Omicron Day 6? Day 7?

It’s come to the point i’m not sure if it’s day 6,7 or maybe 8? The quarantine is 10.

Fortunately my husband is coming out the other side of it. He hasn’t had a fever for days. Look like that’s not coming back. i never had a fever. He got the sore throat. I got the congestion and runny nose.

No,the virus is not a hoax. People think it’s a hoax until they get it.

Do we know everything we need to know about the virus? No. The best they can do is read the data.We know it was created in China’s Wuhan Lab. We now know Fauci knew what was up from the beginning.

We know he had a hand in getting funding approved for GOF research on the virus. The CCP were creating a biological weapon. There, I said it. It couldn’t be anything else. Was it a deliberate attack or an accidental leak? Hard to tell. The CCP isn’t exactly transparent. Nobody should be fooling with this stuff.

We keep hearing the word misinformation. i can tell you there’s 2 groups i don’t trust. The legacy media and the government.We just couldn’t keep politics out of it.

It’s hard to come by sound information. I do know it’s not a hoax. Too many people around the world have died since the outbreak.As for the vaccines- talk to your trusted family doctor. I do know obese people are vulnerable and unfortunately that is much of the U.S. population. Decide for yourself after consultation with your own doctor if the vaccine or the Covid is a bigger risk for you.

The initial lockdowns and closures at the beginning were very harsh.We had no idea what we were dealing with but we did have to ‘flatten the curve’ as it’s called so our health care system would not be overwhelmed and collapse.

Trump had the daunting task of informing the public of the of the seriousness of the outbreak but without sending people into a panic.Talk about tricky. i wouldn’t have wanted to be in his shoes.

He left most of the decision making to the states and their respective governors. He sent help to the Democrat Governors of California and NY. Sure you remember the ships he sent to Cuomo and Newsome.

The U.S. Navy sent its 1,000-bed USNS Comfort floating hospital ship to New York (pictured above)att the direction of Pres. Trump.

Cuomo praised the President.

“It’s an extraordinary step, obviously, it’s literally a floating hospital, which will add capacity and the president said that he would dispatch that immediately,”

Trump sent the USNS Mercy Hospital Ship to the Los Angelus port at the request of Gov Newsome. He also praised Trump at the time. The President made no distinction based on party affiliation. Unlike Biden who cut off Florida’s supply of monoclonal  antibodies to get even with DeSantis.

We desperately needed ventilators. No easy task. He made sure it got done. We ended up with a surplus he sent overseas. He compelled General Motors to manufacture ventilators using his power under the Defense Production Act. People forgot what a major achievement that was. Our stockpiles were seriously depleted under Obama-Biden & never replenished.

He got the vaccines developed by implementing Operation Warp Speed. Notice i haven’t mentioned Fauci. He KNEW what the Chinese were doing. He helped the WUHAN lab get funding for GOF research. i don’t have the time of day for his dishonesty then his cover up. He didn’t deserve to be the head of the CDC. The man is sick. He’s partly responsible for the pandemic. Who does he answer to?

So Biden came along and campaigned with the promise he would end the virus. Trump made no such promise. He did everything he could possibly do to deal with the pandemic but he never promised to end the virus. Know why ‘lefties’?The President does not get god like powers. Anyone who voted for Biden based on this promise was delusional or ignorant. Biden couldn’t find his a** with both hands.

What’s even stranger was how the Democrats and legacy media were calling Trump a dictator when this would have been the perfect time to consolidate that kind of power. He didn’t but the Democrats were working behind the scenes to screw up our election laws and use the virus as cover. Now Biden is the one who imposed mandates. Now the tech overlords are censoring discussion and banning Biden’s opposition. Trump was the dictator?

What we need is CONTEMPORANEOUS data and reliable studies.It’s a shame the whole discussion was politicized from the beginning. Now we’re skeptical of all information even when it’s credible.

All i say is talk to your family doctor. i’m not advocating for or against anything. Do what is right for you.

I’m having a rapid test in the morning. My husband is not. His symptoms are clearing up and it’s close to 10 days since his started. I’m not quite over it. My big issue is the congestion and now sudden sore throat. Tired, but still no fever.

The fundraiser i set up at paypal is wrapping up in a few days. Still at $0. I’ll never do another one.

Evidently it ends in 2 days.