Day 5 Omnicron. Yes, it is very transmissible

We still can’t believe we got it. We’re not even sure where we got it from. We have a pretty good idea of when we got it. We’re going to make sure we take more vitamins from here out. Word is you can get re-infected. I have no idea why that’s the case. i thought we’d have natural immunity. Evidently we do but you can still get re-infected. I’m sorry but that’s extremely puzzling. Yes, it is very transmissible. We hardly had any outside contacts and here we are.

Thankfully my husband’s aide is allowed to come back Monday. We’re both so tired we spent most of yesterday day sleeping. Hey,it’s winter and we’ve had winter warnings. Nobody is going anywhere anyway. We’ve reached our high temp of 16 F. Last night it went down to 8. Honestly, i feel like sleeping again today. Tired and congested. Husband has the sore throat and he’s just as tired. I don’t feel like we’re on the other side of it yet. We’re inching our way there.

My husband’s fever is gone but his sore throat and my congestion want to hang on. I wish we had an oximeter to keep an eye on our Oxygen levels. We’re a little short of breathe but we have no way of knowing if we should be concerned yet. He sits in the living room in the recliner with his Roku watching comedy shows and science documentaries. i come here to my computer room and listen to news podcasts or jams by the Allman Brothers and/or Stevie Ray Vaughn. What a life.Yes, i do take time out to say my prayers. i wish i took more time out to do that.Sorry to say, i’m too easily distracted.

Tonight i’m going to help husband make cabbage soup. Not one of my favorites but he loves it. The first few days i could have eaten the wallpaper off the wall but i have no appetite today; nothing sounds good. I could stand to lose about 20 lb. anyway. Reminds me of when Covid first hit our shores and they were saying how obese people were vulnerable. I was thinking to myself at the time how that’s most of the population of the United States. Oddly my husband and i don’t do fast foods and we don’t eat out. They have a lot of great family owned Italian restaurants here too, maybe 2 fast food chains;i think that’s DQ and Burger King. We live in a borough. The other fast food chains are miles away. We’re on a fixed income. Inflation has hit hard but it’s still cheaper to eat in than out. We’re not missing anything we didn’t do anyway. It’s like doing a boycott of a company we never used in the first place.

Speak of the devil-last night we had a very brief loss of our internet connection. i was sure that was it and our service was over. i’m still waiting for them to shut us down but the outage had to be due to the weather. If our service stays on for the next few days we’ll be fine until we can make a minimum payment. If it doesn’t we have a big issue. We wouldn’t be able to catch up the balance due. I couldn’t stand the loss of connection with the outside world. It would be the end of the blog, email and Dan Bongino as well as our phone service.

That brings me to the fundraiser update for today.

$0.000%raised of $300.00

Ends in 6 days


When it ends in 6 days,it ends. i’m not going to try it again. When the upgrade here runs out, it runs out. i’ve managed to make the payment for nearly 3 yrs. We were considering doing a you tube channel and monetizing it to see if we could raise the money to keep the upgrade here but there’s so many you tube channels out there covering the same topics i don’t think we would add anything more worthwhile.i don’t have a team to work with or sources to provide info. :The best i can do is research the internet and try to find topics that aren’t covered 50 ways to Sunday already. i won’t lie; the blogs i follow in the WP reader do a fantastic job of covering the stories that matter to all of us. i usually only write my own analysis/opinion when something gets me so hopped up i can’t let it go. I’ll tell you what, Pelosi’s for the children’s speech is in that category. Did you hear that one? God help us if she’s speaker again. She has plenty of cash on hand to retire on but she seems to prefer power to money. Her district is a disgrace. Why do people keep electing her?

I plan to have more focus on the 22 elections when the time comes. When 24 rolls around,God willing i’m still here, we’re going to support the re-election of President Trump 100% and 24/7.

Well folks, i need to rest for awhile. Here’s hoping to a better day 6. You stay safe yourselves. We don’t have to be paranoid and fearful. We can use common sense and good judgement. IMHO the best thing we can do is stay healthy enough to keep the immune system doing its job. I’ll be back for an update tonight. As long as the internet stays on, i’ll be around. Any questions, feel free to ask. i’m no doctor though. i’ll be glad to tell you what i know from the experience but as always i will add that you talk to your own pcp for your particular situation.