About that Virus i don’t like talking about

A good way to start off this entry is by telling everyone that i am not going to divulge our vaccine status. Maybe when we come out the other side i’ll spell it out. For now,it’s off limits. You see,if i say we were vaxxed some people on the right will give us this spiel about how we’re sheep and going to die. If i say we didn’t, some on the left will be on my case because we’re treasonous and don’t care about anyone except ourselves.

I prefer the Bongino response, “you do you, i’ll do me.”

I will say this about the virus itself. It’s REAL. One way to cope is chalk it up to a world wide conspiracy and call it a hoax. It’s a hoax until YOU get it. Most of the staff at our doctor’s office are out of the office with COVID. Now at a time when we’re having an outbreak the people we need are sick themselves. That was going to be my next point. The ‘hoax’ is getting around and i’m going to assume it’s because we’re in our winter months. There could be other factors but in laymen’s terms I’m pretty sure the weather has something to do with it.

We’re all cooped up, with everything sealed up for the winter and in close proximity with each other. How contagious is it? In unscientific terms i can tell you my husband and i have little to no contact with anyone and my husband tested positive. He’ s had most of the symptoms and i’m having a few-so far. I get tested on Monday.

I’ve mentioned how stunned i was. I was not surprised because it is really getting around. Stunned that it was us.

We’re keeping our distance as much as we can and he wears a mask when he’s coughing. i go in the other room.He’s taking 2 antibiotics, ivermectin, albuterol to help with breathing and a boat load of vitamins in addition to his regular medications.

I have 1 antibiotic-a z pack-and one steroid. i also have the ivermectin but i’m holding off and seeing if my symptoms get worse. Then i’ll be starting my 4 pills per day. They’ve ordered the antibodies for my husband. If i test positive i will be asking for the antibodies as well. i’m doing an inhaler a couple times a day.

i’d say the worst toll has been emotionally. When you hear that you’ve tested positive it takes the wind out of your sails. i think what happens is you feel some disbelief. Fear? Sure. A little bit not overwhelming. There’s a kind of unknown surrounding the virus. I call it the “we don’t know what we don’t know” factor as Donald Rumsfeld used to say. I believe that is one of the most accurate statements i have ever heard whether one liked Rumsfeld or not. He had a point.

I don’t like fear porn though and i’ve seen way too much of it. It’s a shame the virus became politicized. In the end nobody trusts anything they hear and every piece of information becomes suspect.

It’s a shame. I will say this; the virus is real. Nobody should be giving anyone flack for making personal decisions re how they want to handle it. Contact your family doctor and get tested if you have symptoms. The virus doesn’t care if you’re a Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal. right wing or left wing. Just be on the right side of common sense and take care of yourself and your family.

I don’t like that the media put up all the numbers when Trump was President and now they’re gone.You don’t lie to the American people because you have an agenda. It doesn’t help and it breeds skepticism [with good reason]. The worst lie is the lie by silence.

We’ve done our pill regimen for the day. We’re washing our hands, using hand sanitizer and i wear gloves to do some things but i always did that anyway. I’ve said all i’m going to say about it for now unless someone has a question. When we come out on the other side i’ll throw in a quick entry and let you know where we landed.

Please take care. i don’t want anyone to be fearful-that’s crazy and doesn’t help. I wouldn’t get complacent either. Just look out for yourself and your loved ones.

I’m hoping we can get some financial assistance for now. When we get our first opportunity we will be glad to pay it forward.

We have one day to go before our internet gets shut off. Today is it!!! We’ll never be able to catch up and get our service back.It’s not our only bill either.

Our one time fundraiser https://www.paypal.com/pools/c/8G4LAPR0z1

I don’t want to start asking for donations on a regular basis here. A one time fundraiser would work for us.

The financial spiral into the black hole started with our 2 trips to the Cleveland Clinic and a loan we gave to a so called ‘friend”.

We always keep our rent paid. It’s the other bills we’ve been trying to dig our way out of on a fixed income. Once you go into the hole it’s a hard climb back and eventually it catches up where you either get out or you don’t We’re at the didn’t make it end.