You Knew Something Was Wrong Didn’t You?


The Left is Using Mail-in Voting to Stoke a REVOLUTION | The Glenn Beck Program – YouTube

Glenn Beck knew what was up. He told us  what the Dems were doing.

Watch the you tube videos [below] Beck had put out BEFORE  the election. He was warning people then. i’ve included a few of them. I could probably find more. 

They [meaning the Dems plus Deep State] own the media so they controlled the narrative. The narrative was everything. They accused Trump of doing everything they were doing or planned on doing. Notice they stressed that it was likely we would not know the winner of the election on Nov 3. There was no reason not to have it wrapped up on Nov 3. States like Florida did. Not that they didn’t try to get it delayed. Fortunately Gov DeSantis was having none of it. They emphasized the outcome might be delayed for some time; that is we might not have a clear winner the night of Nov 3.

The key points of the media narrative were critical to their plot;

1. the aforementioned delay in the results.

2. Trump’s possible declaration of winning the election-which they said would be false. They actually said it might look like he won.

3. The Republicans were trying to suppress the vote.

4. The night of the election they warned Trump not to make what they deemed was a premature announcement. Biden came out and made a premature announcement.

The most notable delay is the one in Georgia. They went a step further than the delay narrative by spreading the rumor there was a main water break and the counting had to stop. The story was later proven to be false. All the critical swing states had a delay .i’m not sure why when it came to Georgia they felt the need to come up with the story about a water break. None of the other states seemed to think they needed an excuse. They just did it. Joe Biden got all the votes he needed AFTER Nov 3rd.

Who was up that night and thought that Trump had won in a landslide then had a ‘WTH just happened’ moment after that? Did you call it a night thinking something was going to go horribly wrong? Something just wasn’t right? Were you a little uneasy after that? Who can say they honestly never saw anything like it in an election?

Now would be a good time to recall what Hillary Clinton said prior to election day. Did this stand out to you when she said it?

After everything the Democrats [media included]did to Trump from 2016 to 2020 doesn’t it beg the question; were they corrupt enough to rig the 2020 election?

Isn’t their ‘voting rights’ act [HR1] a little too similar to the tactics they used in 2020?

As soon as Trump said the election was stolen his account at Twitter was banned. You’re not allowed to talk about the election being rigged/stolen. You can’t even QUESTION the 2020 election. Nothing about it seemed right. None of it seemed to add up.