A Heads Up; if there’s no entry after the 24th

if there’s no entry after the 24th that signals our internet service is gone. I’m also going to assume it won’t be long before the blog goes to a free account and you will notice the ads. If this happens the blog will remain a free account with ads but there will be no new entries. Technically speaking the blog will be done for an indefinite period of time and i may not be able to return at all. i’ll know the outcome as of the date i was given for shut off-the 24th.

i highly doubt we’ll be able to catch up the bill and resume services. As always you are free to use any story,picture or link but if you quote any article i have written i trust it will be pro Trump or not anti Trump/anti MAGA. I will be putting a lot of trust in people to honor this request.

i hope that i’ll be able to get back here at the end of 2022 before the mid terms go into full swing and especially be able to get back for Trump’s announcement of his candidacy. i can’t promise though. We may decide to sell my computer in the end if i’m not going to be able to use this account anyway.

i pinned a lot of hopes on the fundraiser. i shared everywhere i could think of except Twitter and Facebook due to a suspension on Twitter and a permanent ban on Facebook. No results.

It’s still at zero.

i wish all of you the best. Stay safe. Stay warm if you’re in the snowbelt. Keep on Trumpin too!!

God bless everyone and never give up your freedom of speech!!

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