Pennsylvania Republicans Sponsoring Bill to Re-Route Flights of Illegal Immigrants to Biden’s Home State of Delaware

On the heels of reports that the Biden administration is bringing illegal immigrants into Pennsylvania through flights that arrive in the middle of the night, some Republican state legislators want to send them across one more border. Republican state Sen. Mario Scavello said he will propose legislation that would send illegal immigrants dumped in Pennsylvania by the Biden administration into Biden’s home state of Delaware. Republican state Sen. Doug Mastriano is co-sponsoring the legislation, according to a release on his website. Lou Barletta, a Republican who is seeking to run for governor of Pennsylvania, said flights landed in Valley International Airport in Allentown on Dec. 30 after a planeload of illegal immigrants landed at Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport on Christmas Day, according to the Daily Mail. “The incredible secrecy and disregard for Pennsylvanians continues. First, we had to discover for ourselves that illegal immigrants were being shipped into Northeast Pennsylvania on at least four flights,” Barletta said.

Pennsylvania Republicans Sponsoring Bill to Re-Route Flights of Illegal Immigrants to Biden’s Home State of Delaware

Buttigieg’s Port Visit Blows Up in His Face When People Notice What Was Lurking Over His Shoulder

At the height of the supply chain crisis, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was on paternity leave — something he was roundly criticized for. Don’t worry, though. He got back just in time to save Christmas, according to the mayor of the city which is home to one of our biggest ports. Never mind that Buttigieg is finally visiting the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, two of the biggest supply-chain bottlenecks in the United States, months into a supply-chain crisis that has limited what Americans can buy and jacked up the prices we pay for it. After all, it took Vice President Kamala Harris how long to visit the border after she was put in charge of taking care of the “root causes” of the border crisis? Rather, let’s take a look at the fact that — as Buttigieg did a victory lap at the ports — evidence that the crisis still hadn’t been solved was lurking over his shoulder.

Buttigieg’s Port Visit Blows Up in His Face When People Notice What Was Lurking Over His Shoulder

Why is Fauci Still the Head of the CDC?

Fauci KNEW China was doing GOF research and was working to genetically alter a virus to be especially lethal and transmissible. I’ll put that in plain English. They [the CCP]were developing a biological WEAPON at the Wuhan Lab and he KNEW it.

Fauci made sure the Wuhan lab was funded for GOF research. I’ll put that in plain English. He helped pay for the development of the Coronavirus that caused the pandemic.

Fauci supported the theory the Coronavirus was transmitted from a bat or at least supported it by his silence. I’ll put that in plain English. He lied.

Fauci first said masks were not necessary. He had good reason to say that. He didn’t want people to know how dangerous the Coronavirus was because he was involved in its development. I’ll put that in plain English. Fauci was trying to down play the virus and cover up his role in it. Fauci had a problem. It’s a little hard to down play a pandemic of a new virus that is lethal. I’ll put it in plainer English. He is involved in a cover up[ basically of his own butt.]

This guy is in charge of our CDC? Think about it. He’s at least partly responsible for the Covid pandemic.

The story about Fauci would be the plot of a mad scientist working with a sworn enemy. Seriously, what he has played a role in is inexcusable. He’s nearly as responsible for the death and destruction caused by Covid as China is; at the least he shouldn’t be anywhere near the CDC.

An Open Letter to Dr. Jill Biden (written respectfully )

It’s obvious from the blog title, banner and other info that i”m a Trump supporter and voted for him in 2016 and 2020. In fact, i intend to vote for him in 2024 and wish it were sooner. It’s also obvious from the blog that i’m Catholic as well-and as a practicing Catholic and life respecting human being am adamantly pro life. i cannot support violence to achieve an end; that includes taking an innocent human life. The truth is though you don’t know me from a hill of beans so whatever i say here you have to take my word for it and that may be a stretch for you. i try to be honest and the people that know me can tell you that sometimes i am brutally honest.

‘i want to be clear before i address the concerns i have that i believe we are all created by God and deserve to be treated as such regardless of race or ethnicity. My dad fought in WWII liberating the Jews from the tyranny of Hitler and the Nazi’s. His parents came to the U.S. from Krakow,Poland so he knew all about tyranny and fascism. Our whole family experienced anti Catholic bigotry in our own time and in our own neighborhood. We were so proud when John F. Kennedy was elected President; not because of his Catholic faith but in spite of it. A shame but it’s still that way unless you’re pro abortion.

