The Thin Blue Line

Call me crazy but i have the utmost respect for men and women who become our law enforcement officers. Are there bad apples? You bet. Years ago when i was growing we had 2 cops that were using their badges to cover for their own criminal activity.i won’t go into detail but they were eventually run out of town. Their reputations were so badly damaged they couldn’t hack living in the area after they were caught. It was shocking. We think so highly of these people when there are bad apples it shocks the conscience.

The officers who take their job seriously and joined to protect and serve their communities don’t deserve to be lumped in with the bad apples. When an officer approaches a vehicle or a person of interest they have no idea what they are going to face. Maybe it will be routine but there’s always that chance the other party has a weapon. Their families have to hope each time they go out that they will come back.

The nature of the job is that you are going to face criminal activity. It has to be disheartening to see the worst of persons but you are the one keeping the society we live in civil. The most dangerous scenario is an angry mob. It can turn on a dime and become violent. The violence can be directed at you and your fellow officers. You have to keep order and keep people from being hurt and property from being damaged but not ignite an out of control situation. It can escalate quickly. The next thing you know you have a riot and crowd control becomes impossible. Mobs don’t act the same as individual persons and here you are with a crowd that likely outnumbers you and the other officers. You have to be as restrained as possible and still maintain order. Not easy.

There are situations where there are split seconds to size up the danger. Most people have a job that doesn’t involve the kinds of situations a police officer faces. Most people don’t go to work and their family has to wonder if they’re coming home that night. Most people can take for granted they will put in their time and clock out when their day is done.

Here’s the deal. We have to have respect for LEGITIMATE AUTHORITY & LAWS for civilized society.

What about Jim Crow Laws and Segregation? ILLEGITIMATE. This is why there was the Civil Rights Movement. Rev. Martin Luther King never advocated for violence but he did support justifiable civil disobedience. He used the model of [Mahatma] Ghandi in India for the civil rights movement in the United States.During the Civil Rights movement you had a legitimate authority-the police-enforcing illegitimate laws. Eventually our laws were changed to correct the injustice & protect the rights of minorities against discriminatory practices. Our country owes a huge debt of gratitude to Rev King. His leadership in the Civil Rights movement can’t be overstated.

Law enforcement practices can go from one end of a spectrum to another.You can have anarchy with a breakdown in civil society all the way up to a police state.

The difference between the thin blue line that protects and serves the public is a police state that protects and serves a regime. Civilized society can’t survive either extreme ;anarchy at one end or a police state at the other.

It’s a shame seeing these assassinations of police officers reported as frequently as they have been lately. i was horrified when Antifa/BLM were getting away with their attacks on our police. BLM was chanting what do we want-dead cops and pigs in a blanket, fry em like bacon. Pigs was a common derogatory word used for the police in the 60’s. The media narrative regarding the police didn’t help. They took a bad situation and made it worse. The media has way too much power over the general public. It comes from people not questioning the media. and holding them accountable.

You can weed out the bad actors in law enforcement and respect the majority who are doing their best.

Some Blessings i Am Especially Grateful For

First and foremost to have been born in the greatest country to exist in history, The United States of America. It is young compared to most countries but it is definitely exceptional for a host of reasons. We were taught it’s history in our Catholic school-the good, the bad and the ugly. The narrative that our schools neglected our ugly past is nonsense. The fact that we have been taught our ugly past is one of the reasons our country is exceptional. Fortunately when our country has committed a wrong,good people have stepped forward to make sure we overcome it. We own up to our wrongs and look at the good people who overcame them as heroes.

We had people willing to die for our freedoms. From the American Revolution to the Civil War all the way to WWII. We had people willing to sacrifice their own lives to preserve our freedoms and the equality of ALL men we strive for with every generation. We’ve always managed to self correct.

Our Constitution is remarkable. It’s why i get so upset when i see it being violated. It’s meant to be the law of the land. When anything is in question we can turn to our Constitution to set us straight. i hate when people come to our country and are given the opportunity of a lifetime only to attack it either violently or verbally. Congresswoman Ilhan Omar of Minnesota was a Somalian refugee who came to the U.S. as a teenager. She spent 4 yrs in a refugee camp. She’s anti American and anti Semitic. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you,she’s it. Nobody irritates me like she does. You don’t spit on the country that saves you. She’s not the only one that bothers me. Any one of the Democrat Marxists who think our country needs to be fundamentally transformed are clueless. Is there room for improvement in our country? Always. Does it need ‘fundamentally transformed’? Hell no! We are a Republic. The law of the land is the Constitution. Our rights are given to us by God, not government. Those are the tenets they want to transform. They believe the state can change the country into a utopia of their creation. They are ideologically bankrupt-that is never going to happen. We live in a less than perfect world. The purpose of government isn’t to give us a perfect world. The purpose of government is to protect our God given rights.

