The Biden Administration Has Shown No Respect To Ashli Babbitt

The Biden Administration Has Shown No Respect To Ashli Babbitt

The Biden Administration Has Shown No Respect To Ashli Babbitt

Let’s imagine a BLM activist with a criminal recrod being shot in cold blood by a police officer and what the reaction from Biden,the media and Democrats would be. Think there would be wall to wall news coverage? What about the officer? They’d want his name and demand an investigation. The DOJ would jump in and call it a hate crime. The Democrats would be outraged. Well,it happened to Ashli Babbit and she was merely a footnote in the news. There were no riots demanding the officer be investigated and charged. In fact, they tried to keep his name out of the public. If they could have kept him hidden they would-they’ve tried. Ahsli did not have a criminal record. She was a veteran who was HONORABLY discharged from the military. She was unarmed. She was shot in cold blood. This may have been her first offense, trespassing on federal property. She did not appear to be a threat to the officer though he claims she was. The only way you would know exactly what happened that day is to investigate, talk to witnesses. In the video she does not appear to be a threat.

Kim Potter, the police officer who shot Daunte Wright was indicted and found guilty. She claimed to have shot Daunte by confusing a taser with a firearm. The officer who shot Ashli made no such claim. He used a firearm because he intended to use a firearm and shoot her. When an officer fires a gun at a civilian you have to assume it’s meant to kill that person because it can. He gets off. No questions asked. The Jan 6 committee doesn’t even have the decency to mention her? She s the one person that was killed at the Jan 6 riot.

Remember the flat out LIE regarding Jan 6 the media was telling the public about the officer murdered by an attacker with a fire extinguisher? Anyone remember hearing the retraction? Was the media held responsible for trying to spread the lie? Or did it just drop off the radar hoping the public would move onto the next news cycle? Yet, here’s the TRUTH about an actual killing at the Capitol Building on Jan 6 and they barely say a word.

Pelosi isn’t interested in the truth. She never has been. We know exactly what she is about. We know exactly why the committee was formed. I would think it wouldn’t matter what party you belong to when a fellow citizen is shot to death or a group of 600 Americans are being targeted by the FBI. When all you have to do in Congress is barely have your name tied to Jan 6 and you’re suspect of a crime no one committed. The Republicans are too scared to speak up for Ashli Babbitt. Theyre too scared to speak up about the abuse of political prisoners in the DC prison.

Anyone willing to admit what’s going on here? Since when do we have political prisoners in the United States? Do you see that the Democrats have no problem with it. i don’t mean just the reps in Congress or the party apparatus-i mean the rank and file Democrats who probably voted for Joe Biden. They don’t care either as long as Biden’s political opponents are destroyed and silenced-yes, even killed. This does not bother their conscience.

i bet the FBI has a long list these days. i don’t doubt if you support Trump, demand justice for Ashli or call the Jan 6 incident a riot you are on their list and for whatever reason could have them barge down your door. The Democrats are ok with this? How could any American citizen be ok with this? We should be demanding justice for Ashli and the investigation of the DC prison every day until something is done.

There’s a few Republicans willing to take the heat. They are Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Jim Jordan, Louis Gohmert. Ok, where’s the rest of them? Forget McConnell and McCarthy. They’re worthless. We know who the cowards are too. I don’t think i have to mention any names. We need ALL the other Republicans to start demanding accountability.

Biden’s a fool trying to sound tough. He’s a feeble old man with dementia who has no respect for the citizens of the country he’s trying to destroy. Remember they won’t stop at us. Someday they will come for you. It always works that way. Remember Ashli. Remember the soldiers killed and wounded in Afghanistan. Remember the Americans and our allies Biden swore he wouldn’t leave behind in Afghanistan and his call to turn the page when he did. You think he cares about you?

Antifa Sleeper Cell Terrorist Arrested in Pinellas County, Florida, with Homemade Bombs and Weapons on January 6th – The Last Refuge

Antifa Sleeper Cell Terrorist Arrested in Pinellas County, Florida, with Homemade Bombs and Weapons on January 6th – The Last Refuge

A 22-year-old man identified as a member of Antifa was arrested in Pinellas County, Florida, after he was caught with an explosive device near the location of a protest at the Pinellas County courthouse.   Something spooked the suspect who was caught running from the scene according to the sheriff’s office.

Antifa Sleeper Cell Terrorist Arrested in Pinellas County, Florida, with Homemade Bombs and Weapons on January 6th – The Last Refuge

The local media is trying to avoid noting that Garrett James Smith previously travelled to Portland, Oregon, for training on how to function as what authorities describe as a “sleeper cell.”

Unfortunately, the media reports show “federal agents” quickly responded to the arrest and took over the investigation.  We all know what that means.