Pres Trump IS Going To Run (take it to the bank)🏦and cash the check!💰

Someone is going to ask-then why hasn’t he announced? He has in subtle ways enough times to be convincing.The closest i heard him come to it was at C-Pac.i’ll fiind the particular video and post it later today. A formal announcement? Nope. Not yet. There are campaign finance laws that don’t permit it but he’s made it clear without making a formal announcement that he intends to run. He ended the Arizona rally with Sam and Dave’s Hold On I’m Coming playing over the speakers. It wasn’t incidental. His people used it for a reason. That said, the whole speech was a campaign speech as much as it was an endorsement of his favored candidates. You know what a Trump campaign speech sounds like. This was definitely the first of many to come .We have to do well in the 2022 elections before we march head on to 2024. He knows that. Second, timing of the formal announcement will be important. i would not give the enemy -the media that is-time to squirrel up their attacks. They know very well he’s going to run but unless he makes a formal announcement i don’t think they’re stupid enough to start the match up now. They’re stupid but doubt they’re that stupid. He’ll probably want that announcement to make a real impact and get the wind behind his sails as much as possible. It’s called momentum. He gets the timing just right it will be a headline for days.

Trump did not concede 2020. He’ll never concede the 2020 election nor should he. Some people think he should just drop it and move onto to 2024. i understand where they’re coming from so i personally wouldn’t criticize their opinion. They’re entitled to it anyway. I’m not going to give my opinion on whether i believe he won the 2020 election or not in this entry because the importance of focusing on the 2020 election is election integrity as much as it is about who won. Let’s be frank .The Trump-Biden 2020 election was the best example we have of why election integrity is important. Consider the ways the Democrats violated the Constitution and rigged that election. If you’re going to have free and fair elections in the future-the first of which is this later this year-you have to get the mess cleaned up now or it aint gonna happen.

Do i believe Trump won in 2020? Take a guess. You’ll probably be right. Need proof? Just let me know.

When Trump finally announces and it’s off to the races the media is going to make it particularly tough this time. It’s always a battle for conservatives. It’s a REALLY big battle for Trump. NOBODY has a target on their backs like he does. He can handle it but it is going to be rough. The media and Democrats are going to go after his base twice as hard this time as last. Be ready. What they are going to do is look for a way to divide his base. The other way they will work this is to try and get his base to turn on him.*They tried to cut off his communication with his base. after the 2020 election . Big tech banned all his social media accounts beginning with the Twitter.. It’s very hard, very complicated to have an impact in politics when you are no longer directly involved in governing. The communication between him and his base was important. The Democrats, Big Tech and Corporate media banked on the interest of his base waning over time. It’s how it typically goes in politics. Yes, the social media bans did some damage but what THEY didn’t realize is that there is a MAGA movement and it’s pretty solid. It starts with Trump but it goes BEYOND him.

Give or take a few people jumping ship it wasn’t enough to inflict the damage they were hoping for. Someday Trump will be leaving office and retiring for good. The MAGA movement will go on. There will be people inspired to run and carry on with the movement. Remember the Reagan Revolution? It inspired a whole generation of conservatives.

Hold on, he’s coming. He’s going to run in 2024 and i can’t wait till he does make the formal announcement. He isn’t going to concede the 2020 election. A concession happens when you pick up the phone [or send a message]congratulating the other party. He never did that and never will.

*Be wary of what you hear when the campaign begins. The one way they know of to defeat Trump is to get at his base. Watch your back. Remember it’s not going to be just Democrats trying to defeat him-there are never Trumpers equally interested in taking him out. If you hear something they claim he said and you get rattled wait at least 2 days, check it out and make sure the quotes are from the horses mouth. Get the context too. The media is known for taking a quote and using it out of context. 2. we are never going to agree with any candidate 100% of the time. If he represents your interests most of the time that’s pretty good. Is he going to be able to accomplish everything he sets out to do? Probably not. Most of it? If he’s competent , sure. Reagan didn’t get everything accomplished he wanted. Not for lack of trying but there are limits to what any one person can do. Reagan was up against the establishment himself. People forget that. A lot of the conservatives that hate Trump now forgot what a battle Reagan had and how he was hated then. What i’m saying here is be prepared. The snakes come out of the grass in politics.It can get ugly. We have a country to save. Election EXCLUSIVE New Information Shows Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos Was Intimately Behind the Insertion of Drop Boxes Across the Country ‹ PAL Bulletin ‹ Reader —

This article is reported by New information out of Wisconsin shows that the state’s Speaker Robin Vos was more intimately involved in the creation of ballot drop boxes than was previously known. These drop boxes were part of the key to stealing the 2020 Election from President Trump and Vos was in on it. We’ve reported on Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos before and his ties to the 2020 Election steal in his state and the lack of effort he has taken to get to the bottom of what happened. He’s promised the moon but hasn’t even provided moon pies. We discovered in December 2020 that Speaker Vos had signed off on the use of the ballot drop boxes in Wisconsin for the 2020 Election. But there is more to this story. Wisconsin State Representative Tim Ramthun put together an excellent inventory of events that occurred leading up to the 2020 Election in his state. Election EXCLUSIVE New Information Shows Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos Was Intimately Behind the Insertion of Drop Boxes Across the Country ‹ PAL Bulletin ‹ Reader —