WARNING Here’s what the Anti Trump/Anti MAGA Cabal is up to

Let’s expect the Trump-DeSantis non existent food fight. I know most of the MAGA people have already picked a Trump-DeSantis ticket. So we’re not going to let the other side start stirring the pot. DeSantis is NOT going to challenge Trump. He’s going to run for Governor. DeSantis is sharp. He gets it. I’d be watching my back with other people. What i wouldn’t do is fall for the garbage about a Trump-DeSantis feud. If we start taking sides that’s when they’ll get us. i could support a Trump-DeSantis ticket but i’ll be honest-as much as i like the Florida Governor my preference would be Trump and Jim Jordan.Whatever happens i’m not going to fall for their trap. Mark Levin heard that the rumor monger is Mitch McConnell. He couldn’t verify it and i certainly don’t have the connections but i would never put it past him. I don’t have time for McCarthy either. He stood by Cheney far too long. Something up with that.

You know the Anti Trump,Anti Maga people on the Democrat side will use any means possible to take out Trump. You have to know the establishment GOP tried to take him out too. I bet they’re in cahoots with the Dems again.

They might be evil but they’re not stupid. They definitely know how to give this narrative legs. The definitely know how to get people stirred up. We respond by keeping our focus. Stop the Biden Marxist agenda, elect MAGA candidates for the House and Senate in 22 and turn out the Trump vote in 24. This is all we need to be concerned about. We don’t allow anyone to gaslight us. PERIOD!

Ignore the fake Trump-DeSamtis fued. Let them figure out we’re not going to play along . Ann Coulter has managed to get her temporary cred with the left. They’ll give her the heave ho when they’re done using her to attack Trump. She’s quite the grifter. She’s not MAGA. Ann is all about grabbing attention.

We’re not going to take the bait. We can keep our eyes on the prize. Truth is, we don’t have time for their garbage. We have a country to save.

By now we know better than trust the media. I did read a twitter comment that suggested the reason they’re up to no good trying to start a divide between Trump and DeSantis is to destroy DeSantis. He had part of his analysis correct. The goal is not to destroy DeSantis though. The goal is to destroy Trump. If the folks got the idea that there was a problem between the 2 leaders they would never tolerate Trump attacking DeSantis. DeSantis has solid support & I know for a fact the MAGA movement is hoping to have a Trump/DeSantis ticket.. He’s a very popular governor. Trump is going to run but he hasn’t formally announced yet. DeSantis would never challenge Trump. Take that to the bank. So it would look like a one sided attack by Trump and DeSantis would automatically gain the higher moral ground in it. The media has sized that up.DeSantis is running for Governor. He doesn’t stand to lose as much as Trump who is going to run for President. They will do anything to take Trump out. Unfortunately i think the Republican establishment would be willing to accept a DeSantis run for President and leave Trump out to dry.The Democrat/Media goal is always to take out Trump. If they could defeat DeSantis in his run for Governor it’s not like they wouldn’t go for it; but taking out Trump will always be their no 1 goal.

Seriously, we cannot take their bait. Support Ron for Governor. Support Trump for President and if it comes to it-i don’t have to tell you-support a Trump/DeSantis ticket. We’re assuming that DeSantis is interested in holding higher office. He may not be. Again,i’d love a Trump/Jordan ticket but i’ll get behind a Trump/anyone ticket 100%. We KNOW it won’t be Pence.

DeSantis WON’T challenge Trump. McConnell has to be one of the instigators. It’s up his alley. (McConnell goes he’s got that zombie prodigy right behind him, John Thune. No better). Why are some people assuming DeSantis even wants to run for higher office? However, i think it’s to our benefit to nip this whole thing in the bud right now. We better not go down this road and start entertaining their disruptive narrative. We end up with the 2 camps they’re hoping for. Let’s not do it.