What If It Were Proven that Pres Trump was Re-elected in 2020?

I’ve written a number of blog entries that state i’m convinced Trump won and the election was rigged in the swing states. No, it’s not wishful thinking. If i were sure Biden actually won i’d be hugely disappointed but i’d accept that he’s the legit President of the United States. I have accepted a number of candidates that i didn’t vote for. It’s the way it works.There’s always the next time and you hope we’ll get a candidate that can win.What if it were proven that Trump actually won and Joe’s a fraud [though you’d have to say he’s legit because he was sworn in]?

Some people would be skeptical no matter what and other people wouldn’t care if Joe was a fraud as long as it’s not Trump. I’d give skeptical people a pass. They have their reasons. People who don’t care if Joe is a fraud don’t think much of our country, our Constitution or our elections. They only care about having power but they claim we are destroying democracy. They always accuse others of what THEY are doing themselves.

It’s a shame Pence didn’t do the right thing. BTW NOBODY asked him to overturn the election or select the President. That’s the media narrative. He couldn’t have even if he wanted to. He didn’t have the authority.

Mark Levin talks about the certification of electors and the REAL request that Pence was given.He also has a very special guest on-something he rarely does-talking about his new book,Sledgehammer.

This news broke on Steven Bannon’s War Room. Now to be clear it’s the first i’ve heard of it so i’m taking it with a grain of salt and stating i haven’t seen it verified anywhere. I don’t think he’d make the announcement publicly if it weren’t true but it’s possible he’s taking for granted the news is accurate. So i wouldn’t take it as fact yet. Is it possible? Sure. Do i think it’s highly likely? Yes. Am i 100% sure it’s true? Nope. We’ll see.

What if it is true and these electors are deducted from Joe’s column? The one thing it would do is set the record straight. Other than that nothing would change. There is no remedy in the Constitution to deal with a situation like this. If only Pence had done this on Jan 6 we wouldn’t have the predicament we’d be in if it happens now. There’s nothing we could do but at least it would confirm what many of us have known all along.

Would the media report it? They’d do one of 2 things; try to discredit it or ignore it. Why would anyone believe the media anymore unless they don’t care if the media lies. They’re the same people who pushed the fake Russia collusion story, covered up the corrupt Biden family and Hunter’s laptop then called the 2020 violent riots mostly peaceful protests.

Remember this? Don’t believe your lying eyes.

Cuomo “Show me where it says protesters are supposed to be polite and peaceful.”

Who could possibly believe these people do actual reporting? They do such a disservice to the American people when they look right into the camera and lie. I can’t think of a time when we needed journalistic integrity more than we do now.They politicized the Coronavirus pandemic when they should have been doing straight up fact finding. There’s room in any cable news network for the editorial section where they can give their opinions, but a story that carries the weight the pandemic did, you leave politics out of it. The same goes for our elections. It’s up to the American people to use the information they’re given to make a decision on who they want to elect.

You lie to the American people like they did there’s no reason to trust anything they report. We know they wanted Trump out of office and they used their platform for propaganda. Russia always interferes in our elections. i wouldn’t doubt China does too. Let’s be honest; nobody interfered more than our own media.

We deserve better but the left doesn’t care. They have no problem with our media becoming pravda or their lying to the public as long as they get what they want. Someday it’s going to bite them in the butt. There will be a time when they wish they had the truth.

Look at how Canadian media is framing their narrative about the Freedom Convoy. They’re calling it an insurrection/sedition. Sound familiar?

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