Joe Rogan,Whoopi Goldberg,Roseanne Barr & President Trump

Can you imagine those 4 people having anything in common?

Just so people know i can’t stand The View and have never listened to Joe Rogan. i’m a 69 yr old WHITE woman who has NEVER said the N word publicly or privately. Why would anyone-black or white-ever use the N word. We know its origin and purpose. It was used to denigrate black people horribly. You can name call people almost anything but this word is based on race. In Whoopie’s case she was right that the Nazi’s trying to wipe out the Jews highlighted man’s inhumanity to man. On that level she was right. When she says the holocaust was not about race she was dead wrong. The Nazi’s believed the Jewish race had to be exterminated in order for them to create a master race. Roseanne Barr made a comment about Valerie Jarret, former aide to Pres Obama,on Twitter. She was fired from the show Roseanne. She said that Jarret was the spawn of the Muslim brotherhood and Planet of the Apes. Finally, we know Pres Trump was banned from social media beginning with Twitter. Why? He questioned the results of the 2020 election. The Democrats never did that,right?

The problem with the response to Whoopie,Rogan,Roseanne and President Trump is that it’s straight up CENSORSHIP and INTIMIDATION in a country that prides itself on the Constitutional protection of Freedom of Speech.

You don’t like what Whoopie,Rogan and Roseanne said you don’t have to listen to them. Nobody has ever forced me to watch The View. i honestly don’t think Roseanne meant anything racist with her comment. Whoopie may have a lack of understanding of the Holocaust. Rogan, Whoopie and Roseanne all apologized.

i don’t watch a lot of television. We dropped cable a year ago. If you think the n word is bad and it is, how about some of the other language and obscenity on tv? We have no standards anymore. There isn’t much on tv now that i could have watched with my son when he was younger or my elderly parents (when they were living) and not be embarrassed.

Now the situation with Pres Trump was a tad different. We know why they pulled Pres Trump off social media. It was a political hit job. PERIOD. They claimed he was spreading misinformation. Some people believe what he said was the truth. Some people believe Biden legitimately won the election and Pres Trump is dead wrong. They never pulled the account of anyone who questioned his win in 2016. I remember the resistance trending on Twitter frequently. It was a movement that questioned the legitimacy of his 2016 win of the Presidency. They didn’t censor the Russia Collusion hoax either. It was a total lie. A lot of us said at the time that if they could do this to the President of the United States they could do it anyone.

They are and they can do it over points of view they disagree with as much as they can do it for speech that is offensive. The larger problem is that they can use the cover of offensive speech to target people for other reasons. You have to see where this is going. Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and Peter Frampton threatened to leave Spotify over Rogan. Now a lot of artists are following their lead. That means a profit loss for Spotify and Spotify will weigh out whether they’ll lose more by keeping Rogan or getting rid of him. i’m not a Rogan or Whoopie fan by a long shot but Young, Mitchell and Frampton mean nothing to me. I don’t care who the celebrity is, even artists i do like, they are not going to influence my decisions.I’m on the side of the marketplace of ideas where people can have an open and honest dialogue.If you make a mistake you learn from it. You can apologize and hope people accept it. On the other hand I’ve seen and heard plenty that has offended me and found that those people don’t give a rip what i think.

Truth is, many people in the entertainment industry are liberal and are not going to have any influence on my life whatsoever. As much as i like some music their lifestyles leave a lot to be desired. i learned a long time ago there are better role models than the people in the music industry. Some of them are flat out hypocrites. The Rogan firestorm is proof they’ll stand up for free speech until it is someone they want silenced .i could come up with more than a dozen examples of liberal hypocrisy.

Eventually the left will eat their own. Someone will step out of the liberal line and they’ll be next on the hit list. Mark my words it’s going to happen. Dan Bongino is right about building a parallel economy. While the liberals become cannabilistic at least the rest of us will have a place to go.

Commentary on the TimCast IRL featuring guest Steven K. Bannon of Rumble War Room

Here’s a link to the blog entry with the Rumble video.

