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Our U.S. Media. Biden is Fine

Remember when Pres Trump walked down a set of steps slowly after speaking at West Point? The media went berserk questioning his health. We all know exactly why they did that. Then we saw Biden stumble up the airline steps not once but 3 times but he saluted at the end, no problem. They spun it well and never questioned Biden’s health.

Trump didn’t fall. Biden DID. You add that to Biden’s cognitive failures and i’m surprised the media hasn’t demanded Biden take the cognitive test Trump did and release the results-Trump did. They know Biden is a puppet. He’s just there to sign documents and pass the executive orders they tell him. He goes rogue from time to time so they clean up his mess. They try to keep him out of the public eye as much as possible.

Biden needs tested. They need to be transparent with the results. Biden should release the transcript of the Ukraine phone call with Zelensky just like they required Trump. PERIOD.

Biden is breaking the law by letting illegals pour into the country and deliberately ignoring the border. A President who breaks our laws and violates the Constitution he has sworn to defend deserves to be impeached. The Republicans must open up an investigation into the corrupt practices of the Biden admin.

Biden needs tested. They questioned Trump’s cognitive abilities because they would have used any excuse to have him removed. Biden clearly has some serious issues. Everyone sees it. You can’t tell me the media doesn’t know. Of course they do.

Biden should get the same treatment Trump did. Hold the Biden admin to the same standard. PERIOD

Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 01/28/2022 ✨ The Mark Levin Show 2022 ✨ ღ #MarkLevin​ ღ – YouTube GO GET EM MARK!!

Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 01/28/2022 ✨ The Mark Levin Show 2022 ✨ ღ #MarkLevin​ ღ – YouTube

There’s nobody like Levin. i consider him one of my heroes. Top of the list. However,i have to disagree with him re the Ukraine but not for the reasons he might think. I don’t trust Biden as far as i can spit. We had the Afghanistan disaster  not that long ago. We don’t need another Biden disaster. He’s using the Ukraine to distract from his horrible domestic record and try to look like a tough guy now. Ukraine does not need to be part of NATO. There’s no good reason for it. What difference does it make anyway. Germany and Europe to a lesser extent is getting its energy supply from the Russia pipeline. They’re funding Russia on one hand and pounding the war drums on the other. It’s duplicitous as hell. I agree with Mark 99.9% of the time but on this one i can’t support Biden instigating a war with Russia over the Ukraine. I saw General Milly put out  a statement re the matter.  He’s an imbecile.  Tell him to go train the military n their woke, CRT, transgender battle plans. Sorry, Mr Levin, on this one we just have to disagree. You’re still the great one no matter what.

Ukraine President Zelensky Tells Joe Biden to Chill Out and Stop Trying to Create a War With Russia – The Last Refuge

The dynamic between the Joe Biden administration and the government of Ukraine is very interesting and thoroughly corrupt. President Volodymyr Zelensky is trying to avoid being the 2022 version of Libyan President Muammar Gadaffi, circa 2011. Meanwhile, the entirety of the corrupt and manipulative Joe Biden administration, the U.S. State Department, the CIA, the Pentagon and the U.S. Congress are all saying, “Nice country you got there, it’d be a shame if something happened to it“, while simultaneously poking the Russian bear to attack.  Biden and the deepest state want them their proxy war, and they will not be denied. Following a phone call last night where Zelensky told Biden to stop telling everyone the Russians were going to attack, a conversation the Biden administration desperately is trying to hide from the American people, Zelensky smartly calls a media press conference so the global media can see him telling Biden, in essence, to ‘chill the hell out’. Full credit to Euronews who is being an honest broker about the dynamics at play.  This is a great encapsulation, but pay attention to the part at 02:15, of this broadcast. It is quite remarkable.

Ukraine President Zelensky Tells Joe Biden to Chill Out and Stop Trying to Create a War With Russia – The Last Refuge

Day 6 of Omicron The Pits

Is it Omnicron or Omicron? Whatever it is…it’s the pits but the quarantine isn’t helping. We’re out here on our own.

