I Can’t Take the Craziness Anymore. You?

i can’t stand the lying either but the craziness is overwhelming at this point. It’s not the American i grew up in.

If i would have known then what liberal ideology would lead to i would have never been a Democrat and embraced it.

The pandemic is not the primary cause either. When it first hit our shores we had too little to go on to form effective policy. Trump did get our emergency supplies up to speed. He used the Defense Production Act to get things moving & let the governors of each state make their own decisions. Covid is not the cause of the craziness.The pandemic was confusing at first but we still don’t know as much as we need to although we know way more than we did back when.Let’s be honest it was a learn as you go experience.So i’m not going to focus much on Covid. It’s more the crazy thinking from a small group of people than it is any virus.

The Covid pandemic was the main reason Biden got in the White House. The Democrats used Covid as cover to break election laws & Biden used it as a campaign promise. He said he would beat the virus. i really can’t imagine anyone falling for such a promise. Biden isn’t capable of ending a virus. He’s not God. Trump couldn’t end the virus but i never expected him to.It’s called being realistic. Why on earth would anyone buy such a claim? You mean to tell me people said oh boy Biden is going to put an end to Covid, we have to vote for him?

Biden not only didn’t end the virus(shock)but there were more covid deaths under Biden than Trump in Biden’s first year in office. Now we’re stuck with a guy who couldn’t find his butt with both hands.

The craziness is partly caused by the media but more by the people who watch cable news and don’t get that they’re being lied to. They listen without question.

AOC tells her followers the world is going to end in 12 yrs. due to climate change. Now it’s 10 but what’s the difference. For crying out loud she’s a bartender from NYC.

What does Biden do his first day in office. He shuts down our pipelines. Yes, he is doing his part to save the planet. Yet, he’s letting Russia use theirs and sell the fuel to Europe. Now you would think the people who support saving the planet would figure this out. Biden is cutting back production here but letting Putin take up the slack . It kind of defeats the purpose. IF it was bad for us to do it then it would be bad for Putin to do it,right?

The worst craziness is defunding the police then being shocked as violence escalates across our major cities and violent criminals are being released. Cities like ISan Francisco are letting people commit crimes ie shoplifting. We no longer have a border and the Dems call this immigration reform. It’s really breaking the law with impunity.

Men can be women,women can be men, people of the same gender can pretend to be married and school boards know more about what is good for kids than their own parents.Men can use women’s restrooms and participate in women’s sports. Abortion on demand is a charity to be funded by taxpayers. It only kills babies.

We have a senile old man who’s been in politics his whole life & is now taking orders from someone-he has to be led off stage by his wife most of the time-and it’s called governing. Our security is dependent on the guy. He’s wrecked the economy, destroyed the credibility of the U.S. with a reckless withdrawal from Afghanistan, got our soldiers killed there and left 1k of Americans at the mercy of a deadly enemy but the media would have you believe he’s fantastic and orange man was bad. I’m sorry but that is crazy.

Our students are miles behind in education. They’ll turn out as dumb as a box or rocks but they’ll know critical race theory, every sexual disorder you can think of and Marxism.

Here’s some real crazy. The liberals look at Prime Minister Trudeau in Canada as a hero. I know darned well if Trump would have implemented the same orders here they would have cried dictator, tyrant, Hitler.

The left would say i’m crazy for the following statements:

the nuclear family is the foundation of a civil society

we are to be good stewards of our planet but the Green New Deal is Marxist economic theory wrapped up with a pretty bow.

marriage is between one man and one woman. When you redefine the basis of marriage it’s not marriage at all. The Supreme Court decided that an arrangement between people of the same gender could legally be considered marriage. It didn’t change what marriage is one iota. IF you think it’s a marriage feel free to ignore reality.

It’s like letting “doctors” take an innocent human life and making it legal. Consider that the strongest support for abortion comes from a group called Planned Parenthood. A group that promotes promiscuous sexual behaviors & does nothing to support parenthood calls itself Planned Parenthood.

The best environment for raising children is a home with a mother and father. If you’re a liberal reading this please don’t play stupid. I know there are homes that have abusive parents. It doesn’t change the facts because there’s an exception.

Our founders were Christian who based our documents on Judeo- Christian principles. The Constitution is the law of the land. Truths are timeless.

Christianity was the basis for Western Civilization. Many cultures were barbaric before the spread of Christianity and modern ideologies such as Marxism weren’t any better. Again, if you’re a liberal reading this please don’t go crazy. America is not a theocracy. The Constitution protects your God given rights whether you believe in God or not. Your freedom not to believe in God IS a God given right.

You voted for a guy who clearly had cognitive issues, barely campaigned though the media did it for him, who promised to end covid. I know most liberals only watch the cable news networks that pushed the Russia collusion lie and told the American people that Joe was a moderate and Trump was a dictator. The same media that pushed the 2nd lie claiming the information on Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russia misinformation although the laptop was owned by Hunter Biden. DUH. Social media led you to believe Trump was not the legitimate President because he was an agent of Putin, censored any reports on the Hunter laptop (damage control) then BANNED the 45th President for even daring to question the legitimacy of Biden’s election.

