Update to “It’s Come to This”

Our internet service is going to be disrupted in 2 days. There has not been 1 donation. i haven’t checked yet to see when the WP upgrade will drop. Sure it’s in the very near future.

My husband tested positive for Covid. They upped his antibiotics. He’s taking 2. They put him on Albuterol every 4 hr. We got a pack of ivermectin. He’s taking 7 of those per day. We have not been able to purchase an oximeter to monitor our oxygen levels.

I’m being tested Tues but i think it safe to assume if he caught it my test will also come back positive. i’m on a z pack,steroids and an inhaler. I have a pack of ivermectin 4 tabs per day-in case my symptoms worsen. Husband finally got off the aspirin as his fever is gone and so far-rap on wood-his temps have been normal. We’re under a 10 day quarantine.

So that’s where we’re at. i’ve shared the donation link across several social media sites except for Twitter where i’m suspended for 3 more days and Facebook where i have been permanently banned.

Now that i’m down to 2 days to raise anything on the fundraiser, it would take a miracle to go from ZERO, yes $0. to what we actually need.

How do i put this? i was pretty unnerved by the test result and very discouraged by the failing fundraiser. I have never seen a fundraiser that failed and failed so miserably as my own.

Where’s the nearest cliff?