What Happened to the Great One?

i look forward to Mark Levin’s first radio show of the week on Mondays. It’s a great way to start the week. He was in. Before the WABC 77 broadcast was over though Mr. Levin announced he would NOT be in the rest of the week-he’d have fill in guests from Tuesday through Friday. He didn’t say why he would be out. It was a total surprise. i don’t know of any events or book signings he has planned for the week. Now, i’m worried. Anytime he does this,something is up. We never find out what happened until he gets back. Did he get Covid again? Is someone in his family ill? Is Mark having health issues?

Anyone?. I don’t always listen when someone replaces him. I like Ben Furgeson but he’s not Mark either.

Here’s that last show before he left.