The Media Myth of Lunch Bucket Joe

We all know Joe Biden did not campaign. The Biden campaign had an arrangement with the media. They worked very well together. The media fed his lunch bucket image to the public while his campaign lived and died by the lid.

Everyone who knew Joe over the years had a good idea of what he was REALLY like. Joe is one nasty man. i watched him in action as he tried to destroy the appointment of Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court. The playbook back then was no different than the playbook they use today. They found someone to accuse him of sexual harassment. She vanished after the hearings of course. This should have been a momentous occasion for Thomas and his family. Here is Thomas in his own words that day.

Joe called a reporter an sob.Steve Doocy of Fox News to be exact.  Joe would never talk like that! Really? What’s this?

They don’t call him Quid Pro Joe for nothing. Didn’t they impeach Trump for an ALLEGATION of a quid pro quo with the Ukraine? It’s a good example of accusing the other party of what you are doing. The Democrats have done it over and over. 

Don’t believe your lying ears? Didn’t Joe tell everyone he was going to raise taxes? Didn’t Joe say he was going to shut down the oil industry? Didn’t Joe say he was going to open the borders to a flood of illegals? Was anyone listening?  

Joe shut down OUR pipelines as soon as he took office. They contribute to climate change. They’re bad for the environment. He lets Putin open his pipeline to Germany and makes Europe dependent on that Russian oil. It’s not going to contribute to climate change because it’s Russia?  The liberals fall for this stuff all the time. They can’t figure it out? 

Plus they didn’t tell you gas prices would rise and inflation would get you either.

Joe was a good guy back when too. He was well known for his honesty, right?

The NY Times ran the headline, Biden Admits Plagiarism in School But Says It Was Not ‘Malevolent’. Joe was well known for his fabricated stories too aka LIES. Not hyperbole, not exaggerations, not braggadocio, LIES. Did you look into this?

You voted for Biden? Not too happy with the choice?

You can thank the media for lying to you. I would also like to thank you for not paying attention when he was telling you exactly who he was.

When he was absent from the campaign trail and hid out that should have been a red flag. Pres Trump was out, hands on,busting his butt on the campaign trail all the time. Anyone shocked Biden takes off for Delaware all the time and rarely gives pressers?

Type in Joe Biden and Ice Cream on You Tube. This is how the media covers for Joe. I’m sorry but this isn’t helping our country through the crises we face and feeding the people propaganda and lies for news doesn’t change reality.

Joe wasn’t involved with his son’s shady business dealings. He managed to buy all these homes/mansions on his Senate and VP salary.

Greeneville, Delaware

joe biden real estate, joe biden homes

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

joe biden real estate, joe biden homes

McClean, Virginia

joe biden real estate joe biden homes

i don’t want to leave out how Biden said he knew nothing about his son’s business dealings when he was campaigning.

Laptop Shows Joe Biden Attended Meetings Between Hunter And His
Mexican Business Partners

That’s right,you might not know about these shady dealings. Twitter would not allow any information about Hunter and the laptop to be revealed. The media hid it. We knew though. We read the stories. We saw the pictures. It pays to know who you’re voting for.