Fundraiser and Covid Update

As of 1/24/2022 the fundraiser has raised a total of $0.00 of the 300.00 goal and ends on 2/2/2022

Covid update Day 3 of the Quarantine. Me; congestion, mild fatigue, still no fever. Husband: some shortness of breathe, more severe fatigue, slight fever relieved with ibuprofen has returned. Lack of appetite in both of us. Wrapping up my steroid and antibiotic. Husband; wrapped up one antibiotic,working on a 2nd one and getting close to finishing up the Ivermectin.Still taking vitamins of course. i’ve forgone the testing. My symptoms are the usual Omnicron syptoms. Husband tested positive so my chances of not having it are slim to none. We had canned soup and piece of toast for lunch. Canned soup does not measure up to homemade.This is going to be a long 10 day quarantine. We’re NOT doing isolation. i already have it-what’s the point?