Here We Go. Another Biden Disaster

didn’t Biden just pat himself on the back for getting our troops out of Afghanistan? So why is he thinking about committing troops overseas again?

Why did Biden say it was ok for Putin to take a little stroll into Ukraine? Putin wouldn’t pass that up.

Why do we care about Ukraine’s borders? What’s the end game here?

We have enough problems here at home including the invasion of our own border.

Putin isn’t going to stop if he makes up his mind to invade. Nothing we do will matter anyway.

If we must, arm the Ukrainians and let them fight to protect their own country. i don’t see any good outcome here. NONE .

i don’t get the strategy. Maybe because there is none? The only one i can think of is that Joe is sliding in the polls, cratering out and he {mistakenly} believes this will save his behind. Nope.

Every way i’ve looked at this, all the angles, the word that keeps popping up in my head is BLUNDER.

Joe look over here. The United States. Our country. Focus would you? Lights on, nobody home. Turn em off.

Ukraine is s not part of NATO so we have no obligation to defend it.PERIOD.

Fundraiser and Covid Update

As of 1/24/2022 the fundraiser has raised a total of $0.00 of the 300.00 goal and ends on 2/2/2022

Covid update Day 3 of the Quarantine. Me; congestion, mild fatigue, still no fever. Husband: some shortness of breathe, more severe fatigue, slight fever relieved with ibuprofen has returned. Lack of appetite in both of us. Wrapping up my steroid and antibiotic. Husband; wrapped up one antibiotic,working on a 2nd one and getting close to finishing up the Ivermectin.Still taking vitamins of course. i’ve forgone the testing. My symptoms are the usual Omnicron syptoms. Husband tested positive so my chances of not having it are slim to none. We had canned soup and piece of toast for lunch. Canned soup does not measure up to homemade.This is going to be a long 10 day quarantine. We’re NOT doing isolation. i already have it-what’s the point?

Could There Be Any More Head Fakes?

Now Chuck Todd decides to be a tad honest or he’s just cornered into facing the facts. You decide.

Know why this is so irritating? During the 2020 election Biden hid in his basement and let the media [gladly]campaign for him. They wrote the Biden narrative. They sold Joe Biden to the public. They made him out to be everything he wasn’t. Now they want to act like honest brokers. IDTS. Some of us knew better but liberals believe what they want to believe. Evidently they don’t mind being lied to as long as they get what they want.My question is how could anyone else fall for it?

The media was actively involved in getting Biden elected and any issues we have now are their fault as much as his.,

That’s head fake 1. Head fake 2 carries as much weight as one. I could have considered it a tie.

Remember this guy? The only picture you will ever see of him. He looked ready for business didn’t he? Intense,

In this file photo, John Durham speaks to reporters on the steps of U.S. District Court in New Haven. Durham, Connecticut’s U.S. attorney, is leading the investigation into the origins of the Russia probe. He is no stranger to high-profile, highly scrutinized investigations.
Whatever came of that “investgation”? Anyone held accountable or did Spygate just flash by us? John Henry Durham dropped off the radar. Maybe he went off the grid. He’s gone.

Reminds me of the man Jeff Sessions appointed,John Uber,who was supposedly working on the spygate case himself.
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Look, Squirrel

Joe Biden is going to get us into the most dangerous head fake of all. He’s planning to send 3k or more of our troops and possibly a Naval Vessel to protect Ukraine. Is he nuts? What are 3k troops going to do?

Didn’t he just oversee the Afghanistan disaster not too long ago?

He’s sinking in the polls. He appears weak and confused like he doesn’t know what he’s doing so he’s going to play tough guy to boost his poll numbers and look like he’s with the program?What could 3k troops do anyway? Why are we risking a Navy vessel? Why are we risking anyone to save his butt?

I’m sorry but this is one move of Joe’s that too crazy. We have to object to it and put pressure on him to stop. It makes no sense.

Joe gave Putin the green light b

y saying he’d be ok with a ‘little ‘incursion’ into Ukraine’. You have to wonder why he did that. Now ask Joe about protecting our own borders and he’ll tell you what a terrific job he is doing.

Head Fake 4 is that Joe won the election and did so with more votes than Obama or Trump. The media will tell you that Joe was legitimately elected and Trump just won’t give it up. Yet, when you look squarely at the 2020 election it’s obvious it was rigged and didn’t pass the smell test. Twitter banned Trump for even questioning the results. We ALL questioned the results except for the 81 million that supposedly voted for Joe and the media who worked at getting him elected.

The media has already buried the Russia Hoax they pulled. The media has buried the Antifa/BLM insurrection of 2020. The media has been pushing the Jan 6 head fake that the FBI set up and planned at the Capitol Building. You know the FBI is corrupt when they send the SWAT team to Roger Stone’s house and bring CNN to do live coverage. You know the FBI is corrupt when they get away with Spygate. You know the FBI is corrupt when they won’t talk about Ray Epps at the Capitol break in.

