Thank Goodness Twitter Banned Pres Trump!

If you’d have told me just a few years ago that Twitter would ban a sitting President i’d have said you were nuts. Crazier than a loon.

Guess i was giving Twitter too much credit for being the platform of free speech.

Why was he banned? He questioned the legitimacy of the 2020 election of Biden. The accusation got Trump banned on other social media as well.

The Twitter ban was a tad strange because the election of Trump was questioned from day one. In fact, the Democrats said they were going to impeach him before he was sworn in. They accused him of being an agent of Russia/Putin. If you had a Twitter account for the 4 yr of Trump’s first term you can recall how the resistance was trending nearly every day alternating with impeach Trump and Trump resign. If you followed the President you could read the most vile tweets sent to his account. They constantly attacked him and questioned his legitimacy. So i couldn’t imagine they would ban Trump for doing the same thing. He’s banned for life.

Thank goodness he was because we are now awaiting the opening of his social media platform, Truth Social. If Twitter hadn’t banned him we wouldn’t have Truth Social. You Tube is well known for censoring people who support Trump. Now we have the popular alternative to You Tube called Rumble. The great part about these sites shutting down conservatives,Republicans or MAGA is that an alternative gets started and they do very well. Dan Bongino-banned from You Tube himself-calls it the parallel economy.

I’m hopeful that Truth Social will bury Twitter and send it to the internet dust bin with My Space. Rumble is starting to overtake You Tube. i can see this happening to Twitter. BTW, I was banned from Twitter twice. It’s ok.Don’t care. A year ago i signed up on other platforms as backup, just in case. I’ve signed up for Truth Social as well. If it’s going to be as good as i think it is it will become my main and only account.

We all know why Twitter really banned Trump. They wanted to cut off his communication with his base. They wanted to cut off his communication with the general public period, but mainly his base. They figured it would squash the MAGA movement once and for all. They don’t get that the MAGA movement goes on with or without Trump; preferably with. Whatever reason they did it for, the fact is they certainly can’t claim to be the platform of free speech. They put the cherry on the top of censorship when they buried the reports on the Hunter Biden laptop.

I also happen to think Twitter and other social media platforms don’t like information about the Biden election getting out there. You can’t even question it which makes it more suspicious. You’re desperate when you ban a sitting President of the United States. If the Trump accusation about Biden isn’t true why worry about what Trump says about it?

Thank goodness Twitter did ban the 45th POTUS. Truth Social is going to be awesome and now Twitter could bite the big one.The irony would be that we always hoped Twitter would die out but to think this is how it happened and they did it to themselves is pure vindication.