We were brought up to respect our flag, say the pledge of allegiance before our school day began and respect our teachers,law enforcement and parents. We were horrified and shocked when Kennedy was shot and had a moment of silence and prayer in our Catholic grade school. My parents were life long Democrats and i was a registered Democrat for some time. The issue that drove me furthest away was abortion. There was no way on earth to be Democrat and pro life. There were other issues but that was the main one and over time i became not so much a Republican as a conservative.

Now that we have my background out of the way we can get into the reason i decided to write you.

When Joe was campaigning i became concerned. He rarely made appearances and when he did it was obvious to me from the start something was wrong with Joe. As time went on it only became more pronounced and obvious. I’m no doctor but i’m not blind either. I guessed it could be dementia; whatever it is he is definitely in mental decline. i could not for the life of me understand why his family did not intervene and get him help. For his sake but also for the sake of the country. i know if it were my father or family member i would seek help [the whole family would,especially his wife]for him and not put him through what Joe was being put through. His life would be more important than my ambitions. I was sure at some point you would take the steps you needed to take for him and get him off the campaign trail.

You didn’t and neither did his other family members or staff. Now he’s in office. His decisions are affecting every day Americans, not just his family.When he was on the campaign trail i felt sorry for him. Seriously, i didn’t think anyone should have to be put through what he was being subjected to. i know they kept him out of the public eye as much as possible but it still wasn’t fair to him. It definitely wasn’t healthy for him.

Now it’s different. i’d have more sympathy for him-like i did when he was running-but he’s in the office of President and now it matters what he does to the country. Let me be clear-i do not condone violence to solve problems we have with any administration. Whether that’s Trump or Biden. I did not go to DC for the Trump rally. i did not go to DC PERIOD and the truth is i have NEVER been in DC.

While i’m typing this i am confined to a wheelchair and prior to being confined to this chair have been a shut in due to meneiere’s disease. It’s too hard to deal with in unfamiliar settings. i only traveled with my husband recently because of some serious health issues he had that led him to having open heart surgery at the Cleveland Clinic. Any Trump rally i’ve seen has been through the internet. i wouldn’t miss them for the world but i’m in no shape to actually travel to any of them. I will also be honest and tell you word was getting around to stay away from DC on Jan 6th. I warned people in my blog to either not go or be cautious if they insisted. i couldn’t be specific because the warning wasn’t clear and there was nothing to verify. It did sound like the Trump supporters were going to walk into a set up. I thought it was possible but it could also have been Democrat operatives trying to discourage Trump supporters from going to the rally. I couldn’t name a single person who was spreading the rumor. It was one of those things that fly around the internet here and there. Now that i look back, given what we know now, you’d have to conclude somebody was leaking the word.

I do know this; Pres Trump is free to express his opinions. Big tech, the corporate media and your husband’s admin are working together to silence him. He was BANNED for expressing his opinion. Can you imagine this happening in the United States? I’m sure you’d have something to say if they did that to your husband. You don’t have to worry though; they won’t. Trump is allowed to hold rallies. People are free to attend his rallies if they choose to. They are allowed to support and vote for him as they are allowed to support and vote for anyone of their choosing. People are allowed to peacefully protest and air their grievances toward ANY administration. We are blessed with freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. We are not free to physically assault people or destroy property etc. The government is not given license either. You can’t have an administration using law enforcement to target citizens that oppose them. We are not a police state.

However, any American citizen is ENTITLED to due process if they actually commit a crime and that goes for the people in DC on Jan 6. A rally or peaceful protest is not a crime. Support of Pres Trump and opposing Joe Biden is not a crime. i know that breaking into a federal building is a crime but even as terrible as that is, someone suspected then charged for doing same is still entitled to due process. That goes for BLM/Antifa when they were rioting in the streets, attacking police officers, federal buildings and the White House, threatening to remove President Trump. Yes, they did. Pres Trump and his family were moved to the bunker by the Secret Service. Some Secret Service agents were seriously injured. As terrible as that is, the alleged and charged perps are still entitled to due process. Antifa/BLM don’t respect the Constitution that gives them those protections but they are still entitled to them. They hated Trump and their STATED goal was to get him out of office. They meant to do it literally with violence if they had to. i’m not accusing them of it. They stated it in their own words publicly. They may not be model citizens but they are citizens nonetheless and entitled to the protections of the Constitution. Unfortunately the Trump supporters have been treated like dogs, the Antifa/BLM organizations have been treated with kid gloves supported by the Democrat party.

