A Call In to Mark Levin

The great one always handles his callers very well. It’s because he respects them. i would normally never comment on one his callers but i’m going to make 1 exception here and now. He had 1 lady who called and noted how she liked Trump but that he was polarizing. Mark handled the call well. A lot better than i would have.

I was sure she was being sincere when she said she liked Trump but if she believes he’s polarizing she’s missed the boat. She has no idea what is going on. She’s probably a nice person. i don’t doubt she meant well but she really doesn’t get it. Trump is NOT polarizing. He became President at a time when the country was already polarized. Look to the people who spied on his campaign and pulled the Russia Hoax. Those are the people who are polarizing the country. Trump’s a material witness and he made a darned good President in spite of it. He’s earned a 2nd term.