It begs the question, are the Dems corrupt enough to rig an election and install an illegitimate President? The Russia Hoax, the Mueller investigation, the 2 impeachment hoaxes are telling. Know how i know they rigged the election of 2020 and committed widespread fraud? For one, yes, they are THAT corrupt but they are trying their best to pass a law making it all permanent. If you want to know what they actually did during the 2020 election there’s 2 great places to look. First, the new voting rights act they’re desperate to pass and the Time magazine article AL PERROTTA  covers here, published on February 8, 2021 

As crazy as you may think Glenn Beck is he actually warned everyone what they were up to before the Nov 3, 2020 election. Yep,crazy Glenn, spelled it all out.

So what do we do? Keep beating a dead horse? 

Remind the Democrats that they accused Trump of being a Putin puppet and that he colluded with the Russians to steal the 2016 election. They said he didn’t really win, so they organized the Resistance and the media covered the Russia Hoax for at least 3 yrs for them. Another words Trump was installed and was a defacto dictator. Hillary was a member of the Resistance. She said so. I recall how often it trended on Twitter;for all of Trump’s first term. He was not a legitimately elected President they told us. Maxine Waters insisted her people make sure the officials of his administration were not welcomed anywhere and would be harassed. A whole group of Democrats refused to attend his inauguration. They really did convince their base that Trump was not a duly elected President and that they would impeach him as soon as he took office. They did. They did worse than that in 2020 as if the corrupt SPYGATE operation wasn’t enough. The whole purpose of the organize resistance, impeachments,harrasment,Mueller probe and various investigations was to remove Trump from office. Pelosi considered trying the 25th amendment as well.However, in 2020 it was worse because Antifa and BLM resorted to violence with their stated goal of a violent overthrow of the Trump administration and/or keeping him out of office for a 2nd term.They were aided by the media and Democrat party. Trump offered to send in assistance to curb the violence in the cities and protect federal property and the police under siege but the Democrat governors and mayors refused. He considered using the Insurrection act but was met with resistance from Speaker Pelosi and Esper at the DOD. In the end he decided against it. The truth is there was a plot from 2016 on to have Trump removed from office. Once that didn’t happen-obviously-they decided that the next route would be to ensure he didn’t win the 2020 election. 

The violence in the streets continued including an attack on St John’s Historic church across from the White House and the White House itself as the Secret Service elected to move Trump and his family over safety concerns.  There were a number of Secret Service agents injured, some seriously. This is as close to an overthrow of a duly elected President than i have ever seen in my lifetime. The staff of Kamala Harris was paying the bail of the insurrectionists. 

The media started a new narrative that Trump might refuse to leave the White House after the Nov 3 election. Trump maintained his questioning of the elections results and was banned from social media. He was hoping ‘Pence would not certify the election and throw it to the Supreme Court-that didn’t happen. Trump left office and Joe was inaugurated 

Do we want Joe out of office? Sure do. How do we do that? We vote in MAGA candidates in the 2022 midterms and we turn out the vote for Trump in 2024. We support free and fair elections and restore the voter integrity we should have had in 2020.. NOBODY is advocating for the violent or even non violent overthrow of Biden from office. People are too busy with their own lives trying to cope with inflation, high gas prices, Covid restrictions etc. Basically all the disasters Biden has inflicted on us. Hoorah for the people who voted for this crap.We didn’t and still have to put up with it. We’re not going to take to the streets, burn down cities,assault people/people officers and attack the White House like the left did in 2020. The Biden campaign wasn’t spied on and had the intel agencies conspire against him. There were no FBI raids on journalists and opposition groups. 

Trump didn’t concede to Joe but he also recognized that Biden is considered the duly elected President of the United States . Joe took the oath of office. Trump knows what that means. Trump knew what it meant the day the electoral votes were certified in Congress .IF the FBI and DOJ want to target the American people that’s on them.You know, the people looking out for their own kids and patriots who respect our Constitution.

I had no idea one day i was going to wake up and the FBI  was going to act like the KGB. The same FBI i always believed was the finest law enforcement agency a country could have. i had no idea our media would become full blown propagandists and lie on a regular basis like Pravda.; and do so voluntarily no less. I had no idea we would have Democrat [and some Republican] state officials willing to violate the Constitution to get Biden elected. Does China own us yet?

Here’s THE biggest head fake. They’re claiming we-the American people-are getting ready for a civil war. Here’s a response from the American people: Hell no,we’re not. What they’re trying to do is push us into a civil war and say see,we told you so. Not going to happen. No chance. We’re going to do things the right way, through elections and let our duly elected reps clean house.The NOT coming Civil War they say is coming is going to be the next HUGE headfake.Maybe they’ll get Ray Epps to lead the charge again (wink,wink).