Some People Won’t Like This One,but I’ve Always Been Honest & Candid

i will always and ferociously oppose people who are destroying our country. This includes Biden, the Democrats,their state run media, the Deep State and the Uniparty led by Pelosi and McConnell.

i don’t have the time of day for people who are disloyal and/or backstabbers.

I also don’t have any patience for people who are the kind of opportunists who take advantage of another person.There’s nothing wrong with being an opportunist who seizes the moment or a circumstance to move ahead or become successful. Our country offers opportunities you will never find anywhere else & is to be commended for it. The kind of opportunists i loathe are the ones who try to move up because they think someone else is down. Call it intuition i can spot em from miles away with few cues.

Ron De Santis is a good governor. i can tell you who is going to be a fantastic governor and an up and coming figure in the Republican party-Kari Lake. She’s one of the best candidates i’ve seen in a long time.She’d even make a good VP pick.

Ron,on the other hand, has 1 thing against him. He’s an opportunist. When they called the race for Biden and banned ‘Pres Trump from Twitter and other social media platforms DeSantis started making waves. He was trying to make his presence felt in the vacuum they forced on Trump.Opportunist. Newsflash;i am not voting for DeSantis. Am totally committed to Trump getting re-elected in 2024. Mark my words and remember i said this: the RINO’s and establishment Republicans, with help from the Never Trumpers, will back DeSantis. If DeSantis is worth his salt he’d come out and make it clear he’s not going to run and will back Trump. He would do this at least not to split the party into two camps. Watch him. Bet he doesn’t. About that time i’d be looking for an alternative VP. i don’t care who Trump picks for a running mate-even DeSantis-as long as it’s not Pence and as long as DeSantis PROVES he’d back him first. Anyone but Pence will work. i’m not holding my breathe that DeSantis doesn’t turn out to be a backstabber.

Jim Jordan of Ohio would be a fantastic VP pick too. Jim has always been a warrior and he’s not a backstabber. You can trust him 100%.i’m giving DeSantis the benefit of the doubt FOR NOW. He remains a ‘will see‘. He has to prove me wrong. Jim Jordan doesn’t have to prove anything. He’s had the MAGA bona fides for years.