Mark Levin Rewind 01/20/2022 – The Mark Levin Podcast Today January 20 – 2022 – YouTube.Pres Trump Phoned In. We need him back!

Mark Levin Rewind 01/20/2022 – The Mark Levin Podcast Today January 20 – 2022 – YouTube

I’ll give Biden that Antifa/BLM aren’t rioting in the streets anymore. They did that in 2020 with the stated goal of getting Trump out #insurrection #sedition #COUP

Let’s be honest. Pres Trump won. I have no doubt in my mind.NONE.

It’s Come To This

As of this week it’s altogether possible our internet service is going to be cut off. I can’t come up with the payment we owe them.Then It’s a matter of a month or two-if i’m lucky-that the account i paid for here will run out. I’ve paid for the last 2 years at least and managed, but this time we’re too far down to do it one more time. Now when my husband has cellulitis he also came into contact with our landlord who may have had Covid and didn’t know it. I need to get an oximeter to watch my husband’s oxygen levels. He has COPD as it is. This is dangerous not having a clue if his shortness of breathe is from his COPD, congestive heart failure or Covid.We’ve been monitoring him closely- or it could be a combination of the 3. Our hospital ER has a 9 hr waiting period so if you don’t have COVID you’re around a bunch of people you could get it from. Our goal is to keep him out of the hospital. He spent months in the hospital/ nursing home before his open heart surgery at the Cleveland Clinic. We would just as soon NOT have him go to the hospital again. Fortunately he is having a virtual office visit with our pcp tomorrow.

NOTE: you can’t get a Covid test in town. i ordered a kit online but that takes weeks. Unbelievable!

The bottom line is we need to get an oximeter, pay our internet bill and continue the WP upgrade for another year. I was hoping to do just a one time donation drive then drop it. I would still like to do that. One time only; just to get on our feet once and for all. So far the fund has raised nothing. i had 2-5.00 donations months ago. That was long gone and as much as it was appreciated it didn’t make a dent. I know they were hoping it would but you can’t do it with just 2 people.

I’m asking one last time then giving it up and letting the chips fall where they may. When i get a cut off date for our internet service i will let everyone know that the blog will be down for a few months.The last date on this 3rd fundraiser is 2/2.

I can’t tweet the fundraiser. i made an comment about the FBI in a tweet. It wasn’t offensive to anyone. It did not call for violence. It said nothing about overthrowing the administration or government. All i said was it looked like the FBI was covering its butt over the synagogue hostage event. i said it was a jihadi targeting a synagogue on the Jewish Sabbath and one of the hostages was a rabbi. All i did was state the obvious. I had to delete the tweet and wait 6 days to get back on twitter.For now all i can depend on are the readers-if any-on Word Press. Facebook banned me ages ago. i’m not going back.

I hated to even ask for help but with the internet being days away from a shut off i don’t see any way out of the situation. Now i have to get an oximeter too. i didn’t see that coming. Both our bank accounts are at ZERO and we live on a fixed income(Soc Sec retirement benefits meaning 1 payment per month). The only thing i have to sell is the computer and that kind of defeats the purpose of paying the internet bill.

We don’t have cable tv, a car, or cellphone and we never eat out.We don’t drink(except coffee)and definitely no drugs except medication prescribed by our doctor. We miss none of it but we’re at a point here that we can’t dig out of the black hole we went into back in 2020. If anyone could help we would greatly appreciate it. This is not our style. i hate having to ask for help. It is going to be a one time deal. We don’t intend to ask ever again. We have to stop the bleeding now or never.We always pay our rent. That is NEVER an issue, so we’ve gone through bleeding by a 1k little cuts. We never short change our landlord. He has bills to pay too. We’re also thankful we found a place to live here after a deal we had fell through. We had nowhere to go at that point. The landlord here was a life saver. We were days away from a tent.

I set the fundraiser up through pay pal.