It was Too Bad Nixon Didn’t Have the Media Goons that Biden has Now

Richard Millhouse Nixon stepped down in disgrace probably due to the investigative reporting of Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein for the Washington Post. It gave Carl the phrase ‘worse than Watergate’. It was too bad Nixon didn’t have the media on his detail like Hillary Clinton and the Biden’s do now. They would have done a fantastic job of covering up for him. Biden is not only corrupt but mentally checked out. Nixon’s worst crime was the cover up.

He was mentally capable of discharging the duties of President. More than can be said for Biden. Our media has a full time job now that’s for sure.

I think they’re aware Biden could get us nuked. This should give them their own self interest to protect. i’m sure those nuclear warheads are aimed more at the larger cities-the ones they live in-than the smaller rural towns we live in. Makes you wonder if they considered that, doesn’t it?

Yes, Joe has us on the verge of WWIII. I hope the media is aware of it. Our intel agencies are wrapped up in chasing down Pres Trump,his family and supporters. I wouldn’t count on them especially when their job is the same as the media’s. get Trump, cover up for Joe.They have to cover up for themselves too. Fortunately the media is not going to bother nailing them anymore than they are Joe. We have a symbiotic relationship going on here.

It begs the question, who benefits the most from all the propaganda and corruption?

Before we answer that we have to consider the role of the uniparty here.

Anyone notice that Mitch McConnell doesn’t have too big a canary over the attacks on Trump,he didn’t come to Pres Trump’s defense at the most critical times or go after Joe too hard. Sen Rod Johnson and Chuck Grassley are working on the Biden scandal. Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Green always stand up for President Trump. McConnell does more harm than good to the Republican party. Kevin McCarthy isn’t the worst but most of the time he’s all talk.

We have fake Republicans like Romney, Murkowski and Collins. They use the party to get elected then vote almost exclusively with the Democrats. Romney is a Never Trumper. Murkowski and Collins always did vote with the Democrats even before Trump took office. Their biggest problem is they’re liberals through and through. McConnell is different. He and Pelosi are the leaders of the uniparty. They will do anything to hang on to power. McConnell never backed Trump’s America First policies but he did get his wife a spot in the Trump administration before Mitch stabbed Trump in the back.

McConnell’s wife is Elaine Chao.

June 3, 2019 – Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao’s family has deep business ties to China — placing the key Cabinet official in a potentially conflicting position with the Trump administration’s confrontational posture toward the US’ major economic rival, according to a report from The New York Times.

i don’t want to point the finger at McConnell alone because if the truth were told he’s probably not the only person in Congress with ties to China. Remember, Eric Swallell had real close ties with an agent from China.

We know Joe and Hunter Biden did. So the question asked about who benefits most from the corruption and propaganda in the United States the answer isn’t Joe, Hunter, McConnell or Chao-ironically the country Nixon opened up for the U.S. and developed a relationship with, China.[You couldn’t fault Nixon for his foreign policy]. Specifically the CCP in China benefits most from Biden being in office. He’s compromised.

Nixon must be rolling in his grave over what Hillary Clinton and the Biden’s have gotten away with. Now Carl could use his phrase ‘worse than Watergate’ and it wouldn’t be hyperbole.He won’t though. The media has missed the greatest scandal in American history and certainly the greatest scandal in recent history.

Dan Bongino will show you how corrupt the media was over the Hunter Biden laptop story. They knew. i knew-many of us knew-how could they not?

They lied right in the face of the American people.

The left must be in a panic. i checked Twitter to see what the fools were trending. Not surprised at all. They’re working on hash tag #TrumpCoverUp. i know what that means. They have to distract from the Biden corruption. They know exactly what’s up.

Do they care that Joe has compromised the national security of the United States and sold us out economically to China? Nope.

How could the media miss it when Joe openly and publicly bragged about his quid pro quo in Ukraine?

It’s right in front of them and the media can’t see it? No way…we know . They know.

Let me sum it up. If the American marxists like Biden win, China owns us.They practically own us anyway.