Thank God for Mark Levin and being able to get him live on the computer through WABC 77.

We’re it not for the 6-9 radio show with Levin i’d be nuts.

Our aide said she’d be by today and drop off a garbage bag so i can get the trash out of the kitchen. She left the basement light on too and we can’t get down there. It’s been on over a week now. Did she call to see how her client-my husband-is doing with the Covid? Nope. That might have taken all of 1 or 2 minutes. I’m out of dish soap so between the garbage and the dishes we could use a bulldozer in the kitchen. She talked me out of getting a dishwasher so i spent 100 on a used dryer that didn’t work from day one. She said the paint chips were just cosmetic. True but that had nothing to do with the dryer being junk. Now i could use the dishwasher i didn’t buy when i had the money, i’m out 100.00 i can’t get back,am back with the old dryer (it has a timer issue but at least it works) we started with and no dishwasher, when it would really come in handy.

It gets even better today. We have 20.00 worth of meds at our local Rite Aide and i can’t get them because we don’t have 2 cents to our name. I promoted the fundraiser thinking i could come up with the money to get our meds. Nope. Still at 0. Am i getting cynical? Close. i always believed in helping people when they needed help whether that’s by giving them what they need or giving them a loan. i believed in doing it and keeping their dignity intact. i never wanted people to feel they were begging if they needed help . Everyone needs a hand now and then. This was our time of need and we’ve hit bottom. i was kidding husband today saying we should join hands and jump off a cliff together.

My head feels like a stuffed up balloon and hurts all the way to the back of the skull. Husband still has the sore throat and has since developed a skin infection. The creme for this infection is sitting at Rite Aide. There’s a nasal spray and steroids down there for me. They’re doing us a lot of good.i can pay for them Tues. You’re talking 4 days away.

We have a leak in the basement The borough sent a city worker over to tell us and go downstairs to check it out. i couldn’t let him in and have him end up sick. I told him to come back Monday. i hope the water bill hasn’t gone through the roof. We can’t pay it unless they’re willing to give us a payment arrangement .If the aide would have checked up on us she could have checked it out when she shut off the light she left on. I guess you can tell i’m not thrilled with this lady. My husband has always bent over backwards for her. She’s going to be busy this week. i can’t handle anymore. I need some serious bed rest.

So what’s up in the news today? How about they release the Biden UKRAINE Transcript and the limp wristed Republicans demand it. They can’t demand anything. They’ve had too much practice rolling over and playing dead for the Democrats and their media.

They didn’t have any problem getting the Trump ‘UKRAINE transcript but then Trump wasn’t beholden to the corrupt regime in Ukraine like Biden. Biden’s too busy breaking our immigration laws and getting away with it. Thank you spineless backstabbing Republicans. You want a red wave this year? EARN IT. The Democrats don’t shoot their own like we do. They always stick together.

i hear Liz Cheney teamed up with Mitt Romney today in Virginia. Now there’s a pair.

As for me, we’re wrapping it up. My head hurts so much i can’t see straight. Before anyone decides i’m a grifter only looking for a hand out. When i started the blog it was my intention to cover cultural issues. Then Trump happened. i never intended to make a dime for anything but i’ve managed to keep up the yearly payment for the upgrade. I may not do it again. I may go back to a free spot and tolerate the ads. I’d save 128.00 this year. We could have used it.

Back to Mark Levin. i have to get to bed when it’s over.

One day is good. Another day not so good. It comes and goes. Today it’s not so good. i can’telp but think of those meds sitting downtown waiting for us.

IF anyone could make a 1 time donation to the fundraiser we’d greatly appreciate it. It ends in 4 days. I am going to let it end right there and NOT try again. Three attempts is more than enough. When all 3 come up to $0 it’s clearly a waste of time.If you have any questions feel free to ask.