Ep 1,618 – Pence (am adding my .02 worth); RNC Fails To Expel Cheney; McCarthy Gets Tough; Canadian Truckers

Ep 1,618 – Pence Turns On Trump; RNC Fails To Expel Cheney; McCarthy Gets Tough; Canadian Truckers

Ep 1,618 – Pence Turns On Trump; RNC Fails To Expel Cheney; McCarthy Gets Tough; Canadian Truckers

For those of us who either attended or watched ‘Pres Trump’s Jan 6 DC rally know exactly what he said that day. I watched via rsbn.tv network. He never said a peep about Pence overturning the election. That’s nonsense. It’s the Democrat/media narrative. All he said was that he hoped-as we did-Pence would “do the right thing” As his speech was ending he told the crowd to march peacefully and patriotically to the Capitol. Not once did he incite violence.

The electors should never have been given to Biden from the states that broke election laws. The whole election was rigged. You know what they had planned for 2020 by what they’ve been trying to pass into law in the so called voting rights act. It includes everything they pulled in the 2020 election and it’s thoroughly unconstitutional. You can’t pass laws that violate the Constitution. PERIOD. There’s the problem with the law they are trying to pass now AND what they already did in 2020. They violated the Constitution in all the swing states that threw the election to Biden.They didn’t have to rig the election in all the states; only the ones that would get Biden the 270 he needed. Now they are trying to do it again. They’re desperate to stop Trump.

i believe Pence went along with the Democrats for one reason alone. He didn’t do the right thing because he was thinking about his own political ambitions. Now he thinks he might run for President. Who does he think will vote for him?

McConnell [and his prodigy John Thune[ and other establishment Republicans are rats too. The RNC is weak kneed. Do not donate directly to the RNC. Find the MAGA candidates YOU support and donate DIRECTLY to them. McConnell, McCarthy,Cheney, Romney , Lindsey Graham, Pence and the old GOP that tried to stop Trump the last time are going to align with the Democrats and try to stop Trump in 2024. They didn’t back the Trump policies when he was in office. They worry more about what the media will say about them than what we think of them.

Lindsey Graham was always going to do something. He n ever did squid. Now that Trump is out of office and the rats are showing their faces he’s revealing himself. for the rat he is too. Lindsey was all talk. I’ll give him props for standing up for the Kavanaugh appointment but it ends there. The RNC failed again by not expelling Cheney but i’m not the least bit surprised. Of course they didn’t expel Cheney. They never intended to. They support the rats and give lip service just like Lindsey. They do just enough to look like they might actually be on our side. They’re not. McConnell and McCarthy have never been on our side. Watch what they do not what they say.

I have a few words for the people who voted Biden and now regret it. You knew what you were getting. If you didn’t know you should have. The MAGA people knew. You knew the Russia collusion story was a hoax-a plot to either keep Trump out of office or take him out if he won it. it was revealed for what it was before the Nov 3,2020 election. You knew they censored the Hunter laptop story. They tried to claim it was Russian misinformation. Fooled you once shame on them. Fooled you twice-you know the rest. Didn’t it make you even mildly curious why they were so intent on keeping it buried? The actions of the media/ big tech were suspicious from the get.

The economy was in good shape, we were staying out of wars, the border was secure enough and improving, the poverty rate was dropping, Trump backed law enforcement, we were energy independent. gas was affordable and inflation was under control. You vote for the candidate if things are going well. The other guy-Biden-didn’t even bother to campaign. He hid out all the time. Did you think he would do any differently if he were elected? He promised to stop the virus. Did you fall for this? There was no way on earth either candidate could stop the virus. They’re not gods with miraculous powers. Did any of you people bother to look into Joe Biden’s history? Did any of you people actually listen to what he had to say? Did you bother to take note of his lack of cognitive ability?

All the media cared about was the kind of ice cream he liked. He had moments on the campaign trail (when he actually came out of hiding)where he was downright nasty to people. You didn’t notice? Good ol lunch bucket Joe had 3-4 mansions and millions when all he ever did was politics. He spent nearly all of his life in the DC swamp. They don’t have the kind of salary it would take to put them in Joe Biden’s bracket. You people who voted Biden didn’t notice?

When you break election laws for a candidate,they don’t really win the election-they get installed. Pres Trump had a right to question the election results. We questioned them. Pence should have done the right thing. Look at the mess we’re in now. He thinks he can run for election and win? I see 2 people heading for the dust bin of history IF we don’t let them rig the next Presidential election. Who would they be? Pence and Biden. I don’t hate Pence. i know that he doesn’t have the backbone to make for a good President and stand up for us. He proved that. I have no time for backstabbers like Pence,Cheney and Romney either. You’re either with us or against us.

Support the warriors we have; Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Majorie Taylor Greene and anyone willing to stand up for MAGA. I know we can count them on one hand but we have to be there for them.

I’ll give Kevin McCarthy the benefit of the doubt for now. McConnell gets none. It’s time for him to retire or be challenged and that doesn’t mean John Thune steps in. We don’t need a McConnell boot licker.