-McConnell Gone Yet? How about his cronies?

The only time during the Trump presidency that McConnell actually knew Trump existed is when he wanted federal judges appointed. Pres Trump even tried to get on McConnell’s better side by appointing McConnell’s wife Elaine Chao to the position of Transportation Secretary. The truth is the Turtle was a Never Trumper from the beginning; just like Mitch opposed the Tea Party while courting their vote at the same time. Once the Tea Party gave the Republicans an overwhelming majority he ditched them.

Truth is the Republicans would be more likely to win if they would ditch Mitch but they don’t seem to have the guts to do it. They better ditch him soon. It’s Mitch or us. No,we do not need his prodigy John Thune or the other zombie, Cornyn, who seem to flank him every time he [Mitch]goes public.

Fortunately, i hear Mark Levin is going to feature author Peter Sxhweizer on a future podcast and really delve into McConnell’s China connection.

I can’t think of 2 lifetime politicians more worthy to go out the door than McConnell and Pelosi., the 2 major leaders of the Uniparty. The 2 of them have more power than they deserve to have. For the life of m i don’t get why the Republicans don’t muster up the guts to get rid of McConnell. It would be a great turning point for the party and if they could find their voice they could start winning. Jim Jordan is one of a handful of warriors we have in Congress. Who do we get on the Senate side including Mitch? Romney, Graham, Murkowski and Collins. 

Could we possibly put principle over power for a change? Romney, Graham, Murkowski and Collins probably kiss the McConnell ring.

Mitch is not the leader we need while Biden is in office. We never needed him prior to Biden but we definitely don’t need him now. This is a time when we need a real leader who will fiercely oppose Biden and the Marxist Democrats. if we’re going to have Republicans who capitulate to the Democrats at every turn we may as well let the Democrats win.The saving grace for the Republicans would be finding the courage to get rid of Mitch-it would be a real turning point.It would signal to the folks that they mean business.

Good to see Pres  Trump finally let him have it!