A LITTLE SURPRISE (for my readers)

Over the years i’ve come across some free programs that worked so well on all my desktop’s that i never dropped them. So i’m here to recommend them to my readers. You can’t beat the price…$0. I make no compensation for any of these products. i just happen to think they’re worth recommeding.

There’s 2 buttons. Use the Download Free Edition. There’s enough features that the trial for a paid program isn’t really necessary. If you don’t wish to pay for any of these programs make sure you only click the UPDATE button-NEVER the upgrade. Two different things.


Need a program to resize images? Want to do it in batches as well? May want to use text? Like it SIMPLE as well as FREE?


Every so often the computer starts acting stupid. You know there’s something wrong but you can’t put your finger on it. All your virus programs aren’t detecting anything. Don’t be so sure. Here’s a virus scanner that i guarantee will find bugs your other software won’t. The scan takes awhile but it’s worth every minute.Take the FREE one time scan. BTW. The title is a tad confusing because you can use it more than once.


Like to try new things? Of all the browsers i’ve tried over the years here’s the one i’ve stuck with.BRAVE. If you happen to download it keep in mind it has a shield built into it-actually one of the reasons i stick with it. Go to the lion head icon at the right hand side of the address bar and take it down if it’s a page you trust. The browser also saves your passwords for each site. It’s come in handy more than a few times.

Brave includes a Crypto Wallet.


Protonmail is an encrypted mail program based in Switzerland. It does what they claim it does. The encryption is excellent but that can be an issue if you forget your password so make sure you write down the password you use there and save any (and all)new ones you use there.


Lightshot screen capture. i call it the feather. You’ll see why.


Need a corporate or customer service phone number you can’t seem to locate anywhere?

Go to get human and if there’s a number they’ll have it. It will tell you the best time to call,the prompts to use and even the approximate wait time! Hasn’t failed me yet.