I highly recommend watching the video before reading my commentary. You don’t have to but it’s worth every minute of it and will give you more context.

Mr. Bannon is absolutely brilliant. It’s easy to see why Trump would have picked him to be his senior counselor and chief White House strategist. He’s MAGA all the way. No wobbling from this guy. It was one of the most fascinating discussions i’ve heard in a long time.The information was a little scary but our country has been through other dark times and survived.

i was in agreement with Mr. Bannon on most of his points but there were a couple i have a slightly different perspective of; those are the points i wanted to bring up here.

I’ll begin by saying ignorance is NOT bliss. i know people who simply don’t pay attention to anything that is going on in our country. They have no interest at all. They know the latest news about celebrities and next to nothing about anything else. i can’t imagine being that disconnected with everything we see going on. I won’t lie. I have interests outside of politics but i also do what i can to be informed. It’s why i voted for Donald Trump and intend to vote for him again in 2024. It will be the 3rd time. It was my 2nd red pill. I took it when Trump began campaigning for 2016. I took my first red pill in 93 and never looked back.

i get what Mr Bannon said about people being distracted and not keeping a watchful eye on the government. The government is saying look squirrel. If government is playing it’s proper role i think we can get on with the business of living. For me it would mean less politics, more of everything else. I don’t mean ignore everything either. We should stay engaged; educate ourselves. Seriously, if some people would have looked a little closer than they did Biden might not be President. We owe it to ourselves to be more informed and even involved. Maybe Bannon and i are saying the same things but differ in a matter of degree. i really want government out of the way. Our founding fathers didn’t spend every waking moment in the Capitol. They did what they had to do and headed home. That’s where i want us to be. Where life on the homestead mattered more and the people who were inclined to serve would run for office then go home.

I protested the Vietnam war years ago. Ironically i dated a guy who had come back to the states from Vietnam. A Marine.I don’t recall talking about it at all. Neither one of us had any interest in politics. I don’t recall bothering to vote either. I can say i’m not that same person today. I wouldn’t oppose going to war if it could be justified and that’s a big if. Back when,i was young enough to be too darned naive and likely a useful idiot. Now i would consider not voting irresponsible and dodging the draft without good reason cowardly. Fortunately the draft isn’t something we have to worry about anymore. The point is you would think this was 2 totally different people. I get what Bannon is saying but i’m just not quite where he is in terms of being a political activist. Seems like when Trump was President people were enjoying their lives more and worrying less about what our government was up to.People had jobs. They could afford to fill up their tanks. The caravans at the border stopped.

The place where i had the most disagreement with Bannon was over Antifa and BLM. i actually have more concerns about Antifa than BLM. BLM is a Marxist group. Antifa is a group of anarchists who don’t look like they have any central leadership though i could be wrong.i don’t doubt Soros is funding them. Bannon seemed to be saying these groups were the left yelling squirrel. i thought they were a clear and present danger; insurrectionists. One more than the other. i know they wanted Trump out of office. It’s why the Democrats and media looked the other way no matter what they did. They shared a common goal. Bannon’s no dummy. He may be seeing something i’m not. The man knows a lot about history, economics, geopolitics and the military. The most i could ever tell anyone is who the members of the band the Eagles were or the greatest musical influences on SRV. Bannon is a walking encyclopedia. It’s why he was in the White House with President Trump and as much as i admire Trump i couldn’t come close. Word: not qualified, minimum education.

The average person doesn’t dig too deep though. They know when they can’t find work, put food on their table, afford a new car or fill up their old one with gas. They know when they don’t feel safe in their streets or their kids aren’t getting a decent education. They’re patient up to a point but they’re not fools. You pull the wool over their eyes once, they’re not going to give you a chance to do it again.

They won’t need a genius like Steven K. Bannon or a MAGA blogger like me to tell them the fish rots from the head down.

“God is in control, but He doesn’t expect you to lean on a shovel and pray for a hole”