If Trump wins in 2024 it’s America First again and the people win.If we aren’t in WWIII by then i hope the Republicans finally grow a spine, they vote out McConnell (keep his prodigy out-that’s Thune and Cronyn)and fight for MAGA with us.It’s not time to play footsie with people we have nothing in common with. Some of these liberals are too stupid to see they’re pushing for their own demise.

It’s far worse than Watergate. If Nixon had only wooed the media into his corner and had the propaganda Joe does. Pravda couldn’t do better.

(484) Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 03/30/2022 ✨ The Mark Levin Show 2022 ✨ ღ #MarkLevin​ ღ – YouTube @POTUS is corrupt. The media is corrupt. Mitch McConnell is shady. All tied to the CCP in China. #LaptopfromHell they all knew and LIED to the American people.Joe is a fraud. Pls Share. Expose the rot.

(484) Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 03/30/2022 ✨ The Mark Levin Show 2022 ✨ ღ #MarkLevin​ ღ – YouTube

A Quick Write Up: Catholicism 101

in an effort to promote understanding at least, decided to do a quick write up of some Catholic bascis that are often misunderstood.

Here we go. One of the main differences between Catholics and non Catholics are the sola’s.

Non Catholics accept sola scriptura [scripture alone]. Catholics accept Scripture AND Tradition

Non Catholics accept sola fide{faith alone]. Catholics accept faith AND works

Catholics accept sola gracia. Grace alone.

A non Catholic will say you have to be born again. A Catholic will say you must be born again of water and spirit meaning Baptism [a sacrament].

Catholics do not worship statues. No matter how it may look to a non Catholic it’s not worship.i have several statues including one of St. Francis on the front deck. I also have a large image of the Divine Mercy of Jesus, a nativity set for Christmas, a candle with the image of ‘Our Lady of Guadalupe, the angel of peace figure as known from Fatima and the Bible as well as rosary beads. Catholics venerate all these. We worship God alone. We venerate the Sacred. It’s why the priest kisses the book of Gospels when he’s done reading the gospel. I’ve seen non Catholics with nativity sets at Christmas.Eastern Catholics venerate icons,not statues. If you walk into a Latin or Western rite Catholic Church aka Roman it will have statues.IF you walk into most Eastern rite Catholic churches you will not see statues;instead you will see icons. Here are 2 of the other 23 rites of the Catholic Church. A Byzantine Catholic rite located in Florida

Maronite Catholic Mass in Lebanon

Our Mass is the highest form of worship. We believe communion is the body,blood,soul and divinity of Jesus. It means we are in communion with the Body of Christ too and accept the teachings. A Catholic politician should not support abortion and if they do they should not receive holy communion until they reconcile with the Church, meaning they will have to give up ALL their support of abortion. Abortion is one of the 5 non negotiable issues. The 5 are abortion,same sex marriage,cloning, euthanasia and EMBRYONIC stem cell research. All 5 are intrinsically evil.

If you receive communion supporting abortion and especially if you have been requested not to you could be committing sacrilege, compounding the sin you have already committed.

Catholic politicians like Biden and Pelosi who publicly support abortion cause scandal to the Church.

A Pope can have opinions on all kinds of things. A Pope can have a misinformed or malformed opinion. He can be wrong in all kinds of topics. Infallibility does not mean infallible in all matters. It certainly doesn’t mean sinless. A Pope is infallible only in matters re faith and morals when speaking ex cathedra [from the seat of Peter]in union with the Bishops. The Pope can change his mind on his opinions but he cannot and will not change the doctrine/dogma of the Church.We are free to disagree with the Pope on his opinions from a-z. We are obligated to accept the teachings [doctrine/dogma]of the Church. We are free to accept or not accept private revelation such as the prophecy of various Catholic saints as an example. We are not free to reject public revelation and that is Sacred Scripture.

i did not intend to dive any deeper than just these basics so if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them and we can take up further discussion if you want to. I’ll be glad to do that and if it’s something i don’t know about or understand i’ll let you know i don’t have an answer and will research it for both of us.I highly recommend the Catechism of the Catholic Church for all Catholics but there’s no reason a non Catholic can’t read it too.