Could the U.S. Become Canada? Absolutely. Ok,then why hasn’t it? *Edited for additional info*

Did you see the hashtag trending on Twitter? #JustinTrudeauIsADictator

Have you been following the news reports about Canada and the Freedom Convey?

It’s sad and frightening both to see what our northern neighbor has fallen to. It’s almost unthinkable except that it happened. Canada has become a police state.

It begs the question;could it happen in the U.S.

Absolutely.The truth is we’re almost there. You’re a liberal meaning you’ll put your hands on your hips,get huffy and irritated at the answer.Ok, then why hasn’t it you might ask?

You aren’t paying enough attention to see we’re almost there. There’s a few boundaries the U.S. has that Canada doesn’t that keeps us just a hair away from becoming a tyrannical government.The United States is a Federal Republic. Canada is a Parliamentary Democracy.

The US is a republic composed of 50 states, a number of territories, and a district, Washington D.C, which is also the country’s capital city. The United States was formerly a British Colony and fully acquired its independence from Britain in 1776. After its independence, the US set out to acquire new territories, some of which were later admitted as states. The government of the United States is quite unique when compared to the government systems of other countries.

We have a Constitution and Bill of Rights that protects our citizens, divides the government into separate but equal branches and certain powers are granted to the states that do not reside in the federal government. Congress has a set of rules it’s obligated to follow. So far.

You eliminate the filibuster, pack the court, grant more electoral votes to the Democrat party by making DC and Puerto Rico states and see what happens. Do one or all and you’ve eliminated enough boundaries to give the Democrat party unfettered power. You have to know they’re trying. They’re trying to pass the Voters Rights act claiming the Republicans are ‘suppressing’ the vote although there isn’t a shred of evidence that happened in the 2020 election. In fact stats show more people voted in 2020 than previous elections. The voting rights act would federalize our elections; a REALLY bad idea. If you want to prevent a tyrannical government make sure you keep these boundaries in place. IMHO they’re the only thing keeping us from going there while we’re just a hair away.

Biden is slow. His lack of cognitive abilities might be another reason we haven’t gone totally over the cliff. Trudeau may be a piece of work but he has all his wits about him. Biden is nefarious but not sharp. The one thing he does well is lie even when he’s caught in it. He just ignores everyone.He’s had the pattern for years. The media used to point it out. Now they protect him.

Keep in mind though Biden is slowly collapsing our economy. He’s done it by executive order or eliminating Trump’s. He doesn’t need Congress to sign executive orders. You collapse the economy you make people government dependent. He’s also making the U.S. weak on the world stage through his disastrous foreign policy. Call it death by 1k cuts. He’s given up our nation’s SOVEREIGNTY with his open totally lawless unconstitutional border policy. He’s having the new voters moved into various U.S. cities in the dead of night. I guess we weren’t supposed to find out. You would think the liberal Biden supporters would be the most upset. They’re the ones being replaced. Biden(or whoever)won’t need their vote by the time he’s done. The Trump supporters aren’t going to vote for him anyway.He’s not replacing us.

Have you noticed the rise in violent crime? Have you noticed the outrageous rise in prices and the cost of gas? Have you experienced any product shortages yet?

Biden has no clue what’s going on but it doesn’t matter. He doesn’t have to know what he’s doing in order to wreck the country. It’s much easier to wreck it than it is to preserve it.

So you think we’re not close to a tyrannical government? Biden and Trudeau have different personalities; Trudeau is more forceful while Biden’s a puppet but the goal is the same. The proof will be in the pudding. Watch what happens if a Freedom Convoy begins in the U.S. Whose side will Biden and the Democrats be on? You don’t have to guess. Has Biden[or any Democrat]said a peep about Trudeau and the crackdown in Canada? How about the media narrative?
U.S. media is demonizing the truckers the same way they demonize the MAGA people. You probably saw the confederate and Nazi flags in Canada. One flag each. Opponents infiltrate the crowds and the media makes sure they get a photo/video. What they don’t show the public is that the crowds throw out the infiltrators who just happen to be wearing a full face mask hiding their identity. Remember the Jan 6 protest at the Capitol Building-did you see the video of Ray Epps where the crowd is shouting Fed and pointing at Epps? Epps was an infiltrator and likely an agent of the Feds. It’s what they do.

You can tell which side Biden and the Democrats are on by the narrative their media is promoting.

If the Freedom Convoy begins in the U.S. it will be crystal clear which side they’re on.

We’re close to a dictatorship here. We can easily go the way of Canada. We won’t be able to say we didn’t see it coming. The republic is hanging by a thread. Keep in mind they’ll accuse us of what THEY are doing. They called Trump a dictator, a tyrant, a Hitler. Trudeau is the real thing.