Can Anyone Help? I Just Spoke With Our Pharmacy

my husband and i are being treated for Omnicron. Some of our scripts have been covered. Unfortunately many of these are not. Now we have several that were just phoned in and the total comes to 19.00. We have nothing in our bank accounts, no credit cards and no one here we could possibly get a loan from. The best we could do is wait until Feb 1 but we’re too ill to let it go that long.

We need an oximeter as well to monitor our oxygen levels. If anyone could afford to donate to my fundraiser it would be greatly appreciated. I would also be glad to pay it forward once we are on our feet. None of these scripts are narcotics. These are much needed antibiotics and therapeutics. i hated to even ask but it’s too serious to ignore. Unfortunately i also have a negative 24.00 balance with pay pal due because i broke down and used a debit card that covered other items. i can’t do it again. What concerns me is that as long as that negative balance is there it would take up any donations that might come in. This would have to be taken care of first.