Sometimes We Have to Learn the Hard Way (those are the lessons you never forget)

If* Trump goes back to the White House in 2024 he’s going back with some lessons learned. Lessons we learned too. We always wanted to believe the best about people but the best may not always be true. Here are the truths that were exposed.

Most of the people in DC are part of the swamp. You have to watch your back.  It’s obvious by now who isn’t part of the swamp. People like Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Green. If the establishment considers them radical then you can be sure they are the good guys. They need our support.  They’re few and far between. Fortunately we can send reinforcements now with MAGA candidates. 

Then there’s the Deep State. The Deep State consists of weaponized agencies we may have trusted at one time. No more. The FBI is a prime example of a corrupted agency we can no longer trust. There are others. i do not have to name them all. You know by now who the bad actors are. 

We have people like Lindsey Graham who was on Hannity darned near every week telling us what he was going to do.  i like to give people the benefit of the doubt, even Lindsey. There  came a point it was obvious he was all talk and no action.  He stabbed Trump in the back enough times for me to know he wasn’t on our side at all.  Trump pegged him. He’s a nice guy but he’s a 🦏.

IF it came down to a choice between Lindsey and a Democrat i’d have to pick Lindsey but i wouldn’t set my expectations very high if he won. We have to be realistic, right?

Trump didn’t always pick the best people to surround himself with but there’s no getting around that he picked the best economic team you could ask for. He’ll probably do much better in 2024 knowing what he knows now. There’s too few to choose from. That’s one of the problems. He didn’t have any DC connections-that was a curse and a blessing. When he got elected in 2016 he tried to work with what he had. McConnell was what he had. Do i need to say more? 

Trump didn’t have only the Dems to deal with; he had the Never Trumpers lurking around every corner.  It’s amazing he accomplished as much as he did. He gets big props for that. Now that he knows where the bodies are buried the Dems and Never Trumpers will be more determined to get rid of him in 24 than they were in 2020. Be ready folks. It’s going to get brutal.

We already know we have to get Cheney.Romney, Murkowski and Collins out. The first 2 are Trump haters, the latter are Rhinos. They vote with the Democrats more often than not. Cheney and Romney are straight up evil. Then there’s McCconnell and John Thune. Neither of these people should be leaders. McConnell has been getting Thune ready to take his place. All we need to know.Anyone with ties to China (Mitch McConnell),OUT THE DOOR. An R in front of their name shouldn’t save them. MAGA ONLY in 2022.

I know some people are upset with Trump endorsing Gov Greg Abbot of Texas. i get why he endorsed Abbot. Abbott backed Trump from the beginning. When Trump needed his support he got it.   Trump’s endorsement is understandable at least isn’t it? It’s altogether possible they got along well when Trump was President. It could be that simple.  IMHO Abbot has been a decent governor-seen worse.

We have to keep Texas and Florida red. NY and California are solid blue and they carry THE most electoral votes. It always makes it difficult-though not impossible-for Republicans. We can’t afford to lose the 2 largest red states[in order for Trump to win] and even with those 2 it’s a tough road to hoe. Without them it’d be impossible. 

The biggest lesson learned is how corrupt the Dems are and how low they will go to get power. The problem is they didn’t see themselves as corrupt or low. They honestly believed or convinced themselves(not sure which)that their corruption was righteous. They seemed to think rigging the election and doing whatever it took saved our democracy. Honest to God,who thinks corruption is good for a democratic election? Unfortunately the Never Trumpers had the same mind set and if that meant helping the Democrats get away with it, they decided so be it. 

Now that we’ve seen what they are capable of we have to know that 2024 is not going to be a cake walk. We have to clean house in 2022 to have a shot for Trump in 2024. Biden’s agenda has to be stopped anyway so  this years elections will be critical for 2 good reasons. It’d be great to know Pelosi would not be Speaker anymore. We’ve had enough of her nonsense. Between her and Biden the crazy is off the charts.  

Trump’s election was an eye opener wasn’t it? We knew DC was a swamp. i don’t think we knew how much of a swamp it was. We learned about the Deep State and that it wasn’t a conspiracy theory. It was real and deeper than we could have imagined. Our President had his eyes opened too. Whenever he has an interview you can hear  in his voice how heartbroken he is over what has happened to our country since Biden was sworn in. No doubt it has to keep him awake at night. I know some people think he should move on from 2020. When he does make the formal announcement he will probably focus more on 24,but it’s important  to keep an eye on the crooks. It worked once. They’re bound to try it again. All they are going to do is scheme every single day; they’ll go with what worked and come up with some new ones. The worse Biden’s agenda does the more nefarious they will get.

There’s really no way not to discuss the 2020 election is there? i don’t see how it can be avoided. i know, it feels like we’re beating a dead horse. i get that too. Look at it this way, someday it will be behind us and become one for the history books. Speaking of one for the history books, there was a President that served twice & not in consecutive terms. 

*I’m tempted to say when but i don’t want to take it for granted especially when it’s going to be a battle all the way. We always want to fight like we’re the underdogs.