Stolen Elections Have Catastrophic Consquences @Jim_Jordan @tedcruz (i support both of you)PLS TWEET THIS OUT! I’m banned on Twitter & Facebook. would appreciate the help.

i did not vote for Barrack Obama. Was it because McCain and Romney were fantastic candidates? Nope. They were lousy and i knew very well McCain was going to lose. Romney might have had a shot as lousy as he was.

The reasons i opposed Obama were: he was Marxist, pro abortion, anti cop and radical. Now it looks like the Obama administration is the largest part of the Biden administration. Why do you think the Obama’s and Valerie Jarret stuck around DC after his 2nd term?

No, i did not have to vote for Obama to prove i wasn’t racist. He will always have the distinction of being the first black President. Nobody can take that way from him but beyond that i don’t have a lot to say. i don’t care if anyone calls me a racist. Knock yourselves silly.i don’t care if anyone calls me anything. Big deal.

What i would like to see us do is stand up to the leftist Marxists with the truth no matter what they say. The election was stolen in 2020. The Democrat party knows it. The media knows it. We will never get them to admit the truth. A lot of folks won’t admit it either because they’re ignorant and don’t have the facts or they don’t care because winning is all that matters.The Uniparty-led by Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi -just wanted Trump out so they let the Democrat operatives and surrogates plot their coup.

You also have opportunists on both sides of the aisle who wouldn’t mind having Trump out of the way for their own political ambitions.

So now that Biden was installed what can we do? I know Pence could have stood up and did the right thing but he didn’t. Here we are now. The Constitution has no remedy for a situation like this except for one thing -voting them all out including Biden. We support free and fair elections, making sure the unconstitutional acts they pulled off in 2020 aren’t repeated. Better late than never. i wish we could correct the 2020 results and have from the day Biden was sworn in but if wishes were horses beggars would ride. We have to be realistic and admit it’s not going to happen. We CAN take the one remedy the Constitution gives us-vote em out,clean house- and make sure it doesn’t happen again. Will i ever say Biden won? No,because he didn’t. Will i accept that he was installed. Yes, because it happened. The best thing that could happen is Biden sent packing by Trump with the MAGA movement in 2024 and the corrupt tossed out on their asses in 2022 AND 2024. We can go over 2020 till the cows come home but the left will never own up and it’s not going to change a thing.Eventually it will all be exposed and we can make sure it is but we have to focus on the future or keep pounding our heads on the wall. It does not mean we have to accept Biden as our President. It will never mean we accept his election as legitimate. We don’t sacrifice the truth just to be comfortable and get along. That’s not the point.

If you’re a Republican/Conservative not willing to stand up and say the 2020 election was a farce, that the Democrats plotted a coup against Trump from 2016-2020 and that Jan 6 was NOT an insurrection don’t expect our support either.

However, we have to march forward. No choice. We have a country to save and an election to win. Hang in there. Trump WILL be President in 2024 as long as we don’t give up.

Our institutions have been corrupted, politicized & weaponized. From the FBI to the DOJ.We have to clean house!

Sen. Marco Rubio Full Speech at CPAC 2022 in Orlando

Sen. Marco Rubio Full Speech at CPAC 2022 in Orlando

We will never be silenced as much as the American Marxists try. When President Trump-the President of the United States-was banned from Twitter and social media you had to know these people meant business and were coming after OUR freedom. You try to get Biden banned from Twitter and see how far you get. Case closed. They’re Marxists.

Sign up for Truhsocial. There’s a long waiting list. Hang in there! A year from now we’ll ALL be on Truthsocial. The left is going to try to convince you to stay away from it or that it’s a waste of time. A failure. IGNORE THEM. It’s FREEDOM baby and i KNOW by the end of 2022 we’ll all be there with other patriots-MILLONS of us.

Trump warned Europe against relying on Russian energy

“So we’re protecting Germany, we’re protecting France, we’re protecting all of these countries, and then numerous of the countries go out and make a pipeline deal with Russia, where they’re paying billions of dollars into the coffers of Russia,” Trump said.

Trump warned Europe against relying on Russian energy

The lefties on Twitter are calling Trump an ally,a pal an agent of Putin.Who cut off Russian energy? Trump. Who gave it back to Putin? Biden. Who took a bribe from the mayor of Moscow? Biden. Who gave blankets and MRE’s to Ukraine? Obama/Biden. Who gave Ukraine military arms for self defense against Russian aggression? Trump.

Dan Bongino makes a point about one of Biden’s weaknesses in dealing with Putin and Trump’s strength.

Putin invades Ukraine THEN Biden calls for sanctions. A little late to the game don’t you think? And Trump was Putin’s buddy?

Remember this? How tough Biden sounded?

Between Afghanistan and Ukraine and soon Iran and China i believe tough talk Biden will have us closer to nuclear war than any President in recent history i can think of. They claimed Trump would be the one to bring us to war even nuclear war and he gave us the Abram accords and 4 relatively peaceful years.

The America First Blog Proudly Endorses Lt. Col. Allen West for Governor of Texas

It wasn’t hard. Allen West is a far better candidate for Governor than Greg Abbot. I still support Pres Trump 100% but he’s backing the wrong guy in a couple instances and this is one of them. i do get why the President is backing Abbot. They have a friendship and Abbot was one of the first to endorse Trump. It’s only right that he return the favor.I wouldn’t expect Trump to do otherwise. i don’t have to go lockstep with Trump’s choices-he usually picks the best candidates you could ask for so one or two i disagree with doesn’t mean i’ve jumped off the Trump Train. Never happen.

Let’s get behind Col West and give him the support he needs now!! Tues Mar 1 is the day you get to vote for the Republican candidate. Do Texas a big favor and put Allen West in as the candidate. He’ll clean the clock of whoever the Dems put up. Take that to the bank.West has a remarkable background.Check him out!

All these conservative candidates need our support. This is it folks!

Check out the MAGA candidate page for information on other conservative candidates. i haven’t got all of them added yet but we’ll keep them covered in the meantime. Most are Trump endorsed. You bet your sweet bippy NONE are McConnell endorsed.