The Week End Is Here

Typically i go through the WP reader to pick the best articles. Most of the time we all cover the same topics so the article i use has to stand out. It also means i have to read the ones under consideration. I post all he Mark Levin and Dan Bongino’s podcasts as well. Sometimes i will find other podcasts worth posting as well; meaning i have to listen to all of those. From time to time i will write my own blog entry. It’s all time consuming. This weekend i have to take care of ‘business’ on the home front. When we had the omnicron virus a lot of responsibilities got let go. i wasn’t up to doing anything. Since my husband has had his share of health issues-besides covid-he’s not much of a helping hand here.

Bongino and Levin don’t do podcasts on the weekend so this is the perfect time to get our home back in order. It means i won’t be reading any articles either, much less posting them. At least not until Monday.

Before i take the short hiatus will go through as many articles as possible and make sure there are enough topics covered to fill in the weekend.

Don’t forget Mark Levin will be on Dan Bongino’s UNFILTERED Sat the 19th and of course Life,Liberty and Levin will be on the Fox news channel Sunday. Can’t miss that!