Our U.S. Media. Biden is Fine

Remember when Pres Trump walked down a set of steps slowly after speaking at West Point? The media went berserk questioning his health. We all know exactly why they did that. Then we saw Biden stumble up the airline steps not once but 3 times but he saluted at the end, no problem. They spun it well and never questioned Biden’s health.

Trump didn’t fall. Biden DID. You add that to Biden’s cognitive failures and i’m surprised the media hasn’t demanded Biden take the cognitive test Trump did and release the results-Trump did. They know Biden is a puppet. He’s just there to sign documents and pass the executive orders they tell him. He goes rogue from time to time so they clean up his mess. They try to keep him out of the public eye as much as possible.

Biden needs tested. They need to be transparent with the results. Biden should release the transcript of the Ukraine phone call with Zelensky just like they required Trump. PERIOD.

Biden is breaking the law by letting illegals pour into the country and deliberately ignoring the border. A President who breaks our laws and violates the Constitution he has sworn to defend deserves to be impeached. The Republicans must open up an investigation into the corrupt practices of the Biden admin.

Biden needs tested. They questioned Trump’s cognitive abilities because they would have used any excuse to have him removed. Biden clearly has some serious issues. Everyone sees it. You can’t tell me the media doesn’t know. Of course they do.

Biden should get the same treatment Trump did. Hold the Biden admin to the same standard. PERIOD