There comes a point where we should be able to label some behaviors as either evil or disordered; even liberals must have some behaviors they’d consider over the line of acceptable behaviors.

two emojis side by side depicting a gender-neutral pregnant person and a pregnant man

On the other hand we have some very pressing issues we hope the liberals will get (imagine this) are REAL-as in, rooted in objective reality. Crime ridden cities, assassinated police, rising inflation, shortages of goods, parents targeted as terrorists, censorship of political opponents, high gas prices, skyrocketing fentanyl deaths, illegals being moved into our cities in the dead of night, our sovereignty  as a country destroyed, Americans and our Afghanistan allies abandoned to the Taliban. It’s been one disaster after another and yes, we ARE becoming Venezuela. You got your pregnant man emoji though and orange man out of the oval office-it must be a good day for you. If you can’t honestly admit Trump did a fantastic job and Biden has been terrible for the country you truly are crazy.

Keep in mind there was a time i was a liberal Democrat. I get the fuzzy thinking.I knew all the tricky arguments. i was learning the Democrat art of verbal engineering.

 I suppose you noticed i did not mention climate change except in passing. The truth is climate probably is changing. The earth is billions of years old.  i can’t picture the planet being that old and the climate being static. Weather changes frequently. Why wouldn’t climate? The problem is i don’t have enough information to make even an educated guess as to why it  changes. i won’t pretend to know  either but if i ever take the time to get enough reliable data,  i’ll jump in here one day and tell you exactly what i think. For now let’s just say i’m skeptical of the doomsday pronouncements. If it hasn’t come to an apocalyptic end by now, after BILLIONS of years. it’s highly unlikely climate change will bring it to an end in just 10-12 yrs.  Opinion only, ok?

I do know if you get murdered in the streets or die of a fentanyl overdose the  end to your world  is going to be immediate and the changing climate isn’t going to matter.

My ideology isn’t necessarily driven by politics. i’d say it’s driven more by objective reality.  The world we live in isn’t perfect. The people in it aren’t perfect. We are not going to create a Utopia. All the government can do, should do and is obligated to do  is protect our God given rights. We are endowed by our Creator (God)with certain unalienable rights and among them are life (the one right the other rights are dependent on), liberty and the PURSUIT (no guarantee)of happiness.

Sorry to say Biden doesn’t have both oars in the water and he’s in charge of the nuclear codes. Pelosi is simply bat shit crazy. Pres Trump may be a tad eccentric but he’s pretty sharp, he was successful in his career and he honestly loved our  country so much he was  willing to put up with everything the left dished out. Eccentric and crazy are not the same thing. Crazy is where you liberals can drive most people.It’d be nice to wake up and find out life has returned to normal. I’ve honest to God had it with all the craziness. 

Now i’ve lived to see Canada fall. Canada.

Obama Knew & So Did Biden (tell me they weren’t corrupt enough to cheat)

Obama had already weaponized our intel agencies

§2384. Seditious conspiracy
If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.
§2381 Treason
Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.


Sedition or Treason? You make the call.

-McConnell Gone Yet? How about his cronies?

The only time during the Trump presidency that McConnell actually knew Trump existed is when he wanted federal judges appointed. Pres Trump even tried to get on McConnell’s better side by appointing McConnell’s wife Elaine Chao to the position of Transportation Secretary. The truth is the Turtle was a Never Trumper from the beginning; just like Mitch opposed the Tea Party while courting their vote at the same time. Once the Tea Party gave the Republicans an overwhelming majority he ditched them.

Truth is the Republicans would be more likely to win if they would ditch Mitch but they don’t seem to have the guts to do it. They better ditch him soon. It’s Mitch or us. No,we do not need his prodigy John Thune or the other zombie, Cornyn, who seem to flank him every time he [Mitch]goes public.

Fortunately, i hear Mark Levin is going to feature author Peter Sxhweizer on a future podcast and really delve into McConnell’s China connection.

I can’t think of 2 lifetime politicians more worthy to go out the door than McConnell and Pelosi., the 2 major leaders of the Uniparty. The 2 of them have more power than they deserve to have. For the life of m i don’t get why the Republicans don’t muster up the guts to get rid of McConnell. It would be a great turning point for the party and if they could find their voice they could start winning. Jim Jordan is one of a handful of warriors we have in Congress. Who do we get on the Senate side including Mitch? Romney, Graham, Murkowski and Collins. 

Could we possibly put principle over power for a change? Romney, Graham, Murkowski and Collins probably kiss the McConnell ring.

Mitch is not the leader we need while Biden is in office. We never needed him prior to Biden but we definitely don’t need him now. This is a time when we need a real leader who will fiercely oppose Biden and the Marxist Democrats. if we’re going to have Republicans who capitulate to the Democrats at every turn we may as well let the Democrats win.The saving grace for the Republicans would be finding the courage to get rid of Mitch-it would be a real turning point.It would signal to the folks that they mean business.

Good to see Pres  Trump finally let him have it!