The America First Blog Proudly Endorses Lt. Col. Allen West for Governor of Texas

It wasn’t hard. Allen West is a far better candidate for Governor than Greg Abbot. I still support Pres Trump 100% but he’s backing the wrong guy in a couple instances and this is one of them. i do get why the President is backing Abbot. They have a friendship and Abbot was one of the first to endorse Trump. It’s only right that he return the favor.I wouldn’t expect Trump to do otherwise. i don’t have to go lockstep with Trump’s choices-he usually picks the best candidates you could ask for so one or two i disagree with doesn’t mean i’ve jumped off the Trump Train. Never happen.

Let’s get behind Col West and give him the support he needs now!! Tues Mar 1 is the day you get to vote for the Republican candidate. Do Texas a big favor and put Allen West in as the candidate. He’ll clean the clock of whoever the Dems put up. Take that to the bank.West has a remarkable background.Check him out!

All these conservative candidates need our support. This is it folks!

Check out the MAGA candidate page for information on other conservative candidates. i haven’t got all of them added yet but we’ll keep them covered in the meantime. Most are Trump endorsed. You bet your sweet bippy NONE are McConnell endorsed.