Bring Back Better (this one is more for a liberal reader)

If you’re a liberal you’re apoplectic thinking Trump could come back in 2024. If you’re a Trumplican you wish he could come back now. but you’re definitely going to vote for him a 3rd time in 2024.

For the benefit of the liberal reader who believes people who are MAGA are racist white supremacists, Putin puppets or domestic terrorists i am going to ATTEMPT to explain the appeal of Trump; why we would have voted for him in 2016/2020 and again in 2024.

There was a time Trump was a fairly popular guy or at least well known. He was the host of one of the most successful reality tv shows in history, The Apprentice. Prior to the Apprentice he was well known as a flamboyant real estate mogul who was worth billions. Love him or hate him he was this guy from Queens who was bold and made a name for himself. He sold the brand known as Trump. He received accolades from Jesse Jackson in 1999.

I’ll be honest; i never watched The Apprentice. NEVER? Not even once. I never followed his career. Not my bag of donuts. i knew OF him but who didn’t? Some people thought of Trump as a rich playboy while others knew of him as a generous philanthropist who often helped people in his beloved city of NY. He was probably a little of both. The narrative about Trump changed dramatically as soon as he announced his candidacy for President. The media changed their tune from the years he hosted The Apprentice. You’d have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to notice.

Today ran this story back in 2008.

In the wake of her family tragedy, Jennifer Hudson has received a helping hand from a very unlikely source — Donald Trump.

Hudson and some of her family members have been staying at the Trump International Hotel & Tower in Chicago, and Trump has been picking up the tab.

“They are safe,” Trump told People on Monday night. “She’s a great girl and we’re protecting them well.”

According to E! Online, Hudson has been staying at the hotel since arriving in Chicago on Oct. 24, the day her mother, Darnell Donerson, and brother, Jason Hudson, were found murdered, and her nephew, Julian King, was found missing.

Since checking into the hotel, the Oscar winner and former “American Idol” star has rarely left the hotel.

Now we have Trump the President and a first term we can examine.

  1. Trump is NOT an idealogue. You probably think in terms of left and right or liberal and conservative. When it comes to Trump and governance throw those terms right out the window. They don’t apply. He doesn’t have an agenda the way you think of an agenda. Trumpism is a paradigm shift in politics. He views governance in the terms of a CEO whose goal is to get things done, achieve success and become prosperous. Once you get that, you get Trump. If you can’t think in any other terms but liberal vs conservative or left vs right you are never going to catch on. You’ll pigeon hole him through your lens.
  2. In politics the media writes the narrative. Trump is who the media claims he is. Biden is who the media claims he is. Then there’s reality. Remember the reporter who was covering Antifa and BLM during 2020 and called them mostly peaceful protestors while you could see behind him buildings ablaze? Was your take away that they were mostly peaceful protestors or that something didn’t add up? The media told you orange man was bad and Biden was good ol’ lunch bucket Joe. How much did you actually know about either candidate? If your take away was that Antifa/BLM were mostly peaceful protestors you’re letting the media gaslight you; whatever they tell you about Trump or Biden you’ll believe to be true. You may want to have some self awareness and search for outside sources.
  3. A catch phrase or logo tells you a lot about a candidate. Trump’s was MAGA or Make America Great Again. A subtitle was America First. Biden’s was Build Back Better.Their logos summed up the direction their policies were going to take; put another way, their goals for the country. They’re totally different. Make America Great Again assumes that America was great in the first place and we just needed to put America First. Build Back Better works only one way; to build it back you have to tear it down first.
  4. People who opposed Trump and supported Biden thought of Trump as this nasty obnoxious rich bully and Biden as this pleasant mild mannered easy going guy fron Scranton,Pa. who rode the train with the folks. When people who knew them personally spoke privately they talked about how nice Trump was and conversely how nasty Joe could be. It was the media’s best kept secret. People who didn’t know them personally & got to know them we’re always kind of surprised.Biden had this habit of blurting out awkwardly racist comments. I don’t know how it got by the media but i do know Kamala pegged Joe as racist during the Democrat debates. Of course he picked her as VP and she accepted. I always thought that choice was a little odd. It hasn’t gone well.
  5. As for a comparison of their records you have Trump’s full first term of 4 yrs and Biden’s 1st year of his first term. I’ll leave you to do your own research and draw your own conclusions. The best part is you can size up Biden’s record to date in real time.
  6. You have to know that Trump does not fit the mold. It was obvious from the day he announced he was running. For one he wasn’t a politician-which he often made clear. He didn’t come with years of experience in the swamp. He financed his own campaign so he wasn’t beholden to the people/groups most candidates are. i don’t know as i’d use the word eccentric to describe Trump as i would the word flamboyant.(Hey, he’s a guy from Queens). One or the other might come close to being accurate. If his opponents attacked him they found out they would get a brutal verbal beat down. Not your typical Republican. It’s not considered presidential but Trump wasn’t running to appear presidential. He was running to win and get the country on the right track. WYSIWYG*That’s Trump.If you’re on his side he’s loyal to a fault. You betray him, you’re done. You’re done with us too. Unfortunately i think Trump was as naive as we were re our most respected institutions ie FBI. Since our eyes have been opened and he experienced the corruption first hand none of us will make that mistake in the future. He’ll go into the White House with eyes wide open in 2024, God willing, we win. We still have some rino’s to shake out. We still have some criminals that have to be held accountable.
  7. McConnell has to go and soon. Trump is always brutally honest. His brashness rubs some people the wrong way. I think it’s just what we needed and still do.He’s brash and gets things done(the whole point of being brash). Don’t expect any change in his mo. The problem is when his detractors conflate brash and bold commanding behavior with tyranny. They are NOT the same thing. If you look at Trump’s response to the garbage they kept throwing at him it was more verbal than vindictive. He firmly believed in law and order. He’d be the last person to react by violating the Constitution. Can the same be said of Biden? You tell me.

One thing i will say about Pres Trump that is undeniable. He has a great love of our country and the American people especially. It’s why he always connected with the people at his rallies and many of us became MAGA. He put the American people on a pedestal. We were the reason he got up every day and worked to keep his promises to us in spite of relentless attacks from the media, the Democrats and the establishment in his own party. He didn’t go to DC to please the establishment and he certainly didn’t. They were never too happy with him. We will always be MAGA and remember the movement we were proud to be a part of. Hold on, he’s coming…

TRUMP 2024.. turning the political elites on their heads since 2016

*WYSIWYG What you see is what you get.