The Republican POV on War

Nobody is our country wants war. i don’t care if you’re a Republican, Democrat, Conservative, Liberal, Hawk or Dove (old school terms).The last group that ever wants to go into battle is the military. Keep in mind i used the word wants to-needs to is another matter. Ordered to leaves no choice. The military goes by the chain of command. We have an all volunteer military now which is a plus. Separate topic though. I’ll set it aside this time.

Where does the Republican party stand on war when the situation arises?

The Democrat Marxists have a hive mind. They go in lockstep.The Republican party is a diverse group of people on some issues and not so much on others.War is one of the issues you don’t find much agreement. We all agree it’s to be avoided if possible;though a pacifist would say NEVER use military force. An interventionist is one who thinks most conflicts have to be solved in battle and some of those people are strong supporters of nation building. An isolationist wants to keep as much distance between conflict and the U.S. as possible in nearly every situation. The idea that there are neocons-as they’re called-is absurd.

Tulsi Gabbard used that term and revealed herself.i also heard she’s pro life which i don’t buy either. You’re not pro life and join the Democrat party.Sorry. They’re as pro abortion as you can get. i respect her service to our country but other than that she’s a phony.

She’s not pulling the wool over my eyes.She’s good at it though. I don’t hold it against Matt Schlapp for inviting her to Cpac. i understand what he was trying to do. He meant well by trying to heal wounds, hold out an olive branch to the other party and show how we might come together as a country but Gabbard herself has her own agenda. She’s an opportunist of the nefarious kind and she doesn’t mind using any stepping stone she’s offered. She’s gotten over on some Republicans. i have to admit she’s pretty sly at it. i keep trying to warn people about her. She gave one of the few speeches at Cpac i omitted in the blog.Believe me, it’s DELIBERATE. It’s not a slight of Matt Schlapp though. He and his wife are good people and they’ve done a tremendous job with Cpac.I would never give them any flack. They don’t deserve it.

I digress so let’s get back on topic.

The point is the Republican party has a diversity of opinion when it comes to military force used in overseas conflicts and that’s good. We do need debate [a diversity of opinions]with a matter as serious as war.We can be too anxious to intervene but we can’t always hide our heads in the sand either.One end of the spectrum of opinions keeps the other end honest. IMHO the success of nation building is questionable. The purpose of the military is to protect the homeland and win battles. PERIOD.

BTW, we are NOT going to go to war with Russia.Hello…

One thing we all better agree on,regardless of party or ideology,is respect and support for our military.

Soldiers have many faults, but they have one redeeming merit; they are never worshippers of force. Soldiers more than any other men are taught severely and systematically that might is not right. G.K. Chesterton,the Apostle of Common Sense