An Open Letter to Sen Ted Cruz (who is up the creek w/o the paddles)

Sen Cruz,

you have to know that there were 3 people i considered as the nominee for President in 2016. You, Dr. Ben Carson and finally Donald Trump [in that order].

Over the 4 yrs of Pres Trump first term my support for you has hit some highs and other times hit rock bottom. I would not single you out though. The Republicans as a whole could use some spine. Too many of them are all talk and no action. We have a handful of warriors and some real imbeciles like McConnell and McCarthy. I’m sorry ,but neither of them are leaders.

The past year was tough for the MAGA supporters. We’ve been called everything under the sun and painted as a bunch of kooks, Nazi’s, racists, radicals etc. We watched Biden get installed and then they slammed us for questioning the legitimacy of the 2020 election. You know as well as we do they treated Trump like crap for 4 yrs accusing Russia of getting him elected. They questioned his election from day 1. They threatened to impeach him before he was even sworn in. They have some nerve accusing us of being conspiracy theorists over our questioning Biden’s election. We needed everyone we thought was on our side to stand up for us. They banned our own duly elected President from social media. Can you imagine?

We were attacked and in some instances physically assaulted. Anyone who didn’t oppose Trump and appeared to support him was attacked brutally, both verbally and physically. We needed all hands on deck to get behind Trump and stand up for us. We got sold out by McConnell and a lot of lip service from other Republicans. More often than not the Republicans sat on their hands and sold us out with their silence. Some Republicans were more concerned with what the media would say about them than about doing the right thing.

Now more than ever we needed the Republican party to firmly take a side for us. They’re killing us with their silence against these assaults. You can be sure they’ll be back to talk to us when they’re up for re-election. Sorry, but we don’t need their excuses. We know who stood with us and who didn’t. We thought you were on our side. What we didn’t expect was for you to help the other side.

Our ears work. Garland called us domestic terrorists on behalf of Biden. Then you turned around and called us domestic terrorists. Maybe you didn’t mean what it sounded like and used a terrible choice of words but given how many backstabbers we’ve seen since we elected Trump nothing would surprise us. ,

I’ll try to be objective [since my support of you has waned back and forth over the years] and tell you where i think your political career is at this point. It’s only my opinion. i’m not speaking for anyone else you angered. You would have to apologize to the folks and grovel like you’ve never groveled before. That MIGHT do it. I’m reading the tea leaves here.

i’m a forgiving soul aware of my own failures ,shortcomings, mistakes and yes even sinful behavior but politics is its own animal. i probably don’t need to tell you that. In the end the folks might give you the benefit of the doubt and forgive you but i suspect your political career is over unless there is a miracle.

You see the Marxist left is claiming we’re terrorists and Jan 6 was an insurrection not as a matter of principle-they’re full of it-but as a way to keep Trump out of office and totally destroy the MAGA movement. We’re in their way. The Jan 6 Pelosi committee is political. PERIOD. Garland is a hack(and creepy IMHO). The Democrats are Marxist. The FBI is corrupt as hell. The Republicans better grow a spine and do more than talk. We don’t need cowards. You’re either swamp or you’re not. You can’t play both sides with one foot in the swamp pretending to support Trump/MAGA.

You can’t sit by silently. It’s obvious those Republicans are in the Deep State like the Democrats.

McConnell and McCarthy need to go. They’re not leaders. We’ve had enough of both of them. +

Would i ever support you as a nominee for President now? Nope. Doubt i can trust you anymore. This wasn’t the 1st time i questioned comments you made but this time you answered the question.