr that didn’t come up much. i took a lot for granted myself and didn’t question the appointment. i put a lot of faith in Barr;more than he deserved.The 1st red flag i ignored was the Christie recommendation. The other is that Barr is a “Bushie” Republican. If the truth could ever be known Barr probably supported Jeb and didn’t consider Trump a serious candidate at all.

I will say this for Senator Sessions. He buckled at the worst possible time but other than that he never intentionally stabbed Trump in the back. I’ve never heard him say a bad word about President Trump to this day. Barr? He couldn’t wait to attack Trump. He never held any of the rats in spygate-the attempted coup on Trump-accountable and never questioned the 2020 election. Barr never had anything to lose so he didn’t care.He was in retirement anyway before Trump tapped him for attorney general. He would go back to retirement. No skin off his teeth.

Should we be surprised that Trump wasn’t thrilled with Joe being installed as President? Barr seems to think we should be. He’s trying to sell one of those anti Trump ‘tell all’ books.

Matthew Whitaker was given the spot after Sessions left only to fill in the vacancy until a new attorney general was appointed . Whitaker would have been a great choice himself. i don’t know why it didn’t occur to Trump to give him a shot. He was already there.Trump seemed to be anxious to get Barr in the DOJ as quickly as possible.

It’s funny how the left thought Barr was going to be a Trump stooge. Eric Holder was only Obama’s wing man as he was known .Barr,on the other hand, had no loyalty to President Trump at all.