An Open Letter To Bill Maher @billmaher #Olympics (i’m banned on Twitter.Would you tweet this please)?

Saw this clip from your show and while i agree with most of your monologue there’s a few things that bothered me. You wouldn’t be you if they didn’t.

That said, you seemed to be implying 2 things; one is that we’ll be ok for as long as Biden is in the Oval office. That might be true if you’re a rich liberal but it’s not exactly the case if you’re a ‘smelly Walmart person’. Your other point was that everything is going swimmingly in the United States when there is is more going on here than meets the eye. The media doesn’t cover these ugly stories.

Rachel Maddow’s salary is reportedly 30 million per year. I take it that’s not unusual for people who work in cable news. So that’s the going rate for supporting Biden and pushing the Russia Hoax. When you’re making millions you’re not affected by inflation, high gas prices, product shortages, violent crime in your neighborhood.

Fortunately cable news isn’t the only source anymore. There are people who report the truth and don’t make half of what Maddow does. You appear to be unaware so let me help you get up to speed,after i tell you where we agree.

I’m not watching the Olympics in China. i can’t believe our athletes didn’t boycott it.After everything the CCP has done to our country especially with the Covid pandemic. They’re responsible for the deaths of millions. They darned near destroyed our economy. Not to mention the horrible human rights abuses in China. I certainly don’t want us to start WWIII with China but we don’t have to bend over and kiss their behinds either. Biden’s problem with China is he’s beholden to them. They have the goods on his son Hunter. The other problem with Biden is the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. As soon as our adversaries saw that they knew they could walk all over Biden. If Trump were in the Oval office they would never have tested the waters in the first place. Now Russia and China are both jerking us around. Wait till Iran gets a nuke.

Are our American athletes free to do business in China? Sure. Should they? You know the answer.

What bothers me most are the athletes you mentioned. I’m a strong believer in capitalism but i’m also a strong believer in principles. No amount of money is worth getting in bed with the communist party of China. [No, i’m not referring to Eric Swalwell]

What else has Uncle Biden been up to? He’s replacing you liberal voters-and probably some independents-with voters from foreign countries. If i were a liberal democrat i would be so p—ed off. He’s not replacing the MAGA voters-we would never vote for him anyway. He’s making sure his bases are covered just in case a few Democrats or Independents leave the fold. He’s having illegals move into our cities in the dead of night. You can be sure they are going to get the right the vote. Take it to the bank.Our immigration laws are clear. He’s breaking our laws. He’s letting these foreigners break them too.

Biden is giving up our sovereignty. I liked the America First agenda better.

It’s not all he’s been up to. Now parents can be categorized as domestic terrorists. All they have to do is protest local schoolboards or question the administration. Parents-can you imagine? BLM/Antifa ran rampant burning down our cities but God forbid a parent cares what’s going on in their kids schools.

You know the media is calling the attack on the Capitol Building on Jan 6 an insurrection. They’re counting on their viewers being too stupid to know what an insurrection is. Ray Epps and other agents of the FBI are walking around freely while people who were charged with lesser crimes are sitting in prison;some in solitary confinement, all with no trial date set, another words indefinitely. The odd part of the committee investigating the events that day is that none of the people involved were charged with insurrection. Nobody’s asking questions to ascertain why there was a security breakdown that day. You would think that would be THE most important issue. You know very well what the real goal of the investigation is. The Democrats are comparing it to the 9/11 attack and the attack on Pearl Harbor.An unarmed assault on the Capitol Building compares to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor? They have the footage. We can’t see it?

You know what will get you banned on Twitter and social media in general? Just question the legitimacy of the 2020 election. The Democrats never questioned Trump’s election in 2016,right?.He was an agent of Putin. We were all agents Putin .Back when i was in school we were taught about the evils of communism. Hell would have to freeze over before we’d even think of becoming Russian agents.Even crazy Glenn knows it didn’t pass the smell test.

Yes, our FBI is corrupt as is our CIA and NSA. Our DOJ is focused on parents. The guy in the Oval office now couldn’t find his a** with both hands. Know what we can’t find on social media? Anything to do with Hunter Biden’s laptop. You know-the one filled with Russian misinformation although it was OWNED by Hunter Biden himself.

i don’t care if you have a D or an R in front of your name; if you’re in bed with China you’re a problem.It’s not the smelly Walmart people who voted for Trump who are the problem. They’re the people who keep this country going, just like the truck drivers in Canada’s Freedom Convoy. We don’t need people to be woke. We need Americans who are awake. We need the corrupt to be held accountable, not hidden by so called journalists like Maddow. Journalists my a**. If you’re willing to push the Russia Collusion Hoax for 3 yrs and pretend that Spygate never happened you’re no journalist.

Biden is nothing like Trudeau? Wait till they kill the filibuster, pack the courts and pass the so called Voting Rights Act HR1. If they can get away with 1 or all 3 watch what happens. We keep being told the Republicans suppressed the vote without one report of the vote being suppressed. Where did this happen when stats show more people voted in 2020 than any previous election. They get to report without ever having proof? i remember Adam Schiff going on cable news every other day claiming he had evidence of Trump colluding with Russia. It’s too bad not one journalist asked him for this proof.

Trump was right. The media IS the enemy of the people. When you can look the American people in the eye,make 30 million per year and tell them Trump colluded with Russia knowing very well it wasn’t true but sit silently and pretend Spygate and the Hunter laptop never happened you are the enemy.

Biden ever going to take any questions or does he get to keep running off? Is Biden ever going to release the transcript of his Ukraine call like Trump did? Is he going to take a cognitive test and inform the public like Trump did? You know the answer don’t you?