What About Omnicron? We Had It. We Recovered.

NOTE: I am NOT anti vaccine. i am PRO you talk to your family doctor and decide for yourself. i am not a doctor-not even close-and this entry is not intended to give anyone medical advice. I am not a mask nazi on either side; whether that’s the scream in your face put a mask on crowd or the flip side mocking people who choose to wear a mask. I am pro Dan Bongino philosophy. What is that? He says, “you do you, I’ll do me”. You see the one thing i do know is the mask doesn’t protect the person wearing it as much as it protects the other person-albeit not fool proof protection- from catching the virus from you(the wearer). So you decide whether to use a mask or not. I’m not going to tell you which side i’m on. It doesn’t matter. I have no problem telling anyone that i see these mask nazis on either side as obnoxious and unconvincing.

Now i will reveal whether we’ve been vaccinated or not. i left this fact out of my other blog entries re covid and am going to spell it out here; now that my husband and i both had the Omnicron variant. i left it out from other posts because i have felt from day 1 that a medical decision is a private matter. Now i figure i may as well reveal it and let the chips fall where they may.

My husband was vaccinated and i totally support his decision. He talked it over with our trusted family doctor-who’s fantastic-and having taken into account all his serious health issues concluded the virus was a bigger risk than the vaccine. In his case i agree. The virus would be more likely to kill him. However, the omnicron is highly contagious and the little bugger gets around the vaccine. Obviously. He may have actually been infected during a doctor’s office visit. A lot of the staff and nurses were out sick from the virus when he had his appointment. It’s also possible he caught it from our landlord who stopped over for a few minutes and was talking to my husband. i was in the other room. It could also have been his health aide during his daily home visit but she had no symptoms and didn’t test positive for covid so she was the least likely. Fact is, we’ll never know for sure where he caught it but those are the possibilities. As for me, i have not been vaccinated and for the sake of time and my own privacy i am NOT going to explain the choice. Again, i am not anti vax. My decision is based on circumstances and my own health.Do not go by the decision either one of us made. Make up your own mind. We both got infected. Our symptoms were different. He had the fever which was a red flag immediately. He got the test and it came back positive. i did not get a fever. He had the headache and cough but no runny nose,congestion; symptoms associated with the common cold. i had a slight cough,no headache, no fever but was extremely congested. i had one symptom that isn’t generally associated with Omincron that i wouldn’t wish on anyone. Let’s put it this way. i couldn’t be more than few feet away from our bathroom.

My husband used a z pack and one other antibiotic-plus ivermectin. I had an antibiotic and steroid. i honestly couldn’t tell anyone if any of these medications worked or if we simply came out of the virus as it ran its course. We quarantined for 10 days and the symptoms lasted roughly 1 week for both of us. He used ibuprofen and that brought his fever down. After 3 days he no longer had a fever and he discontinued the ibuprofen. When the quarantine was over we both tested negative and were home free.

I have to say this-we have a fantastic family doctor. He is the best we’ve had in our lifetime. We do trust him. I also have to say thanks to the pharmacist at our local Rite Aide store. I needed an anti-diarrheal medication i couldn’t get to the pharmacy to pick up and no one to go there for me. He went out of his way and delivered it on his way home after hours. If i ever have any questions about any medication he’s always willing to take a few extra minutes to answer them.

We owe a big thank you to Dr. Unai at the Cleveland Clinic and all their fantastic nurses and staff out there who did such a great job with my husband for his open heart surgery where Dr. Unai and his team repaired a damaged mitral valve and changed out his pacemaker. We’re talking about a man who had 2 strokes, sepsis and bacterial endocarditis prior to the surgery,. Yes, it was a nightmare but we’ve put it all behind us. My husband’s guardian angel has his hands full. We must also thank God. My husband had anointing of the sick several times along the way and i attribute his miraculous recovery to the sacrament.

My husband has other serious health issues so you can see why the Covid virus would be a huge risk to him. We both know it would likely kill him. Thankfully, the Omnicron virus while it may be highly transmissible-we can vouch for that- is nowhere near as virulent as the original or its delta variant. i have to assume the rise in Covid cases was due to the spread of the Omnicron. It really made the rounds in our area. However, we had little contact with a very few people and no crowds or company. Didn’t see this coming.