It bothers me to see people in positions of power who believe they have a good end to achieve and think [wrongly]they can use any means to get there. Your husband doesn’t seem to have a clue what is going on around him. i feel bad for him.i feel bad for the American people. i feel pained for what it’s doing to our country.

To be honest i’m actually being kind here. i’m not so kind on social media. You’re husband did run for President. He chose to be in the position he’s in. I wish someone cared enough about him and the country to do the right thing. Whatever else you probably say about Trump at least you can say he was mentally capable. Sure, he had an ego (they all do) but he was mentally up to the task. If he had not been mentally fit his kids would have stepped in and did the right thing. All our Presidents have been flawed men in some way. We know better than believe any man-other than Jesus who was human and divine-is not flawed. Still they have to be up to the task. Here’s the bottom line: If the Democrat party thinks that your husband can’t possibly win in 2024 they are going to surround him like sharks. They smell blood they’ll attack. They care about 1 thing, power. If you think for a minute they’ll protect him no matter what you’re dreaming. They’ll try but if they think for a second that none of it is going to work, he’s toast.

It’s why Joe tried to end the filibuster then change the voting laws. It wasn’t about voting rights. Nobody is suppressing the vote. He and the Dems were trying a work around to the Constitution’s delegation of authority on voting laws. Another words set it up to be rife with fraud and win by cheating if necessary. Maybe that’s why Joe is letting the illegal aliens flood across our border & ignoring our immigration laws. At least Trump had respect for the SOVEREIGNTY of our country. He was right. No borders, no country. Maybe the plan was to have millions of illegals move into the country then permit them to vote. IF you have to end the filibuster, carve a work around to the Constitution and give illegals a right they don’t have you are too desperate to win. Do you really think your husband’s condition will hold up another 4 yrs? He’s going to deteriorate over the next 3 and he’s in terrible shape now.

I don’t see a good outcome here for anyone. It’s time to be honest with yourself and the American people. Not that he cares for any of us peons but he could save face for himself and get the help he should have. Take note:i do not advocate for the overthrow of our government. ‘i have no criminal record of any kind. i have never,would never advocate for violence as a means to an end or the end in itself. i do not belong to any group except the Catholic Church. I would help even my worst enemy if they needed help. My folks taught us to respect other people regardless of race or ethnicity. They taught us to respect law enforcement.

It was always yes, mam or no mam. Yes,sir or no,sir. Defund the police would have been alien to our way of thinking. We knew Trump supported law and order. We support law and order.A riot at the Capitol building would be antithetical to his policies. The American people know which side they’re on.

It’s not George Wallace, Bull Connor or Jefferson Davis. Incidentally those men were ALL DEMOCRATS. We’re on the side of the Constitution and Trump respected us for it. Hillary called us deplorables, Peter Strozk called us smelly walmart people and your husband called us domestic terrorists. It’s hard to imagine ANY American president referring to our own citizens this way. Worse, the FBI has been corrupted and is now targeting our own citizens. Joe gave them the green light calling us domestic terrorists. Parents who care about their own children’s education are considered domestic terrorists. Antifa/ BLM were praised, encouraged then bailed out by VP Harris as they razed cities, vandalized federal buildings and assaulted police,innocent bystanders and the Secret Service. They fully intended to drag Pres Trump out of the White House and overthrow his administration. That’s the very definition of insurrection. i won’t even get into the coup against President Trump this time.

i don’t recognize this America. We grew up believing the Soviet Union was run by evil communists who would take away our freedoms if they could. There’s something evil going on in our own country. Is Joe actually aware of what his agenda is doing? I know the media runs cover for him. Does he realize the American people can see through it? We can’t all be silenced for 4 yrs. You can’t throw millions of people in prison and ban all of us from social media. We would actually be sympathetic to Joe if someone were willing to be transparent and honest about his health/mental state. A lot of people have had someone like Joe in their own family. They get it. They can see it. They care. i wish you did.

i really did try to be respectful writing this too. Sometimes i’m justifiably angry about what’s going on but i did my best to tamp it down and make the point. I generally edit as i go . It’s a time saver. There’s never enough time in a day for anything. Hopefully there’s a tangent thought here and there to grab onto and i wasn’t too offensive in conveying it.