@SpeakerPelosi and her b.s. committee on Jan 6

When Speaker Pelosi selected the Democrats for the Jan 6 committee, the Republicans were supposed to pick 2 from their side of the aisle. The minority leader Kevin McCarthy picked Jim Jordan and Jim Banks as he was entitled to. Pelosi decided it was unacceptable and picked 2 rabid never Trumpers. She had no business picking any Republicans. PERIOD. It was up to Kevin McCarthy.

The Democrats decided to call the Jan 6 riot an insurrection. The media and Democrats are all one organization. The media carries water for the Democrat party-they’re the propaganda arm. So the media is telling the public the same thing; that Jan 6 was an insurrection. You’ll find they all parrot the same lines. The media lied to the public about Russian collusion with Trump. They have no problem doing it again. If you know the working definition of an insurrection you know very well the riot on Jan 6 was anything but. You also heard Pres Trump speaking at the rally live and he clearly said they were to march peacefully and patriotically to the Capitol. Trump had 300 plus rallies total and not one ended in a riot,violence or an insurrection. There’s no way on earth,especially given what Trump said,that his supporters suddenly decided to ‘go Antifa’ at the Capitol Building. In fact the Trump supporters were viscously attacked by outsiders at some of his early rallies.

The problem is the FBI investigated and found there was no insurrection and no one was charged with it. They were charged with everything from misdemeanors [such as trespassing] for some and felonies for others but NONE of the charges were for insurrection.

Their bigger problem is we’re onto what they’re up to.It has nothing to do with the security of the Capitol or what happened on Jan 6. If it were they would be investigating how there was a break down in security that day; instead the focus is solely on Trump. They’re making it too obvious. It’s not a real investigation. It’s a political hit job but the dog and pony show will continue even though Pelosi and her crew already know the predetermined outcome. The good news is that all the b.s. is going to cost them dearly in the 2022 midterms and if the Republicans can grow a spine they would be smart to give back what the Democrats have dished out since 2016.

Pelosi and her fossilized buddy McConnell both need to retire. They’re Congressional welfare queens.They’ve been in their positions too long to be truly representative of the American people. They know nothing but political games and how to rake in dough from lobbyists and donors.

The 2 fossilized leaders of the Uniparty. They go way back.