The second blessing i have was to be given a mom and dad that instilled values we could always fall back on. They weren’t perfect people but they were good people who lived through a great deal themselves. They went through the Great Depression and WWII. My father’s parents came here from Poland and escaped the Communists. My mother’s father came here from Italy after WWI under Pres Woodrow Wilson and married an American born woman. They didn’t have it easy. i think the problem with our generation is that we had it too easy. They wanted to make our lives better than the one they had and meant well as all generations of Americans have but we had far too much handed to us without the adversity they had to shape us. I’m grateful they tried to instill in us values that mattered and when the time came to wake up i had those values to draw on.

I will always be grateful to them that they brought us up in the Catholic faith. I’m especially grateful to live in a country that protects freedom of religion. Unfortunately the liberal culture here doesn’t get that our founding fathers were Christians who based the foundation of the new country on Judeo-Christian principles. It’s why the rights of these leftists are protected as much as mine as much as yours. As much as the left argues that we were founded on Judeo-Christian principles they definitely can’t argue that the founders were secular humanists like they are. I also owe a big thanks to the Sisters of Mercy who taught us. Some of them had the patience of saints.

Finally, i’m especially grateful to live in the time that Donald Trump was elected President and i hope to see him elected again in 2024. That would be the icing on the cake. If anyone can bring it up from the ashes of the Biden presidency it’s him. He may not be able to turn it around right away given the damage Biden,the Democrats and uniparty have done but i know he’s going to give it all he’s got. We have to send some MAGA candidates to Congress. No one person can do it all alone. We better get Pelosi and McConnell out the door. No 2 people stand in the way of America First and the American people like those 2. They’re 2 sides of the same coin(uniparty) and they have their proteges. Watch out for them. We don’t need more of the same.

New Democrat Coalition to Pelosi: We respectfully request you get your rear in gear and reopen ...

RINO Myth: Shhh! Don’t Mention 2020 Election – at

RINO Myth: Shhh! Don’t Mention 2020 Election By Dick Morris on February 8, 2022 Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT), Senate number two Republican John Thune (R-SD), and even Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC) are saying that focusing on the 2020 election and possible fraud will distract Republican voters, alienate moderates, and cost Republicans potential pickups in 2022. It’s a myth. In the swing states, where primaries rage for governor and senator, focusing on the 2020 election is key to winning Republican primaries. And the GOP primary winner can then pivot to other issues in the general election. In Pennsylvania’s Governor race, for example, Republican pipe fitter Dave White, a blue-collar candidate, jumped out to a lead in the State Committee by charging fraud in the 2020 election in his state and attacking his opponents over the issue. White, who is surging and has out-raised all other candidates (partly by self-funding), says that his opponents in the primary, Senate president Jake Corman and former U.S. Attorney Bill McSwain did nothing to stop the fraud. He charges that Corman voted for Senate Bill 77 that allowed no excuse mail in votes and that McSwain, as US Attorney, decided not to prosecute voting fraud. In the swing states, where the shenanigans took place, the issue of voter fraud is vital to Republican primary voters and those who ignore it are destined never to even see their names on the ballot in the general election.

RINO Myth: Shhh! Don’t Mention 2020 Election – at

John Durham filing implies President Trump was spied upon by Deep State actors | ARLIN REPORT……………….walking this path together

John Durham filing implies President Trump was spied upon by Deep State actors | ARLIN REPORT……………….walking this path together

John Durham filing implies President Trump was spied upon by Deep State actors | ARLIN REPORT……………….walking this path together

BREAKING: Evidence Found Showing Hillary Team Paid Actors to ‘Infiltrate’ Trump Tower, White House Servers to Link Trump to Russia – Nwo Report

mp to Russia Date: February 12, 2022 Author: Nwo Report 0 Comments Source: Joe Hoft Evidence has been reportedly found by the Durham gang showing Hillary’s team paid actors to “infiltrate” Trump Tower and White House servers to link Trump to Russia.

BREAKING: Evidence Found Showing Hillary Team Paid Actors to ‘Infiltrate’ Trump Tower, White House Servers to Link Trump to Russia – Nwo Report