Here We Go. Another Biden Disaster

didn’t Biden just pat himself on the back for getting our troops out of Afghanistan? So why is he thinking about committing troops overseas again?

Why did Biden say it was ok for Putin to take a little stroll into Ukraine? Putin wouldn’t pass that up.

Why do we care about Ukraine’s borders? What’s the end game here?

We have enough problems here at home including the invasion of our own border.

Putin isn’t going to stop if he makes up his mind to invade. Nothing we do will matter anyway.

If we must, arm the Ukrainians and let them fight to protect their own country. i don’t see any good outcome here. NONE .

i don’t get the strategy. Maybe because there is none? The only one i can think of is that Joe is sliding in the polls, cratering out and he {mistakenly} believes this will save his behind. Nope.

Every way i’ve looked at this, all the angles, the word that keeps popping up in my head is BLUNDER.

Joe look over here. The United States. Our country. Focus would you? Lights on, nobody home. Turn em off.

Ukraine is s not part of NATO so we have no obligation to defend it.PERIOD.