What President Trump DIDN’T Say. For the benefit of @marcorubio,the media & Mike Pence

First, listen to someone who gets it.

I’ve done several blog entries showing that the Demorats told us what they were going to do to ‘win’ the election for Joe Biden-in some states they broke election laws, in others they just changed the laws in ways that violated the Constitution. It’s well known. The media never reports it. Our Republican lawmakers never point it out.

Props to Matt Gaetz for this revelation on what actually took place with Mike Pence.

Those that attended or watched the Jan 6 :Trump rally on social media clearly heard Trump say he hoped Pence would “do the right thing.” He never once mentioned that the VP should or could overturn the election. The media is lying and people like Sen Rubio are playing right into it.

All Pres Trump did was question the election and ask for Pence to do what he was legitimately permitted to do. Nothing more. We all questioned the legitimacy of the election. We witnessed a lot of things that happened on election day we had never seen before. We knew the Democrats were corrupt and desperate enough to do whatever it took to get Biden elected and Trump out of office. We knew nothing was beneath them and they always proved us right.

Did i expect Pence to overturn the election on Jan 6? I’m not that stupid. The Trump supporters are not that stupid. Pres Trump is not that stupid. Did we hope that Pence would use his legitimate authority to delay certification until concerns were addressed in various states ? YES. A delay is not overturning an election. There was a delay when the Bush-Gore election went to the Supreme Court. For that matter there was a delay in the election results of Nov 3, 2020 . So what the Dems are saying is that it was ok to delay calling the election on election day but not ok to delay certification, Seriously?

Right there is why Republicans get the shaft. First you play into the media’s hands by accepting THEIR narrative then responding to it; rather than correcting their narrative. Did you notice how the Arizona candidate Kari Lake handled the ABC reporter? Republicans would do well to learn a thing or 2 from her. Lake was not about to let that reporter steam roll her. She responded by stopping the narrative she knew was coming and turned it around to make HER points. That’s exactly how you do it; NOT play into their hands.

I could tell you why Pence should have delayed certifying the electors but i didn’t intend to make that point here. The point i AM trying to make is this narrative that Trump wanted Pence to actually overturn the election needs to stop. It reminds me of the media narrative that Trump praised the Neo Nazi’s in  Charlottesville when he did no such thing. They never gave up on that one.

They were good at pulling this crap on Trump and you Republicans never stood up to them the way you should have.