What If It Were Donald Trump?

President Trump was no spring chick when he ran for President. Neither was Ronald Reagan. Hillary Clinton wasn’t exactly the fountain of youth either. There’s 2 requirements to run for the oval office. You must be a natural born citizen and at least 35 yr of age. The left tried to use Reagan’s age against him when he ran but he won twice in a landslide. We trust the judgement of the American people to decide if a candidate is fit for the office of President. Set aside the politics of left and right and acknowledge this is how we pick our candidates. The people decide and we vote. Some in the GOP tried to use Reagan’s age against him too. Fortunately, the folks always have the final say. The question is answered for us, when the question is, when is young too young? The President must be at least 35 years of age.

The question of age and cognitive ability came up when Reagan was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s after he left office. It’s a legitimate question. We’re going to have to set aside politics to deal with an issue like this. Some of the smartest people we know are older folks. They have life experiences and a gained knowledge you don’t have when you’re younger. it’s why we have age requirements on voting, joining the service, getting married etc. There are advantages to being young as well. I’m not making the case that people are young and dumb or old and wise. What i’m bringing up here is related to holding the office of President and that is the cognitive ability of the person we are going to vote for or the person who is already holding office. You can think a candidate is too old or too young and people have made that argument before; Obama was too young or Reagan was too old.

i remember when people wondered if John F Kennedy was too young. He met the requirements and he was elected President. i remember when people wondered if Ronald Reagan was too old but he met the requirements and he was elected President. Our family were Kennedy Democrats. We never questioned his age.We were devastated when John was assassinated. I supported his younger brother Robert, then he was shot.

When it comes to cognitive issues though it’s not a matter of age or personality. You can think Trump is an obnoxious blowhard with a smart ass attitude. You can despise his personality. You can hate his tweets for whatever reason. i’ll give you that if you’re a liberal and voted against Trump. You can probably come up with a dozen or so reasons he shouldn’t be elected President. However, when it comes to this particular issue of cognitive ability we all have to set aside how we feel about a candidate personally. Yes, even me and i think very highly of the former President.

So i’m not referring to Biden’s or Trump’s age here. IF i saw a mental decline in Trump that was fairly obvious in 2024 i would have to think carefully about his being a viable candidate to run. He doesn’t have to be Einstein to run. Nobody has to be a genius to run for President. It’s not a requirement. Are any of us as sharp at 80 as we are at 40? Probably not. Does it mean we’re mentally incapable? Not necessarily. There are medically recognizable conditions we’re all aware of and it has nothing to do with ideology, party affiliation or politics. We’re not to use arm chair diagnosis to attack any President. What i’m bringing up here are serious issues that we should address regardless of party. If Trump exhibited any of the problems we see in Joe Biden i would raise questions myself. There comes a point where the state of our country is more important than any one individual. i’m not talking about a political difference or differences in ideology. What i am saying is that the left should acknowledge the obvious and at least ask for an assurance that President Biden is not having serious cognitive issues. You put it to rest, i will and if it were Trump i would expect the same.

Look, i don’t have anything against Biden personally. i don’t know the man. I remember him from the Clarence Thomas hearings years ago. Personally, i thought he was very nasty towards Thomas. Maybe that was just the usual partisan politics. I never thought Joe was particularly very sharp or even especially likeable but i didn’t follow him very closely either. At this point i’m rather ambivalent towards Biden. i can’t say as i hate him. i would have written the same thing here about any candidate given the same circumstances and that includes Trump whom i highly respect.

An honest broker would admit we have to take a look at the question and set aside politics.We then wait till the candidate or President is examined by a qualified doctor.