Stop Trump 2016

Now that the Russian Hoax is finally over the media still hasn’t bothered to tell the American people what happened, how it happened or why it happened. You mean,oops we made a mistake and that’s it? No, they didn’t make a mistake. They lied. What reason could they possibly have for promoting such an incredible and damaging lie? They wanted to destroy Pres. Trump. PERIOD.

Now that Durham is onto the whole criminal enterprise they’re ignoring the scandal. Fortunately Durham was keeping such close wraps on it-no leaks at all-a lot of us were wondering if he was actually doing anything at all. Lesson learned on my part;that’s exactly what you want from a special counsel. He certainly took an inordinate amount of time but i’ll give him the benefit of the doubt now and surmise he wanted to build a very tight case.

Stop Trump 2020

The truth is given the gravity of the situation the media should be reporting on it and correct the record. That’s one take away. The other is this; given the lengths the Democrats and media would go to destroy Trump and all the corruption that included our intel agencies PLUS the year of violence from Antifa and BLM there is no doubt in my mind they could conspire to rig the election and cheat.

What do you call an effort to remove a sitting President by whatever means necessary? Hello…coup, sedition, treason if it involves a foreign enemy.

Stop Trump Again 2024

So what do the Democrats do with the co-operation of a corrupt FBI? They plot the break in of the Capitol Building, execute the plan, make sure there’s lax security, incite the crowd,plant some agents then call it an insurrection.They’re not investigating the break down in security that day. We know exactly what they’re up to.It’s about keeping Trump from a 2024 campaign;the plan is to keep him off the ballot. Nothing to do with the Capitol on Jan 6 at all.

Biden and Russia

One of Trump’s major accomplishments was bringing our country to energy independence. One of Biden’s Blunder’s was letting Putin have his pipeline into Germany.If you wanted to cripple Putin his pipeline would have been the best target. Trump approved sanctions on Russia’s gas pipeline. This is how you cripple an enemy. Energy is everything. So what did Biden do? [Mr. Tough on Putin]. He shut down OUR pipelines, made us energy dependent again and lifted Trump’s sanctions on Russia’s.

Read about Trump’s tough sanctions here:

Anyone notice Russia,China and Iran weren’t saber rattling while Trump was in the White House? China will own us before Biden’s first term ends.

Remember Biden saying Russia wanted Trump in the White House and how tough he [Biden,that is]would be as President? All that told me was Biden was a conspirator in the Russia Hoax; at least to the extent he knew what was going on. The truth is when our enemies saw how feckless Biden was and his surrender in Afghanistan they knew they could make their moves. Biden will acquiesce to Iran too. They will likely get a nuke. Biden has totally wrecked Trump’s policy of peace through strength. How could anyone vote for this fool? There’s no way on earth he got 81 million votes. There couldn’t possibly be 81 million totally stupid people in our country.

So When Does the Media Come Clean and Report the Truth?

The least they could do is plead ignorance regarding the Russia Hoax and cover the Durham report. They knew the collusion story was a lie all along but they could always say they were fooled and vindicate Trump.

They could investigate the Capitol break in of Jan 6 and blow it wide open with the truth. Eventually the truth is going to come out anyway and they will look as guilty for pushing the insurrection narrative as they did for pushing the Russia collusion lie. IF they really wanted to redeem themselves for lying and calling it journalism they could do an unbiased, thorough investigation of the 2020 election and get to the bottom of it once and for all.

So far they have proven only 1 thing; they are an enemy of the people.

Note: originally this wasn’t the direction i was going to take with Russia,Russia,Russia. The title and topic hit me late last night but i was incredibly tired and only typed out the opening paragraph. By the time i got back to the desktop to pick up where it left off i had forgotten what prompted the topic in the first place. Never again-the next time an idea hits me I’m going to finish. Normally i scribble some notes, if nothing else. Well, that didn’t happen either. Not a good day.😣